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American sex life declined in 2022

Intimate relationships are important in everyone’s life. But when we are 20-25 years old, it seems that life ends after forty. We think that sex ceases to be as bright: it hurts the knee, then the lower back pulls. However, in adulthood, sexual activity can reach heights that were not even known at a young age.

To sensitive questions about intimate life after 40 and physiological changes, answered Eliso Jobava, MD, Professor.

According to research, sex life in the United States lasts up to 70 years. In Europe, this figure is difficult to track, because there these topics are taboo, especially among the elderly. However, according to a large-scale study, an intimate life continues in a third of people aged 65-67 years, but at 79 years old, only 6% of Europeans have an active sex life. Only by the age of 80 sex life completely disappears.

In another study conducted in 2004, more than 27.5 thousand men and women aged 40-80 took part. They were asked to fill out a questionnaire. Data analysis showed that more than 80% of men and 65% of women had an active sexual life during the last year. However, it is impossible not to mention the presence of some dysfunctions:

All evidence suggests that an active sex life persists after 40 years and, if desired, you can enjoy each other until the most advanced years. And all difficulties are easily overcome. However, due to the lack of education in these matters, myths still exist. Let’s consider the most common ones.

Myth 1. Sexuality goes away during menopause.
Such thoughts and all the resulting consequences are purely a psychological problem, which is associated with the changes that occur during menopause. Psychologists advise to speak frankly with a partner and personally make sure that a woman is still attractive and desirable. Of course, serious changes have taken place in life, but you need to take the maximum benefit from them.

Myth 2. You do not need to use contraceptives
This is only possible with a permanent partner. In other circumstances, this is a dangerous delusion, and it is associated with several factors. First, age does not protect against sexually transmitted infections. Secondly, only with the onset of menopause, when menstruation is absent for 12 consecutive months, pregnancy is completely excluded.

Myth 3. Orgasm can not be achieved
Studies show that women under 36 do not experience problems with orgasm. However, at 67 years old, they experience orgasm more often than at 24 years old. There are no physiological reasons for this, everything is based on experience, psychology and sexuality.

Meanwhile, older men take criticism better, listen to the wishes of their partner and become less selfish in bed. So older women have every chance not only to maintain their sex life, but also to improve it.

How is sex after 40 different for women and men?

Some issues are undeniable. For example, men in their 40s and 50s may have problems with erection, and to restore it, active actions are required: the introduction of strength exercises into a sports load, the use of seafood and red meat, and regular sex.

But even in this case, the result may be less stable, any distraction is the cause of its violation. However, it is noted that an orgasm in men is possible even with an average erection, and its quality does not change.

Women after 35-40 years old feel more relaxed, experienced, aware of their preferences. Sexual satisfaction increases with age.

According to studies, women after 45 continue to experience sexual arousal, vivid orgasm, and this despite changes and even a decrease in libido.

During this period, a career has already been built, motherhood has been realized, it remains only to maintain femininity and sexuality in oneself. Just after 40 years, the desires and mentality of women and men converge: great sexual experience, the desire not only to satisfy needs, but to establish relationships and take care of themselves and each other in the best way affects intimate life.

Pros and cons of sex at 40

A state in which a person experiences arousal, but there is no discharge, is called sexual frustration. Frequent episodes are the cause of neurological disorders, decreased motivation.

In men, this is one of the causes of unpleasant and even painful sensations in the lower abdomen and scrotum. And in women – the development of congestion in the pelvic organs, which are aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle. And this is a direct path to serious consequences.

Lack of regular sex

Lack of regular sex is a factor affecting libido. When a woman does not have regular sex, for example, after a divorce, the desire persists for the first few months, but if these needs are not met, the libido decreases. There is no interest in intimate relationships. Restoring them is difficult.

In addition, sex helps regulate mood swings. It’s all about the production of hormones, especially the “hormone of happiness.”

It is difficult to name the cons of sex for a woman’s health. Perhaps the only negative is sexually transmitted infections.

But with the use of barrier contraceptives and regular medical examinations of both partners, the risks disappear.

How to make sex after 40 brighter

The lack of a regular intimate life negatively affects the body and psychological state of a woman at any age. It is important and necessary to support yourself, and sex will bring more benefits if you follow simple rules:

  1. Positive attitude. Any age-related changes are not limitations, but new opportunities. After all, even the extinction of reproductive function is an opportunity to relieve anxiety about an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Experiments. It’s time to try something new: the children have grown up, go about their lives and already have the opportunity to fulfill their innermost fantasies, indulge in love at any time of the day or night, be as loud as they want.
  3. Sports. It is known that regular sports (1-2 per week) maintain tone, libido and even sexual desire just because of the production of a number of hormones: adrenaline, oxytocin and serotonin. Joint sports allow you to revive the cooled feelings between partners.
  4. Regular preventive examinations by doctors. Every six months, women are recommended to undergo routine examinations. This allows you to identify problems and take timely action. In addition, at the doctor’s appointment, you can discuss all the issues, choose lubricants and products that will help cope with the symptoms of menopause and maintain libido.

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