Tips for men and women on the science of love

A man should take into account that the main organ of pleasure in most women is the clitoris. If normal sexual intercourse is practiced, in which there is no contact with the woman’s clitoris, then most likely she will not be satisfied if her orgasm is clitoris.

The French doctor of the sixteenth century, O. Ferrier, emphasizing the importance of erotic caresses for sexual harmony, gave advice for men and women on the science of love:

1. For men and gentlemen: There can be no true husband without tenderness. Getting to the love foreplay, begin to caress and kiss the hands, shoulders and neck of the lady. Then go to the ears, back of the head and lower to the waist, not forgetting to pay attention to the inside of the hips. And only then go to the caresses of the breast and nipples, and from them slowly – to the clitoris: a reverent source of pleasure for your beloved. Caution is the best companion of anyone on the path to enjoyment. Most ladies want the gentleman to be able to stimulate their clitoris, because without this they can not reach orgasm. But many ladies need a long caress of the nipples so that they can reach the peak of pleasure. There is a direct connection between the nipples and the vagina. By stimulating the unopened buds of the nipples, you will bring incomparable pleasure to your lady. If you know the art of an erotic kiss, you will never have problems with an erection.

2. For ladies: Always start from the front of the neck and the inside of the partner’s ears. Caress them, kiss and lick their tongue, then suck on nipples with erection properties, and finally go to the inner thighs, scrotum and penis. Always start with touching the body, kisses and caresses of the neck, ears, chest and nipples, and not with oral or manual stimulation of the penis. If such a caress did not cause an erection in your beloved, proceed to other caresses. Remember that the penis of a young man is more sensitive to touch and ejaculates faster. Therefore, you must caress it whole, but make an effort to the root. The penis of a wise man can be treated less carefully for years, because he rarely achieves a full erection at once and does not ejaculate so quickly. Also focus the caress on the scrotum, enclosing it in the folded palms of the cup, and at the same time stimulate the root of the penis.

3. For both: Never stop feeling each other’s hands and lips for as long as your love match lasts. Caressing, do not freeze without movement, do not linger in one place, let your hands run all over your body. Try to understand the meaning of erotic kisses to achieve harmony and love. Remember: your lips and tongue are, in fact, erotic organs, but if the vagina and penis are controlled by involuntary muscle movements, then the lips and tongue are controlled meaningfully.

Despite the fact that four centuries have passed since the writing of this scientific treatise, the advice of the French doctor has not lost its relevance. Perhaps that is why the French are considered good lovers.

Weasel on the clitoris can begin only after good preparation. Although the clitoris is very excitable and is considered the most important erogenous zone in the vast majority of women, but if the partner immediately begins its stimulation, then this can lead to the opposite effect. A woman unprepared by preliminary caresses can even experience pain, especially if a man is so eager to excite her as soon as possible in order to have sexual intercourse, which will be hasty, rude or indelicate.

The most effective way is oral-clitoral caresses with the tongue and lips (cunnilingus), but if the partner prefers the other, for example, with a finger or a vibrator, then the man should be guided only by her desires and highest sensations.

All sex therapists believe that clitoral stimulation and any caresses in this area do not cause any harm to health and are not only morally acceptable, but also mandatory if the woman has a clitorical or mixed (clitoris-vaginal) version of orgasm.

Those women whose clitoris is located high (more than 2.5 cm from the entrance to the vagina) are especially in need of additional stimulation of the clitoris. Moreover, during intercourse, the penis does not touch the clitoris, regardless of the size of the male organ.

And with manual (i.e., hand or finger), and oral (mouth and tongue) clitoris stimulation, a woman’s pleasant sensations do not cause any touch, namely those that correspond to her needs – that is, adequate clitoral stimulation.

Some men, performing clitoris caresses, are guided by their own ideas about stimulation, based on the experience of masturbation, so they make quick and intense movements with a finger or hand.

However, such stimulation of the clitoris does not suit women at all. The clitoris is very sensitive, requires light, gentle touches, and any rudeness and intense pressure or friction will cause a woman pain, and in the future she will reject all attempts by a man to stimulate her clitoris with a finger.

The best thing is to ask the woman to tell the partner what she wants, or to show how he should carry out the stimulation, and to adjust his actions during stimulation of the erogenous zone.

If a woman’s genitals are not moistened with a secret, then stimulation of the clitoris and small lips with a finger “dry” will very soon cause a woman unpleasant sensations and soreness, which may persist after intercourse. And if the partner was embarrassed or caused severe damage to her, then pain in the genital area can persist for quite some time. Such a woman will never allow her inept partner to touch her genitals with her hands.

Therefore, when stimulating the clitoris and small lips with a hand or finger, it is best to lubricate the female genital organs with a special cream. You can use “Baby Cream”, there are no perfume additives that can cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the genital organs of women. Vegetable oil is also recommended, which will not cause irritation of the mucous membrane. Some sexologists recommend boron petroleum jelly, but petroleum jelly only at the beginning gives the effect of lubrication and slipping, but it is very “dry”, so soon a woman will feel strong friction.

Men who do not know how and begin to torment the woman’s genitals in the same way as they stimulated their penis during masturbation, causing this partner only pain — it’s best to leave the woman’s erogenous zones and the woman alone, or learn to caress properly a woman.

Some women say that their partner is so angry that they would rather not touch their clitoris and genitals at all than “start up” in vain, and then remain excited but unsatisfied as a result.

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