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Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatment Options

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile problems are really common and the causes can be physical, psychological, or both. One of the biggest myths, however, is that erectile dysfunction can only affect older men. This is not true, and in fact, in my practice, one of the most common reasons young men in their 20s and 30s will come to see me is for erectile issues.

There are different causes for it:

  • It can be poor blood flow into the penis.
  • It could be an issue with the blood maintaining or staying in the penis.
  • It could be a psychogenic component of erectile dysfunction

I cannot stress enough how much stress and anxiety play a huge role in erectile problems and one of the hallmarks of this is when somebody says that they can maintain an erection during masturbation, but they have trouble when they’re having sex with their partner.

How to Combat Performance Anxiety

How to Combat Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is usually triggered by something simple. Perhaps you’re a little under the weather, or you didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe even partied too hard, and for whatever reason, your penis fails to rise to the occasion.
That’s okay, because it happens to every guy now and then. But sometimes the big head starts to worry too much about the little head and you might think, What if something’s wrong? What if something’s seriously wrong?
And the next time you are in the spotlight, the thought might pop into your head, What if the same thing happens to me this time, that happened that last time? and that’s just enough stress to release adrenaline into your bloodstream. Adrenaline directs blood to your most important organs like your brain and your heart, and away from your extremities like your fingers, toes, and, yes, your penis. Now, adrenaline is released in response to all kinds of stress, but it’s best suited to help you deal with physical stress, like surviving a bear attack or a car crash. Did anyone else lose their erection?

Test For Psychological Erectile Dysfunction
Your body doesn’t distinguish between the stress of impending physical harm and the stress of performance anxiety, and the blood leaves your penis, leaving you hanging. So next time it happens, don’t freak out. It’s not some terrible disease. And no, you’re not broken. It happens to just about every guy. And understanding why can go a long way towards relieving your anxiety and adrenaline release.

Obviously, this can lead to a really vicious cycle, and the longer it goes on, the more anxious they typically will feel about it happening. With the increased performance pressure, the problem will just get worse. There are actually a number of treatments that have been proven to help in this situation, everything ranging from behavioral strategies, and psychology to medication. So don’t be embarrassed to make an appointment with your Gp to discuss it further.

As we all get older, erectile problems can become more common and this can be due to several things including changes to the blood vessels supplying the penis, other medical conditions, or even post-surgery such as in men who’ve had their prostate removed. Smoking and alcohol are also known to have an effect on erectile performance.

One of the most important take-home messages of this article is to talk to your doctor. Furthermore, you’re never too old to discuss erectile dysfunction. So in summary, erectile problems are common in men of all ages. Treatment options are so extensive, everything from behavioral strategies to medication and even surgery. So have a chat with your Gp

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