Human sexuality

Scientists have named the best way to have sex

Gynecologists from a private New York clinic, New H Medical, called the possible position to achieve female orgasm. This is reported by The Sun.

The study involved a couple of volunteers who had sex in the five most common positions, and doctors using an ultrasound scanner monitored blood flow in the woman’s clitoris.

The experiment showed that it is easier for heterosexual women to reach their entire orgasm in the missionary position if a pillow is placed under the pelvis. It was in this place that the blood flow in the clitoris was the most intense.

The most ineffective position turned out to be “doggy-style”.

The head of the research team, gynecologist, doctor of higher sciences Kimberly Lowy finds out this by the fact that during sex in the increased clearance of the clitoris, the average value due to the smallest number of people involved with it.

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