Sexual life of a man

Male Desire Disorder: Sexual Disorder

Male sexual dysfunction can involve a couple of different problems that can occur in any male. Probably the most common complaint of men and women is a desire disorder or a lack of sex drive.
This can typically be due to:

All of us live busy lives and this can often impact our drive for sex.

Low Testosterone Can Cause Sex Drive Problems

Our libido is our sex drive and that drive for sex can greatly be impacted by things like anxiety and stress. I think it’s important to realize that sometimes hormones Testosterone is an important hormone that gives both men and women their sex drive and in men sometimes testosterone can be low.
We call that hypogonadism or low testosterone.
Low testosterone can lead to a lack of sex drive. So looking at testosterone carefully to see if it is low and if it is low to talk about possible testosterone replacement, all hormones can be tricky. So any drug has good and bad and testosterone is no different. You don’t have to look far to see the damage that testosterone replacement can be done if it’s not used carefully and judiciously with patients.
If you look at the athletes, some of them may have abused testosterone and testosterone can cause problems when given exogenously or from the outside when you have normal testosterone already.
It’s important with testosterone treatment that we see that you have abnormal levels and that there’s a true problem there. because what happens is if we give you testosterone from the outside, your body will stop creating it naturally. So we use testosterone very carefully.
It is a hormone that we use very carefully and it is designed to help mostly with sex drive, but sometimes when that is low, it can help with your sex drive as well as your energy level, your mood, and even fatty weight gained by decreasing fatty weight gain and muscle building. So testosterone can be used as a treatment for a desire disorder, but sometimes your lack of desire can simply be due to stress and anxiety, and decreasing that through things like yoga through relaxation techniques can also be effective.

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