Stimulation of the clitoris or how not to finish sex quickly

Similarly, no woman, if she had the opportunity to compare, would want to stimulate the clitoris with her finger instead of her tongue. An obstacle can only be her bashfulness. But a loving man should be able to convince her of the preference of this affection.

If the partner caresses the clitoris with his tongue, then he must feel the reaction of the woman in order to find out what nature of the impact is most pleasing to her.

For an analogy, we can give an example – if a woman caresses the head of the penis with her tongue and suddenly inadvertently bites it, then the man will lose all erection from unexpected acute pain. Similarly, a woman. Only the clitoris is a much more tender formation than the head of the penis, and for the clitoris a “bite” is all that is “too much”. No intense, energetic movements, no excessive pressure. The degree of pressure should not be greater than that when a person licks an ice cream.

The nature of the movements, which gives the highest sensations, is individual for each woman. Some women like slow, stretching movements of the tongue, some light, quick blows with the tip of the tongue on the clitoris head, some “licking” movements around the head, some – gripping the head with lips and light pulling up, some – rhythmic pressure on the surface of the tongue, some – slightly sucking movements . Some women like the impact on the clitoris to be constant and rhythmic, while others need the nature of the impact to constantly change, because with uniform movements, this area becomes unexcited.

If, according to the woman’s behavior, the partner feels that her arousal is gradually increasing, she often breathes, moans with pleasure, moves her pelvis to look at his tongue, then he does everything right and in no case should he stop.

If a woman froze and her breathing evened out, and her moans stopped, then that means that the man “lost” the clitoris or acts on that point that is already unexcited. So, you need to look for the most excitable point. If he “loses” the clitoris all the time or acts on an unexcited point, then the woman with her body movements tries to make her partner’s language fall into the most sensitive area.

If a woman shuddered involuntarily, it means that he hurt her and pressed the clitoris too hard. The technique of clitoral caresses is described in more detail in the chapter on oral sex.

Usually a woman whose clitoris is an erogenous zone, from the very first touch of her partner’s tongue, bends in an arc or somehow reacts differently, that a man immediately understands that this caress is very pleasant to her.

But if a man feels that a woman is not responding to caress with his tongue, then that means he is doing something wrong. Or it is possible that her clitoris is unexcited. But this is very rare. Although according to Western sexologist women with an unexcited clitoris 12%, but personally I have not yet met women who would not react to the caress of the clitoris with the tongue.

Theoretically, it can be assumed that this is possible. But American sexologists believe that a woman’s orgasm is always associated with the clitoris.

It can be assumed that those women examined by a Western sexologist did not respond to irritation precisely during instrumental examination. After all, the doctor examines the excitability of the erogenous zones of a woman with the help of special devices, in a medical office on a gynecological chair or couch. The situation itself does not contribute to its pleasant sensations, and a doctor in a white coat is a doctor, not a loved one. A woman may be shackled, may be shy, and may be tense. Or she is distracted during the examination, because she must maintain verbal contact with the doctor. And if a woman is distracted even during the caresses of a loved one, then there will be no effect from stimulation. In addition, the woman during the examination, no matter how hard she tries to listen to her feelings from stimulation of erogenous zones, is not tuned to intimacy and enjoyment.

And caressing the clitoris with the language of the desired partner, when a woman is set up for intimacy and waiting for pleasure, is a completely different matter.

Therefore, if a woman does not respond to the touch of her partner’s tongue, it is best to ask her what kind of caresses she herself would like. If a woman allowed her partner to caress the clitoris, then what could be “embarrassing” if she herself tells how to caress her.

In general, the word “ashamed” in bed should be forgotten. If a woman allows a man to touch his genitals and is not ashamed that he inserts a penis into the vagina, then everything else is also “not ashamed”.

But the man’s task is to be able to talk tactfully about all the preferences of the woman. If a man makes her understand that he is interested in giving her the highest pleasure, then she will regard his inquiries as a sincere desire to caress her the way she wants.

Conversations during intercourse, analysis, or tactless comments can quench excitement. Therefore, if the partners are excited, and the excitement is increasing, then any comments are undesirable. Only exclamations are possible concerning their pleasant sensations, which only stimulate the excitement of the partner.

But at the prelude stage, especially when the partners still do not know each other’s erogenous zones very well, but want to achieve harmony, it is better to ask the woman how to caress her than to do something wrong.

Perhaps the woman herself does not know exactly how to caress her, if she has not yet had cunnilingus experience. Then the partner has no choice but to experiment himself and follow the reaction of the woman. In fact, it will not take so long to learn if the partner is gentle and attentive. Even if he is mistaken several times, any woman will appreciate his desire to give her pleasure.

Oral sex on the clitoris is a great art. It comes with experience. Some women, before learning the technique of fellatio, train on something, as this requires a certain skill.

A man can also try to train, at least on an ice cream stick. Of course, do not bite him, but only lick with varying degrees of frequency.

Experienced men with cunnilingus techniques can bring a woman to orgasm in a very short time. There are women who need only a few touches, others experience an orgasm in 1-2 minutes. But if a man is inexperienced, then he will need more time. But this is not scary. If the partner does not hurt the woman, then even if he caresses her for a long time, she will always be in a state of permanent pleasure and will not be in a complaint. And over time, he will understand what she likes best, and in the future will be able to bring her to orgasm much faster.

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