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The time interval with a duration of more than two to three minutes, fixing the boundaries of the onset of sexual intercourse and its finale, characterizes the healthy process of ejaculation. Reduction of this interval or its complete absence indicates premature ejaculation, which is a fairly common problem among men of different age category. Most often, young men are prone to deviation from the normal parameter before sexual relations stabilize, but in the middle age there are also causes that contribute to the development of pathology.

Origin of the problem

The development of premature ejaculation expresses cause-effect relationships in two directions, having a physiological and psychological basis. The first group includes the following states:

1)Hypersensitivity of the glans penis, which may have an innate form of manifestation or acquired, the development of which occurs against the background of a transferred balanoposthitis or phimosis, which is extremely rare.

2)An hereditary factor that reflects the inadequacy of the reproductive system in terms of the duration of sexual intercourse.

3)Chronic inflammation of the seminal vesicles and prostate, when the organs of the urinary tract are involved, exposed to pathogenic microflora, provoke a functional imbalance that changes the natural process of ejaculation.

4)Disturbance of the hormonal background associated with different periods of age-related changes and having a manifestation in the form of premature ejaculation.

5)The lack of certain micro- and macronutrients in the diet, magnesium, which contributes to exacerbation of the control of ejaculation, is of particular importance.

6)Sexual life that does not have a systematic relationship, and long-term abstinence leads to an acceleration of the final manifestations.

7)Postponed damage to the support apparatus and its parts, in particular, the spine of the lumbosacral region.

Premature ejaculation

The causes of premature ejaculation, which have a psychological reflection of the development of the problem, are as follows:

1)Feelings of fear of sexual intimacy, when the emotional barrier that prevents the natural course of the process is initially built.

2)The general psychoemotional state, oppressed and depressed, prevents the development of normal ejaculation.

3)Increased nervous excitability has an identical negative effect.

4)Remaining in the memory of extraneous control of sexual life at an early age, expressed by the fear of being caught in the process, significantly reduces the time of subsequent sexual intimacy.


Types and signs of pathology

Preliminary diagnosis of premature ejaculation includes classification of the state, depending on the moment of onset of primary manifestations of the process and has two types:

Primary, when the state of accelerated ejaculation occurs with the first sexual intercourse.

Secondary - the appearance of a deviation is observed against the background of the current sexual life.

To the signs testifying to a problem of a premature ejaculation and distinguishing duration of the sexual certificate or act from a normal ejaculation, carry:

lengthening of sexual intercourse in the presence of alcohol in the blood; the interval of the flow of sexual intimacy is stable and does not lend itself to variations in its range; condom use prolongs intercourse.

Self-healing methods

In any age range of life a man is interested in the question: how to get rid of premature ejaculation? At the heart of the action is the possibility of controlling the process through systematic physical action, alternating with stopping with movement. The essence lies in the masturbation of the penis until the peak state, not allowing it to start, you need to completely relax. Exercise should be repeated in three stages and finished with the final ejaculation.

Intensive physical activity at any age gives a straightforward answer to the question: how to deal with premature ejaculation? Systematic training of the muscle tone of various groups: both internal organs and the musculoskeletal system stimulates the general condition and improves the physical form, focusing on a healthy and bodily state. The direct influence also has on the restoration of the blood flow of the lower part of the trunk, I promote normal circulation and metabolic processes.

Thinking about how to get rid of premature ejaculation, pay attention to the protective properties of the body. The state of the immune system plays an important role in the obstruction from the action of pathogens of various nature that contribute to the formation of a foci of infection with the formation of subsequent adverse events. Fighting the inflammatory process involves a standard method of recovery, after the antibacterial therapy is used, an active stimulation of the body's defense system is required.

Premature ejaculation Usa


In addition to the general methods of recovery, treatment of premature ejaculation, includes traditional methods of correction of the condition, having two directions: therapeutic and operational. Conservative way of directed influence on a problem includes taking medications or using a course of phytotherapy.

Applying pills from premature ejaculation, there is a blockage of receptors of brain nerve fibers, due to which the duration of the sexual act is increased to three times or more, the representative of this group is Dapoxetine. The effect of the drug is observed immediately after taking it for several hours.

From drugs for premature ejaculation in the group of phytopreparations, Sealex has become widespread, having no chemical structure, has a general and purposeful effect of the plant composition on restoring the healthy duration of the sexual intercourse.

Separate tablets from premature ejaculation by the speed of their exposure, immediately after taking or after a few days of regular use.

A cardinal solution

The surgical method refers to cardinal, but is the most effective way of getting an answer to the question: how to avoid premature ejaculation? Using surgical intervention in the form of temporary denervation of the organ by crossing, with the subsequent restoration of nerve trunks, a decrease in the sensitivity of sensations is observed, but due to a longer passage of the nerve impulse, the time of sexual intercourse before ejaculation increases, which remains forever.

By surgical intervention, circumcision of the marginal tissues of the genital organ is performed in men, while the surface of the head is exposed, which reduces its sensitivity, thereby prolonging the process of sexual intimacy and thus solving the problem of how to avoid premature ejaculation.

Do not approach the solution of the problem one-sidedly, the combination of several methods effectively restores the imbalance. In addition, an important role is played by the relationship with the partner, the adoption of a mutual decision makes it possible to adjust the final chords of premature ejaculation as painlessly and optimally acceptable for the man.


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