Erotic foreplay and erotic caresses

Although the art of love is the oldest of the arts, modern people do not pay enough attention to it.

Even in Hellas there were manuals on sexual techniques and Temples of love, where priests and priestesses taught their wards erotic caresses. “Peach branches” and other ancient Indian treatises, books of ancient Chinese philosophers of the Tao of love told about the technique of sex and sophisticated erotic caresses, spouses were taught before marriage to give the highest pleasure to their sexual partner.

However, these days this knowledge is undeservedly neglected. There are many manuals and manuals in all fields of knowledge, but not in the field of sexual relations and erotic caresses.

Sexologists call preparation for sexual intercourse a prelude or overture. The famous Latvian sexologist Janis Zalitis says that training should begin with phase “D” – from the word “spirituality”.

The main goal of this phase is to create a woman’s psychoerotic mood. If a woman does not have a psychoerotic mood for sexual intimacy, then no matter how the man tries during intercourse, he will not succeed, and the woman will remain unsatisfied. If a woman is upset, preoccupied with her thoughts, concerns or deeds, then she has no desire to make love.

It is much easier for a man to tune in proximity. He gets excited faster, and any external erotic stimuli can excite a man, for example, an erotic scene in a film or a book, pornographic photography, memories of an attractive girl who was sitting across from the subway or thinking about a pretty colleague from work.

In addition to external irritants, a man can easily be aroused by his own wife or lover if she changes clothes with him, gracefully puts on stockings, tries on beautiful clothes or a new dress, turns in front of a mirror, taking seductive poses and flirting with her husband, or just left the bathroom to An open robe, or bent over, and he saw her skirt stretched out, depicting rounded buttocks, or her chest flashed in the neckline, or she went to bed without a nightgown, or laid her head on his shoulder and touched his hip, or he uvstvoval her body next to him in bed, – and thousands of other moments where he can instantly excited by appearance or touch the desired woman.

If a man has a strong sexual attraction for his wife or lover, then in order to make him want, he doesn’t even need any external irritants – he smelled her skin or hair, pressed him into a tight hug, she simply approached him Having doused him with the wave of her spirits, which he likes so much and associated with them, being close to her, stroked his cheek with an expression of unlimited tenderness, playfully winked or smiled meaningfully, and he was already “ready”.

A woman can have a psychoerotic mood very quickly if she is in love and has a strong attraction to a man. Very temperamental women can also quickly become aroused.

In order for a woman with an average temperament to have a psychoerotic mood to a man with whom she has been close for a long time, special training is required.

The main role for creating a woman’s psycho-erotic mood is assigned to a man, who should begin with the emotional preparation of a woman. Even a man who is most preoccupied with his problems, a man can set up for sex, if he is attentive and gentle to her.

An attentive and loving husband, as many sexologists believe, should begin to prepare his wife for intimacy as soon as he arrives home. It is advisable to start with small signs of attention, based on the interests of your wife, her preferences, weaknesses and desires. Even a magazine bought on the way that the wife loves, a new book from her favorite series, an audio cassette or a record of her favorite artist, her favorite sweets, are also signs of attention. And the matter is not in the material value of a small gift, in that the husband knows and remembers that his wife loves. And in response, the husband will receive a grateful look, and at night – even more gratitude.

Of course, not all husbands can give a wife a bouquet of flowers every day, but this can be done at least sometimes when the husband wants to please her, hear words of gratitude from his wife and tune in a lyrical manner. Do you think a woman will mind if her husband gives her flowers? It is not necessary to give a luxurious bouquet of roses if financial possibilities do not allow it, but one tulip, carnation or rose, a branch of lilac or bird cherry tree ripped along the way, a small bouquet of violets or snowdrops, a willow branch will please the woman no less.

Incidentally, some wives in the west require a material reward from a husband for a night of love. For their husbands, this is cheaper than accessing the services of a professional or keeping a mistress, and moreover, safer. But the wife will “work out” for the reward, so the husband will not remain offended. And both are satisfied, and the money remains in the family. And if a woman is “always ready”, even under such conditions, then this does not mean that she herself does not receive pleasure. The main thing is to tune in to making love, and the rest is already a matter of practice.

Of course, this does not mean that you have to pay your own wife for the pleasure, this example is more likely from the category of curiosities.

Sexologists believe that it is much better for a man to normalize his sex life in his own conjugal bedroom, rather than look for love pleasures somewhere “on the side”.

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