Life, in this case, sexual life, sometimes requires a combination of different treatment methods. In addition, treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs (analgesics, tranquilizers, stimulants, hypnotics) is not clinically effective enough, it is addictive or allergic. Some of them have many contraindications. Therefore, in clinical practice, physiotherapeutic methods of treatment: laser, magnetic, ultrasound, bioenergy, etc.

For example, for the correction of erectile dysfunction, sexologists use baromassage – local negative pressure (LOD-therapy), local decompression, baromassage in combination with acupressure, laser therapy and laser reflexology (laser irradiation at acupuncture points), the use of ultrasound with intradermal administration of medications. Thanks to ultratonotherapy treatment, in connection with a reflex vascular-vegetative reaction to electric discharge and current, as well as due to direct action, capillaries and arterioles expand, veins tone increases, blood and lymph circulation improves. Under the influence of heat and endogenous heat released in the discharge gap in tissues excited by the electric field, mechanical oscillations of the natal frequency and the irritating effect of the coronary discharge, metabolic processes and tissue trophism improve, congestion, pain, itching are reduced, absorption of infiltrates is accelerated, and the functional state of the nervous system improves vascular system, an antispasmodic effect is manifested. The sensitivity of tissues subjected to ultratonotherapy is clearly reduced, and the time of conduction along the nerve fiber is reduced.

It would seem that these methods are not directly aimed at prolonging sexual intercourse and inhibition of ejaculation. But psychological attitudes from the form of their own highly erogenous penis become such a powerful stimulator of sexual activity that in some patients they become dominant in prolonging sexual intercourse.

Do not forget that most of the proposed drugs have to be used for life to achieve the desired effect. At the same time, it is important to know special precautions and remember that it is best to use these drugs under the supervision of a doctor, because many modern drugs have enough limitations and contraindications. And without proper selection of doses and time of administration, you can do so much harm to yourself that in the future you will get a negative conclusion: “It cannot be restored!”

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