Oral sex as a way of sexual satisfaction

Many people call oral sex – “French love.” This is not true. Oral-genital contacts were not invented by the French. They have been known for a long time, since the days of ancient Greece, therefore it is more correct to call them “Greek caresses.”

M. Kinessa writes that “Greek caresses” (oral caresses) are the main types of caresses intended to incite passion in the genitals of both women and men before sexual intercourse. Their intended purpose is to make an orgasm accessible to every woman, regardless of the structure of her sexual apparatus, temperament, age, level of sexual excitability and psychological state.

The history of these caresses goes back in time. In search of reciprocity, a person has long noticed that kissing the genitals greatly excites sensitivity and is a more gentle sexual affection than irritation of the partner’s genitals with his hand.

The ancient Greeks were one of the first to ask themselves the question: why is it possible to caress each other’s genitals if you love a partner, but not with your tongue, if there are all the conditions for bringing the genitals into perfect hygienic condition?

In ancient Greece, in the families of the nobility, oral-genital contacts were a common phenomenon. They were even given preference over ordinary sexual intercourse, and they resorted to coition for the purpose of conception and procreation. Ancient murals have been preserved, which depict poses in which the wife caresses the husband’s penis with his mouth or tongue, and the husband caresses the wife’s genitals with his tongue. In Ancient Greece, two Temples of bodily beauty were created, where in addition to frescoes and the image of sexual intercourse, priests and priestesses of the Temple taught those who wished to art of erotic caress and kindling passion in the genitals or demonstrated affection on their partner.

But oral sex was also known in ancient China. In the already mentioned book of Wu Son “The libation of three peaks”, where the lips and breasts of a woman were considered two peaks, the third peak is called the “pink mushroom peak” or “dark gate” – the external genitalia of a woman. The ancient Taoists believed that the outpouring of this third peak – the lunar flower – is located in her yin palace (uterus). The gates of the yin palace are almost always closed; they open only when the woman is very satisfied.

Taoists paid no less attention to erotic kisses than to sexual intercourse. In erotic kisses, a man and a woman receive joy from the harmony of yin and yang (feminine and masculine).

In the ancient Chinese philosophy of love, the caressing actions of the language were considered, firstly, as an important and piquant part of the love game, and secondly, oral-genital kisses, or cunnilingus and fellatio, Taoists were considered very effective means for arousing men and women.

In order to successfully perform fellatio, the woman was recommended to relax her mouth and close her teeth with her lips so as not to injure the yuchen (penis). Cunnilingus enjoyed the great favor of the ancient Chinese women.

Since the Tao of love was based on the principles of maximum satisfaction of a woman and the man’s control of ejaculation, she more favored partner’s oral sex with a partner than the language of a woman’s penis, because, as Zhang Zhonglan writes in her book “Tao of Love”, “there are only a few men are able to withstand the licking effects of the tongue, accompanied by gentle and deep suction, and therefore there is a risk of uncontrolled ejaculation. ”

He writes: “There are relatively few representations of fellatio; although it is a legitimate part of a love game, it carries the risk of male ejaculation. However, cunnilingus is more often presented as it was traditionally considered – as an approved way to get a pure yin essence from a woman. ”

In modern sexology, oral sex is denoted by the term “ortho-altruism.” This term was first coined by Polish sexologist Eva Braun.

And the term quite accurately reflects the essence of these caresses. This is really altruism – that is, the desire takes care of the welfare of a loved one, even neglecting their personal interests.

But in this case we are not talking about neglecting our interests, as the ortho-altruist also feels satisfaction from the knowledge that it is thanks to his caresses that his partner experiences unusually strong feelings.

In terms of intensity of sensations and their duration, pleasure as a result of oral caresses is immeasurably higher than with ordinary sexual intercourse.

The famous Polish sexologist K. Imelinsky, whose books “Sexology and Sexopathology” and “Sexual Hygiene” became the reference book of any sexologist, wrote: “Kissing the genitals of a loved one, some partners experience deep sexual pleasure. At the same time, caresses of this kind in relation to a stranger can cause a completely natural feeling of disgust. ”

Sexologist M. Kinessa writes: “Many women consider it immoral to kiss the penis of a husband. Naturally, they all the more do not allow husbands to kiss the vulva. At the same time, they do not mind ordinary sexual acts. Why kissing the genitals of a loved one should be considered a shame? And what is better than cheeks, lips, a hand, on which there are many times less erogenous nerve endings? And there should not be any shame, even signs of shame. On the contrary, this in a loving family should become the norm of sexual activity, a sexual delicacy, the first sign of deep respect for partners among each other. What is shameful here? Why is a woman not ashamed when she spreads her legs and allows the man to insert his penis into her vagina and lie on her? Why should she only know gross sexual intercourse, reminiscent of animal mating? Why should she not experience the sweetest affection associated with kissing the clitoris? Kissing each other’s genitals by a man and woman is the most beautiful and best means of stirring up passion in the genitals. Sexology doesn’t equal affection for kissing genitals. ”

All these quotes are given here in such detail to convince that part of the readers, which can be considered not yet sufficiently knowledgeable in the field of the basics of sex. This chapter of the book is not for the elderly, who were brought up on completely different principles, and which even the opinion of world famous reputable sexologists will not convince. It is for those who are just starting their sexual experience, for newlyweds, and we can hope that with the help of modern knowledge in the field of the science of sexual love, it will master it to the most sophisticated forms.

Everything that happens between two loving people during intimacy, everything that brings them together spiritually and brings them pleasure, everything that happens in the conjugal bedroom and does not go beyond the bed of love, is all completely natural and necessary. The hypocritical views on the behavior of partners during sexual games and caresses are completely inappropriate.

In the entire civilized world there is a regular and irreversible process of moral change. Only bigots can call it a “moral decline.” This process is natural and is dictated by life itself. What was considered immoral several decades ago has long been the norm. If society were only obeyed by hypocrites, we still would not have contraceptives, and after the first wedding night, sheets of the bride and groom would be hung out for everyone to see. And this is immorality – to poke one’s nose into someone else’s intimate life.

The dynamics of the number of women receiving satisfaction from sexual intercourse is clearly visible from the data of the American Sexological Institute. Women with a difference in age of 20 years are taken. Those born 20 years later behaved more freely and relaxed during sexual intercourse, and the number of women with sexual coldness was halved.

At the 22nd World Conference of Sexologists in 1969, an English sexologist Gray, in his report “On the State of Modern Sexual Culture in Europe,” said that culture in some Western families has advanced significantly – wives use oral caresses, but husbands successfully use language caresses of their wives. According to statistics, families where wives use mouth and tongue caress are listed as the most durable today. And it is absolutely certain that women who receive oral sex are absolutely faithful to their husbands and are not prone to cheating under any circumstances.

And the fact that sophisticated sexual caresses are not welcomed by hypocrites is their own business. In addition, hypocrites are not an example to follow, since they themselves are most often sexually cold and have long “overcome the sting of the flesh,” so they are not given to understand this.

All modern sexologists approve and recommend kissing the genitals of a beloved partner, rightly considering them the most physiological and tender in the entire arsenal of sexual sophistication. There is no damage to morality with the mutual caresses of two loving people – everything that causes tenderness and affection of spouses for each other is moral.

The first prerequisite for orogenital contacts should be genital hygiene. By their purity, the genitals of a man and a woman should be as clean as a face before oral caresses.

If you take a shower once a week and have oral sex in the porch or in the attic, then this is really absolutely unacceptable. And in a car or other inappropriate place, oral sex without preliminary hygienic measures is unlikely to cause aesthetic and sensual pleasure.

For partners who have no idea about genital hygiene, oral sex is not only not recommended, but simply contraindicated. An unpleasant smell can completely discourage desire and interest not only in oral caresses, but also in sex in general and in such a partner-slut. And even more so, this is unacceptable when a woman is such a slut.

Soul before intimacy, no matter what method of sexual satisfaction partners choose – is strictly required. No need to pour half a bottle of perfume on yourself, it is not necessary to spray the genitals with a deodorant.

The genitals should be just clean, and then their natural smell is very pleasant. Many men talk about this, and it even excites them.

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