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Test For Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re wondering if there’s a psychological component to your erectile dysfunction, this is a simple test that takes less than two minutes.

Test For Psychological ED

First, I want you to close your eyes and imagine picking up a book and starting to read. It doesn’t matter what the book is, it can be your favorite book, a picture book, or even a newspaper. After you’ve pictured this clearly in your mind, I want you to rate how easy this was on a scale of one to ten.
One – is very challenging and you couldn’t get yourself to do it.
Ten – is very easy.

elephant ED test

Second, I want you to close your eyes and picture an elephant with big white wings. The elephant can be any size or color. It can be flying or standing. Once again, I want you to rate how easy it was to picture the elephant.

positive sexual experience

Third, I want you to picture yourself having a positive sexual experience with someone you’re attracted to your erection stays rock hard and the sex is great. It’s fun and enjoyable. How easy was it for you to picture that? Once again, the rate on a scale of one to ten, Chances are picturing the book and the elephant was easy, and picturing the sex was difficult. I’m going to take this a step forward.
While you were picturing yourself having sex, you felt an uncomfortable emotion, whereas when you were picturing the book in The Elephant, you were probably pretty neutral.

Why is this happening?

The left and right sides of your brain

The reason is you’re dealing with a psychological issue. You’re probably already familiar with the two halves of your brain and how they have different purposes.
The right half is designed for infinite possibilities. It can easily picture things that have no basis in reality. You’re unlikely to see an elephant with wings in real life, but you can still picture it anyway because your right brain’s job is to think outside the box and see limitless possibilities. Its language is creativity.
The left side of your brain is based on information. It takes experiences from your past and things that you’ve learned, and its job is to project into the future based on what it thinks is possible. and likely. If you could easily do steps one and two, but you struggled with step three, what you’re dealing with is fear. The left brain lets the right brain be free when you’re picturing something that isn’t meaningful to you, like the elephant with wings but when it comes to something that you desperately want but you don’t believe you can have, the logical part of your brain steps in and prevents you from picturing it because it’s afraid it will never happen. It’s afraid that even wanting that will cause you to be hurt and disappointed. This is a really obvious sign of a psychological issue. To put it plainly, you’re afraid of being hurt and you’re afraid you’ll never heal.
Notice that both of these are fear. Fear is the reason men convince themselves they have a venous leak or nerve damage. What’s causing your Ed is fear that you haven’t dealt with. To overcome the Ed, all you have to do is face the fear. If you do this, you won’t need pills and you won’t need surgery. Sex will become enjoyable and pleasurable.

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