Month: June 2019

Accelerated ejaculation was formed due to man’s fear

The basis of conditioned-reflex therapy, as this type of treatment is also called, is the extinction of the pathological and the formation of adequate conditioned reflexes. It eliminates learned forms of behavior at the expense of the principle that you can get rid of any inadequate syndrome by following the same path. This method is […]

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Male ejaculation problems cover up women’s own problems

Some men are unable to reach the completion of the treatment procedure without prior psychotherapeutic resolution of their conflicts. There are a number of positive emotional reactions to the stop-start technique. Often, for the first time, these exercises allow a man to feel a passive role in sexual relationships. The man realizes that it is […]

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Сompression method for treating premature ejaculation

In the treatment of premature ejaculation, doctors propose a specific method that W. Masters and W. Johnson called the “pressing technique” or “the squeezing technique”. Today, it is more commonly known as the W. Masters and W. Johnson “ejaculatory reflex” method of restoring, which usually consists of two stages. This method includes approximately the same […]

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Sex therapy successful prognosis for cure premature ejaculation

In psychotherapeutic practice, the most famous is the method of sex therapy, which, according to many sexologists, is better than other forms of therapy, gives a successful prognosis for the treatment of premature ejaculation. The goal of sex therapy, which occurs in the form of sexual exercises, is to change the causes of the psycho-physiological […]

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