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Low libido and lack of sex drive caused by Adrenal Fatigue

Is that there is a lack of sex drive and low libido?

First, we have to take a step back and understand that when the body is under stress, its primary objective for survival is to conserve energy. In that respect, the body will start to shut down or slow down non-essential functions. Of course, the heart is not something that can be slowed down, so it has to be maintained. The brain is something that can not be slowed down, that is something that has to be maintained. But other systems that the body does not consider really critical for survival, such as reproduction, will be one of the ones that start to slow down.

What does that mean?

That means the body will activate the hormones, rebalancing in such a way that libido hormones such as testosterone or estrogen will take a hit. It may be, on a laboratory basis, normal, but subclinically. From a symptoms perspective, the body will have a low sex drive and libido will be almost nonexistent in advanced cases. This is very common. There is nothing wrong. Most people get very concerned, especially young people. But it should not be a big concern in terms of structural problems causing low libido unless it has been proven so by conventional medicine. It is important to understand and look at the big picture.

Are there other symptoms that go along with this low libido?

Stress is one of them. Intolerance to exercise. There are many, many symptoms of adrenal fatigue that in itself it doesn’t stand alone.
In other words, the libido and the low sex drive do not 100 points to adrenal fatigue. But if you have this plus other symptoms that are classic for adrenal fatigue, then it helps to point the direction of adrenal fatigue.
Low libido is the body’s way of helping itself to survive. It is not a physiological dysfunction in and of itself. Understanding this is very important because it will prevent you from treating the symptoms by using, whether it is natural or medications, to prop up the sex drive because the only way you are going to be able to do that is to use stimulants, which is directly opposite of what the body wants you to do.
This concept is very important because if you don’t understand this concept, it is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that something is wrong with the body and by stimulating the body to get more sex drive, you will heal. It is not going to happen if the root cause is not in the libido issue. The root cause is really in the adrenals and the low libido is simply a symptom. I hope you understand this concept, and the good news is that this symptom is easy to reverse, because you give the body some time and focus on healing the adrenals, but at the same time you have to focus on not using the stimulants because the stimulants will not give you the real libido increase but basically give you an artificial sense of improvement.
If you heal the adrenals properly with natural compounds and do it right, slowly the libido will return. In fact, we use libido as a gauge of how well the body is recovering.

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