Sexual life of a man

Sexual functions of men in old age

The ancient Romans believed that a man’s old age begins at age 60.

Aging is accompanied not only by atrophy of the gonads and a decrease in the secretion of androgens (male sex hormones), but also by a decrease in the reactivity of the adrenal cortex.

The appearance of a person and his behavior are changing. Gait becomes less flexible, joint mobility decreases, brittle bones are observed. The veins on the arms and legs become nodular, swollen, the cheeks and nose become coppery. There is pigmentation of the skin. Hair becomes thinner, lose its shine and turn gray. The elasticity of the lens of the eye decreases, the pupil narrows.

Since senile age is often accompanied by vascular diseases – atherosclerosis of the arteries of the brain and hypertension, they also leave their imprint on the human psyche.

Older people often complain of dizziness, tinnitus, headaches, most often in the back of the head, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, early awakening, and lack of rest after sleep. Sometimes they cannot fall asleep at night, wander around the house, interfering with the rest of the family, and during the day they “peck.”

They become oblivious, absent-minded, cannot remember where they put their glasses, notebook or other item, and look for them for a long time. It happens that they forget what they just talked with a person about, do not remember whether they had lunch today and what they did.

In old age, various mental disorders occur. Some people become depressed, constantly oppressed by something, sad. They perceive minor events as a huge tragedy. Easy, for a minor reason, tears arise. An old man can cry from grief, and from joy, and from unexpected news. Failure is characterized by the inability to restrain one’s emotions. Seeing a sentimental scene on TV or hearing a song from the time of their youth, they can cry. But emotional reactions are unstable – old people cry easily, but they can just as easily be distracted, cause a smile and simple-hearted joy.

Some old people become moody, conflicted, often quarrel with their family members for no reason, dissatisfied with everyone around them, constantly grumble and grumble.

Some become gloomy, selfish, and cruel. They require increased attention to themselves, are dissatisfied with the fact that children allegedly take care of them poorly, or in some way infringe on their interests. Sometimes they become petty and mean, consider every penny and meticulously control family expenses.

At a later age, an increase in sexual desire is often noted, which is combined with a weakening of potency or complete sexual impotence.

Such violations are most often characteristic of patients with cerebral atherosclerosis and senile dementia.

Older people, and especially old people, become cynical, neglect moral standards, require frequent sexual intercourse from a partner, use the services of prostitutes or engage in erratic sexual relations, despite their weakened potency.

In old age, sexual perversion can be observed – pedophilia, exhibitionism, excrementophilia, persistent masturbation – even in the presence of other people. Excrementophilia (the occurrence of sexual arousal during manipulation of the feces and urine of a person) in combination with exhibitionism (sexual arousal when exposing the genitals in front of other people) in a patient with senile dementia is further reflected in one of the clinical examples.

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