Month: October 2019

What is Impotence – causes, first signs and treatment

Many modern men have problems with the functioning of the genitourinary system. Such diseases include erectile (sexual) disorder or impotence. This ailment is characterized by the impossibility of the appearance or maintenance of a prolonged erection, which leads to an inferior sexual intercourse. There are a number of causes of impotence in men, depending on […]

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These are substances that are believed to increase the sexual capabilities of both men and women, while causing sexual desire. Their beneficial use is also known from the ancestors. On hearing, everyone who was tormented by sexual problems, drugs of plant or animal origin: ginseng, Chinese magnolia vine, pantocrine, golden root, zamanika. In addition, Eleutherococcus, […]

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Chlorethyl blockade

Chlorethyl blockade is a specific treatment for premature ejaculation. Being one of the methods of reflexology, such treatment of the ejaculatory component does not give negative side effects, but can bring tangible help to the patient. This method is also called rhombus blockade. A man is treated with chlorethyl lumbosacral rhombus until a characteristic white […]

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Life, in this case, sexual life, sometimes requires a combination of different treatment methods. In addition, treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs (analgesics, tranquilizers, stimulants, hypnotics) is not clinically effective enough, it is addictive or allergic. Some of them have many contraindications. Therefore, in clinical practice, physiotherapeutic methods of treatment: laser, magnetic, ultrasound, bioenergy, etc. For example, […]

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