Married sexual relations

Sexual relationships in marriage are very important. If spouses do not have sexual harmony, then interpersonal relationships may suffer.

Sexual harmony helps spouses overcome many life difficulties in life together and find compromises. After a night of love, the couple may not remember their differences. If they feel good in bed – this is a real celebration, not only for the body, but also for the soul. All this is so closely connected that isolating one of the constituent parts and establishing which one is more important than sexual relations or love and spiritual intimacy is simply impossible.

Unlike most men, purely physical satisfaction does not appeal to most women. They need a “love game”, they want their husband to suddenly strike their imagination with unpredictable behavior, so that she can again experience the severity of feelings and the charm of novelty. And this, too, the husband must consider if he wants a harmonious sexual relationship.

If the husband believes that he and his wife began to deteriorate sexual relations, if the wife began to constantly evade intimacy, trying to avoid being tired, then having a headache, but being unwell, then doing business, then it’s best not to blame her and not insist on being against her will , and find out the reason for her cooling to sex. If the spouses have been married for a long time, then they can talk frankly, without hitting each other’s pride. The opportunity to frankly share with a loved one and the confidence that he will understand everything correctly is the guarantee of sexual harmony.

Some women like gentle affection, while others would like her husband to behave in bed in an unbridled and even aggressive manner, as if he takes a woman by force, and she supposedly resists (everything is within reasonable limits, of course, in the form of a sexual game, and not in the form of a real rape).

Maybe the wife is tired of monotonous relationships and she wants variety. Sexual intercourse in one and the same traditional form, even if a woman experiences sexual satisfaction, “gets bored” over time, there is no longer any novelty, romance, the wife knows in advance how it will begin and how it will end.

But if the wife never experienced an orgasm during intimacy, then this is a formidable sign, and the man should be the first to normalize sexual relations.

If your wife is constantly unsatisfied, if you do not have sexual harmony, then most likely she is still an erotically unawakened woman. And the main fault in this most often belongs to men. You now already know what a bad sexual partner is and how it negatively affects a woman’s sexuality.

If you have well mastered everything that has been said here before, then it is in your power to become not just a good sexual partner, but simply magnificent. I emphasize once again that for sexual harmony you absolutely do not have to be a “sex giant”, have a huge penis, an “iron” erection and have sex for half an hour. And a handsome man with a magnificent figure is also not necessary.

The most important thing is to be a sexual altruist. And the rest will follow, it would be a desire to satisfy a woman. And you learned all the necessary information on how to do this in practice from this book.

For harmonious sexual relations in marriage, it is desirable that the temperament and sexual constitution of the partners coincide or differ slightly. The wife may have an orgasm, but if she has a weak sexual constitution, then, as they say, “she does not need much.” For example, it is enough for a wife to have one sexual act per week, or even less, and for a husband with a strong or medium sexual constitution, this is not enough; he wants daily sexual intercourse.

Mismatch of the sexual constitution and sexual incompatibility of husband and wife can also adversely affect marital relations.

Husbands with a strong temperament say that despite the fact that they have been married for many years, they still experience a strong sexual attraction to their wife, almost like in their youth, and a wife with a weak sexual constitution or passively inferior to her husband, but he understands that she herself does not want to have sex so often, or she often denies her husband intimacy, since her own sexual needs are much less than his.

If the husband will be angry and demand from the wife “performance of conjugal duty”, then this will not lead to anything good. There will be quarrels, mutual reproaches and grievances, and in the end it can lead to mutual cooling, and a woman can even lose interest in sex, as negative emotions are associated with this.

In such situations, the husband most often reproaches his wife that she has stopped loving him or that she is a cold woman.

But if a woman experiences an orgasm during intercourse, even if she does not want to have sex as often as her husband, then this means that she is not a cold woman. She just has a different sexual constitution and other needs.

The sexual excitability of men is higher than that of women. Sexual arousal arises in them much faster, graphically it could be depicted as peak-like, where the peak is sexual discharge. Then the excitement quickly subsides.

In women, the increase in excitation occurs much more slowly, it can be graphically depicted as a gentle curve, with a slow decline in excitation.

Because of this, the problem of sexual incompatibility of many couples also arises. The sexuality of a man is more restrained and assertive. A husband, seeing his wife leaving the bathroom or touching her half-naked body in bed, is immediately excited and ready to have sexual intercourse, and the woman, although she is not sexually cold, but has a normal temperament, is still completely unexcited, and if the husband will eagerly seek proximity, this does not cause her a response.

If a man tempered his impatience and did not follow his attraction, seeking immediate realization, but was gentle, affectionate and did not spare the time for the erotic foreplay, so necessary for a woman, preceding sexual intercourse, her excitement would also increase soon he would be worthily rewarded for his affection. Instead, men take offense at their wives, claiming that they want intimacy, but they don’t.

In addition, in general, sexual desire in men is more pronounced than in women, so they have a need for more frequent sexual contacts.

But there is also the opposite situation, when the wife’s temperament and “sexual appetite” far surpasses her husband’s sexual needs and capabilities. About 20-25% of women have a strong temperament and can exceed their partner in their sexual arousal. And then they are already changing roles. The wife wants more frequent sexual contacts, but the husband does not.

If the sexual constitution of the partners does not match, then it is best for spouses to find a compromise.

Even if the husband has high sexual needs and a strong sexual constitution, then he needs to learn to restrain his desires and not go on about sexual attraction. After all, he is no longer a young man whose organism “rebels” from an overabundance of hormones and requires immediate discharge. He is an adult intelligent person and may well curb his instincts if he loves his wife and does not want a quarrel.

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