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Why are women unhappy with their sexual partner?

You learned that the sexual abilities of many modern men (but not all, of course!) Are very low. I heard words from many women that most modern men are “weaklings,” they’re “no use” in bed, “he won’t get up without a glass,” “one or two, and it’s all over,” and so on. Perhaps the women themselves do not say this to the men themselves, but many people think so, and they openly share their opinions with me, as a woman and a psychiatrist.

Probably, men are not very pleased to learn about this unflattering opinion of women, but the fact remains that many of our compatriots have very unflattering opinions about the sexual abilities of modern men. I was told about this by women who had dozens of lovers, and those who had several long enough sexual relationships, and those who embarked on endless love affairs in the hope of finally finding a good sexual partner, but were always disappointed, and those who have the only sexual partner.

Previously, our women did not know anything about normal sex, and each comprehended this science from their own experience or guided by the advice of friends who, too, basically did not know “theory”, but knew only “practice”. There was nowhere to obtain theoretical knowledge about refined sex. There were no books about this, and all the “bed scenes” were cut out in the movies, and at best they showed us partners in bed, covered up to the neck with a blanket, talking peacefully on production, domestic or lyrical, rather than erotic topics. Now there has been a wave of articles in newspapers and magazines where psychologists and sexologists give recommendations, and the “cool” erotic scene can be seen on television and on video.

Men most often look at photographs of nude beauties in magazines, and most often they don’t read articles about sex, believing that they already know everything about sex – just think what wisdom is there – if only everything was in order with an erection!

And women read these articles carefully and know what orgasm and sexual satisfaction are, and in erotic scenes in films they see that sex is completely different there, and not like it is with her husband or lover, that there is not only a partner, but also the partner has great pleasure. A woman begins to wonder why she is deprived of this pleasure, because, in principle, all women have the same structure, and not only beauties should enjoy sex, but any woman too. She is no longer interested in primitive sex, she also wants it to be ecstasy and the peak of feelings.

You may ask why, in this case, women dissatisfied with their sexual relations do not completely refuse to have sex with men, since they have such a low opinion of them? There are many reasons for this.

I will give the reasons why women have lovers, regardless of whether the woman is married or not.

Firstly, no normal woman can live without men, not so much sexually, but rather, psychologically. An unmarried woman and a woman in an unsuccessful marriage, where a husband has a conflicting relationship, is looking for support, support, a loved one in her lover who can “cry over her waistcoat” and find understanding and sympathy with him, and just the man’s attention, finally! The desire to flirt, flirt, like, hear a compliment, feel like a man’s attention is inherent in every woman if she is a real woman, regardless of her age.

Secondly, in love affairs women seek not only sexual relationships, but also feelings, love, romance, spiritual intimacy, communication, pleasant expectation and excitement before a date, and much more. And even if things don’t matter with sex, but if a man likes it, if he enjoys spending time, if he shows attention, and a woman feels desirable and attractive with him, then she will not give up such a lover, because he gives her the most the main thing she needs so much is the feeling of being a full-fledged woman. Agree, because a single woman who has neither a husband nor a lover cannot feel psychologically comfortable. She can “swagger” and say that she doesn’t need anyone, she lives well alone, but this is only in words. In the soul, every woman understands that she needs male attention, and if such a man appears in her life, she does not break off relations with him, even if he is a bad lover, if there is no other in mind and in the foreseeable future.

Thirdly, even the most disappointed in sex women still at least a little hope that someday they will meet a good lover. She thinks: “After all, real men have not been extinct in the world, maybe I will be lucky someday.” For example, a friend says that she met a wonderful lover, from whom she is simply ecstatic. A frustrated woman thinks that she’s personally just been unlucky so far, but if a friend was lucky, then with time she will meet a good sexual partner, therefore she does not lose hope and starts new novels.

Fourthly, some women, even without experiencing an orgasm during sexual intercourse, do not refuse it “for the sake of health”. After all, everyone knows that “sex is good for health”, and with prolonged sexual abstinence, various adverse changes occur in the body. Many women believe that sex, even without satisfaction, “disperses bad blood”, vagina massage, a rush of blood occurs, and in addition, all women know that male sperm is very useful for the female body. Even if the woman’s sexual intercourse did not end with an orgasm, as a result, sperm poured into her vagina, and this, according to women, “rejuvenates” (some women even make “masks” for the face from sperm and say that it is very useful for skin).

But in general, many women, having a lover, are guided by that commune, which is reflected in one old joke: “If a woman has her head low, then she has a lover. If a woman’s head is proudly raised, then this also means that she has a lover. If a woman’s head is turned to the right, then she has a lover. And in general – if a woman has a head on her shoulders – then she has a lover! ”Some women reason like this, making a love affair – if not“ for the body ”, then at least“ for the soul ”- to feel still attractive to men, and sometimes in order to avenge her husband for his inattention or betrayal.

And married women who do not have lovers can not always refuse her husband intimacy if he is very persistent. And besides, marriage implies compulsory sexual relations, and every woman wants her to have a full marriage. Some do not refuse to “perform conjugal duty”, fearing that the husband will begin to change. Some agree to intimacy, knowing that prolonged abstinence is harmful to the health of a man and can affect his sexual abilities. Some simply do not want the scandals and reproaches of the husband that the wife constantly denies him intimate relationships. And some still hope that someday “a miracle will happen” and the husband will be able to give pleasure. Yes, and many other reasons.

But in general, in sexual relations a woman has a more dependent, subordinate position than a man. In many cases in a long marriage, the husband is the initiator and leader in sexual life, it is he who determines the duration of the foreplay, and the pose of sexual intercourse. The duration of intercourse also depends on the man, it is he who often insists on intimacy, and the wife is forced to give in to him.

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