Tips for Men: Second Part of the Prelude

After creating an emotional mood, the spouse can move on to the second part of the overture. If the husband had the patience to caress his wife with his eyes and words all evening, influencing her important erogenous zone – the hearing – then in bed he should not be impatient. Eagerness can only destroy the erotic mood of a woman.

The second part of the prelude is the excitation of erogenous zones – caresses with lips, hands and other parts of the body, which should last at least 15-20 minutes, and sometimes more, depending on the temperament of the woman and her excitability. The less excitable and temperamental a woman is, the longer the overture to sexual intercourse should be. Temperamental women need less time for foreplay, but foreplay is needed by all women without exception.

Previously, the physiological rationale for a slower increase in sexual arousal in women was already given. A man next to a half-naked woman can be aroused in a few minutes or even seconds, but not a single woman can be aroused during this time. Perhaps ardent Spanish women can, but as already mentioned, temperament depends on the climate, but we still live in a cold country, and our women do not have the temperament of southerners.

M. Kinessa believes that the beginning of sexual intercourse should not be considered the contact of the genitals, but the stimulation of the erogenous zones of a woman. As soon as the partner began to caress the lips and chest of the woman – sexual intercourse began. And the more skillful the partner, the longer the sexual intercourse.

Partners should enjoy the sensations that give mutual affection during the prelude and sexual intercourse, and not be fixed only on the final result – sexual discharge. If a man thinks only about achieving an orgasm and seeks only to discharge, then it is these people who have various sexual disorders. For a loving couple, the whole process, starting with preliminary caresses, is already a pleasure, and a short orgasm means the end of this wonderful union of bodies and souls.

A woman should allow a man to fully display his sexual altruism, allowing caresses of all erogenous zones of her body in any position. But the woman herself must be altruistic, striving to deliver the highest pleasure to her partner.

People who have been raised incorrectly since childhood, instilling in them asceticism or false beliefs that a variety of poses and sexual caresses are evidence of “licentiousness” and “debauchery”, will have a hard time in life. They themselves deprive themselves, depriving the highest pleasure, and make their partner suffer from sexual dissatisfaction.

“When shame comes to bed, feeling leaves it,” the ancient Greeks said.

If both partners get rid of their confinement in bed and complexes, forget about hypocritical moralizing of the times of our grandmothers, give each cell of their body in affection, then their nights are hot, full of enthusiasm and new sensations.

Erotic caresses are a stimulation of erogenous zones in order to rekindle voluptuousness in the genitals, to strengthen sexual arousal. All modern sexologists believe that erotic caresses are the most important for sexual harmony and the achievement of the highest pleasure. With the help of erotic caresses, one can achieve not only strong excitement, but also orgasm.

It is believed that foreplay should be 5 times longer than the duration of sexual intercourse

Erotic caresses begin from the upper body, above the waist, and only after that caresses gradually pass to the lower body of the partner.

The strongest erogenous zones above the waist are the chest and lips. Kisses of female nipples prepare a woman for sexual intercourse. The breast nipples in some women are so reactive that there can be an orgasm even without sexual intercourse. You can twist them slightly, pull them up, kiss, lick, suck, bite slightly. Stimulating the nipples with kisses gives many women great pleasure, while excitement builds up, and the external genitalia are filled with lubricant.

Many women like it when a man squeezes his chest slightly, or strokes, making circular movements. As a rule, there are no women who would be indifferent to caressing the breast. As well as there are no men indifferent to the female breast.

Sometimes a woman’s resistance to caresses of the breast is caused by her shyness. In such cases, the man is recommended to be patient and gentle, gradually accustoming the partner to this affection, and over time, the sexual reaction of the partner will awaken.

The erotic reaction of the breast is completely independent of its size and beauty. Even a very small breast can be easily excitable, and a large one is less reactive.

In ancient Chinese treatises on the Tao of love, great attention was paid to erotic kisses and caresses of the breast.

Teacher Tao Wu Son describes in detail erotic kisses in the book “The libation of the three peaks.” The first peak is the lips of a woman, and the second is her breasts. Breast caresses “relax the woman’s body and soul, make her happier and freer.”

During a sexual prelude, a man should caress not only the woman’s chest, but also the neck, shoulders, earlobes, nape, acting on those erogenous zones that he already knows about. But it is never harmful to experiment, and suddenly a wandering erogenous zone will be discovered. For example, in some women, the erogenous zone is the area between the shoulder blades, and in some, a certain area of ​​the lower back or buttocks.

Already by the reaction of the partner, the man will understand that it is time to go down below. Some women themselves direct the hands or head of a partner to those erogenous zones they caress. And here the man must fully follow the desires of the partner. It is in his interests if he is a real man.

If a woman herself does not show what kind of caresses she wants, then a man should caress the lower abdomen, the outer, and especially the inner surface of the thighs, feet, toes – in some women they are also erogenous zones. At this stage, the genitals can only be lightly touched.

One of the most famous people of our time, Aristotle Onassis, was famous not only for his wealth and marriage to Jacqueline Kennedy, but also for his very skillful foreplay. The beauty Ingeborg Dediken, who was taller than him, and against her background, the ugly fat Onassis seemed ridiculous, he subdued with his gentle caresses. She said that he was not a sex giant, she had lovers and was stronger, but he aroused extreme sensuality in her: “Often during our amorous rituals he eagerly licked me in the lower part and between the toes, doing it gently and gently and as carefully as a cat licking itself to cleanliness. Even today, I nostalgically recall the tenderness and affection of my adored friend in moments of complete oblivion and ecstasy. Never before have I experienced such piercing-wild sensual bliss. “None of my two first husbands knew how to awaken in me such amazing, overwhelming emotions as he.”

Subtle and sophisticated caresses are appreciated even by those women who have extensive experience in love affairs, and they have someone to compare their lover with.

During caresses, women behave differently, and this depends on their temperament. A woman with a weak or medium temperament can be outwardly passive, only feeling the man’s affection and surrendering to them, and temperamental ones are more active and easier to get excited. They shower the partner with kisses and reciprocal caresses, which excites the man.

But affection is pleasant to all women, regardless of their temperament. Even if the partner does not externally show this, the man should not stop caressing her. Sooner or later he will be rewarded.

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