Tips for men how to save your woman

It would be nice for married men to know that it’s much easier and more effective to find an approach to your wife if you want to save your marriage than to have a lover. Although the effect of novelty is important for exacerbating a man’s sensuality, and a new partner can cause intense attraction, but you will be spared from humiliation if for the first time nothing happens to her (and this is often the case) and avoid many troubles and troubles – from a lover because you still have to get rid of when she gets bored. And besides, any lover requires considerable material costs, including gifts.

So, small gifts for your wife, if you are hoping for her favor that evening, will be cheaper in any case. And the “return” will be greater. In addition, you will have to live with your wife for more than one year, and the psychological climate in the family is of great importance for both spouses. So in any case, you will not lose.

But besides gifts, you can find the shortest and absolutely win-win path to the heart of a woman.

Everyone knows that “a woman loves with her ears, and a man loves with her eyes.” For some reason, the second part of this proverb is remembered by men, and the first is forgotten.

The most important and simple rule that men often forget about is that women love pleasant, affectionate words and compliments. Compliments never bother any woman. Women from them just bloom like a flower.

The famous Don Juan considered his first commandment: “Beloved – one hundred compliments per day!”. And this to a large extent contributed to his success in women. Anatole France said: “There is no magic stronger than the magic of words.” The famous literary character Cyrano de Bergerac did not differ in beauty, was almost a freak with a huge nose, but his eloquence could not leave the woman indifferent.

There is a scientific justification for this phenomenon. Sexologist J. Zalitis considers the rumor – the most powerful erotic zone of a woman. That is, a woman experiences erotic arousal from compliments, like a man at the sight of a blouse flashing in the neckline of a woman’s chest or her thigh in the context of a dressing gown.

Therefore, affectionate words and compliments will most quickly create a psychoerotic mood for intimacy in a woman. And for a man, this is not worth any special effort. Why not please the soul of the woman you want with a subtle compliment and see sparkles of joy in her eyes ?!

In this case, it is not necessary to be very eloquent. It is enough to say just one or two phrases, even if they are obvious flattery and exaggeration. Is it so hard? And doesn’t the man himself love when he is told that he is the smartest, most talented, most attentive, most gentle, most magnificent lover. Probably, deep down, a man understands that this is a clear exaggeration, but it’s nice to hear, isn’t it? It gives self-confidence, improves mood and tone.

But if a man may well live without compliments (although they very caress the soul and pride), then for a woman they are simply vital, and even more so when it comes to psycho-erotic mood. For women, the words of tenderness and love are no less important than her physical proof.

A man who knows how to compliment a woman is an invaluable lover, even if his sexual ability is below average. For a woman, “the magic of words”, a scattering of compliments, words of love and tenderness: “You are the best woman in the world”, “Besides you, there is no one for me,” “I still love you, adore and want you,” they sound like the sweetest music. They can be repeated at least a hundred times a day, and a woman will never get tired of listening to them. Tender and tender words for a woman are never too much.

Compliments can have an erotic meaning, especially if the spouse is set to intimacy. To tell a woman how she cares about her, how pleasantly her hair or her skin smells, how attractive and still good, what a beautiful breast she is – this is a verbal erotic caress that can arouse a woman much more and set up closeness than hugs .

If a man wants closeness with a woman, that means she really cares about him, so such compliments are unlikely to be an exaggeration, but if a man himself thinks so, then why not say that to your beloved woman ?!

Only limited and “notorious” men can think that by complimenting a woman they can “be spoiled”. Any woman perceives compliments as a sign of man’s tenderness and attention, an expression of his affection and his sexual attractiveness to him.

Sexologists believe that the smarter and more intelligent a woman, the more she loves compliments. It would seem that the paradox is an intelligent woman, and so she knows her worth; why does she need to hear confirmation from a man. However, there is no paradox in terms of science.

So, men, do not forget about this important erogenous zone of a woman, caressing her soul with gentle words. From such words, a woman is able to tune in to erotica much faster than from the fact that a man will come up without any preparation and begin to stroke her breasts when she is not at all “tender”. And to compliment any woman is always located. After them, physical touch will be perceived in a completely different way.

If husbands more often told their wives about their attractiveness and beauty, they would help them maintain their charm and femininity. And the more charming and feminine a woman, the more attractive for a man.

In addition, the more often the husband speaks pleasant words to his wife, the more he himself believes in them, since there is an element of self-hypnosis. And the more he believes in them, the more he is attracted to her. So it turns out that the man wins in any case.

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