Sexual life of a man

5 commandments that a real man must keep

Firstly, to know all the positions that allow you to enter the penis into the vagina as deep as possible. This will allow a woman (of course, with the corresponding caress of the clitoris) to experience an orgasm even with a large disproportion of the genitals;

Secondly, two psychological laws must be known to him: the law of dullness and the law of novelty, which consists in the fact that every new action causes a stronger reaction. A new pose or an erotic affection that has not yet been tested can sometimes dramatically change the intimate life of a partner couple and do more than partners expect;

Thirdly, a man must perfectly master two types of sexual caresses: oral (that is, with his tongue, mouth, the term comes from the word “oro” – mouth) caresses on the clitoris (“Greek caresses”, orogenital contacts, oral sex) and “ caresses of Zhofreya ”- a combination of vaginal stimulation with caresses of the clitoris with the tongue. With “caresses of Zhofrey” a man must master various mechanical devices (dildos, penis substitutes) to excite the entire volume of the vagina.

Fourthly, a man must perfectly master the art of prolonged (prolonged) sexual intercourse, that is, learn how to control ejaculation, which will allow a woman to “get on well”.

Fifthly, at every sexual intercourse a man must see that he caresses. With sexual caresses, the female genital organ should be clearly visible (for this some light should be provided). This will contribute to the sexual arousal of a man (no man will remain indifferent to the vulva), will make caresses more accurate and gentle, in which every woman is interested. And since it is in her interests, the man is simply obliged to achieve this, despite the objections of the partner, who will express them only for reasons of modesty.

The most important thing that a man should know – neither a giant penis, hard, “like a stone”, nor the ability to have sexual intercourse even for half an hour (although most modern men are incapable of this) – do not say that he is a lover “with a sign qualities ”, if he does not know refined erotic caresses.

Where did our compatriots get such a misconception about sex? In no country is there such primitive sex as in ours. Our compatriots, considering themselves “sex giants” because of the size of their masculine dignity and the ability to perform some friction in the vagina, are trying to impress foreigners with their “skill”. But they are scornful of such partners who do not know the sexual technique. Only in jokes foreigners are delighted with sex with a “real Russian man.” These jokes were invented by our compatriots, who thereby give the wish for the reality, creating such a positive image, although the vast majority of our compatriots are very far from it, and their sexual abilities are very mediocre – both in the aspect of the primitiveness of the sexual technique, and in the aspect of potency.

In fact, a man does not have to have gigantic penis sizes. You will read further that this is just a flaw, not a virtue of a sexual partner.

A man may believe that he is a “normal” sexual partner, that he personally has everything in order with potency, and a woman believes that he, as a partner, is no good, since she never experiences an orgasm with him.

Or, conversely, there are men who are unsure of themselves who doubt their potency, are afraid that nothing can work out with their new partner, although they have no sexual violations. But sexuality and the psyche are interconnected, so certain character traits can affect the sex life of a man.

There are men who are very strong in sexual relations, in which an erection occurs quickly, one just has to tune in to sex, persists for a long time, and ejaculation occurs only after a sufficient number of frictions (movements of the penis in the vagina).

If a woman has long enough sexual intercourse to orgasm, and does not require stimulation of other erogenous zones, then such a partner can give her pleasure. And the man himself has sexual intercourse, if the partner is also satisfied, causes a feeling of great satisfaction.

However, if a woman does not have a vaginal orgasm, but a clitoric one – that is, it arises only under the condition of preliminary or additional (during intercourse) stimulation of the clitoris – then even a sexually strong partner will not work for her, no matter how long the intercourse lasts.

But there are men whose erection is sluggish, they can hardly make an immission (insertion of the penis into the vagina), during the intercourse the penis “falls out”, because of this they cannot perform full frictions and practice only short shocks to minimize output the penis from the vagina, or rocking from side to side to prevent “loss” of the penis from the vagina. Or even with a sufficient erection, ejaculation (ejaculation) occurs after several frictions or immediately after the introduction of the penis. Such a partner will not satisfy any normal woman if he does not know how to do anything else.

Is it possible to somehow change the situation to give pleasure to a partner? Of course you can. This will be discussed in other chapters.

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