Sexual life of a man

The intimate life of men and women

In intimate life, there is no gender equality, although this is wrong. A woman is the same equal participant in sexual intercourse as a man, and here her rights must be taken into account. If a man believes that he has the right to sexual satisfaction, then he must not forget that the woman has exactly the same rights, and she must also receive satisfaction during sexual intercourse.

Any shortcomings in the mental, emotional and physical conformity of each other men and women, which lead to a violation of the harmony of the sexual life of the partner couple, are called sexual disharmony.

Sexual disharmony of a married couple is one of the main reasons for a decrease or lack of sexual desire in one of the partners or both. Among couples who turn to sex therapists and psychiatrists, complaints about a lack of sexual desire are most common. Violations of sexual desire due to sexual disharmony in women are much more common than in men.

According to one survey, 56% of women are disappointed in their sex lives.

Among women dissatisfied with their sex life, there are women who have never experienced an orgasm. Some of them do not like sex and are indifferent to it or are disgusted. Other women enjoy the affection of a partner and the sexual intercourse itself, psychologically intimate proximity suits them, but they do not experience physical satisfaction.

Some women experienced orgasm during masturbation, but do not feel orgasm during sexual intercourse.

And some women who are currently not satisfied with their sex life are familiar with an orgasm during intercourse or with erotic caresses on the clitoris (cunnilingus, manual stimulation of the clitoris by a partner or with the help of a vibrator), but they only have sexual satisfaction or in the past only with a good partner, and when having sexual intercourse with the current husband or lover, there is no orgasm, since he does not carry out the caresses that a woman needs for sexual satisfaction (which is especially important for women with a clitoris orgasm), or the husband suffers from various sexual disorders, because of which he is not able to have normal sexual intercourse (which is important for a woman with a vaginal variant of orgasm).

Due to sexual dissatisfaction, many women experience a state of frustration – a feeling of discontent, mental discomfort, emptiness, lethargy and indifference. But there can be irritability, anger, hysterical reactions with violent sobs and reproaches.

Frustrated in sex, women choose three main lines of behavior. Some passively yield to their husband or lover, so that he does not begin to change, but the activities themselves do not show. Others have an aversion to sex and try to avoid intimacy. And others begin to cheat on her husband in search of a partner who is able to give them sexual satisfaction.

Sexual disharmony can be associated not only with a lack of purely physical satisfaction, but also with emotional and psychological factors.

If a woman does not love her husband, if she negatively perceives him as a person, he annoys her or despises him, then, of course, no sexual technique will help, and an intimate life with such a spouse will disgust the woman, even if she is capable have an orgasm.

There are women who do not have any sexual violations, they used to have lovers with whom they felt the pleasure of intimacy, but life has turned out so that she is married not to one of these lovers, but to a person who is indifferent to her or even causes a purely physical disgust – the woman dislikes the smell of her husband and his uncleanliness, does not like his sloppiness in clothes and at home, his sagging figure and sagging stomach, thin legs or bald head.

Such an attitude to a husband can be in cases where a woman married without love, for a person much older than her – for mercantile reasons or because there were no other applicants for the role of her husband.

But it also happens that when a woman got married, she was in love with her chosen one, but after many years she became disappointed in him as a man if he does not meet her ideals of a “real man”. Her emotional frustration transforms over time into physical disgust.

If a woman loves her husband and respects him, she is not embarrassed either by his bald head, or by the fact that he has started to grow stout and his belly is already outlined. They grow fat and grow old together, both of them can play a fun joke on each other, but the change in their appearance does not affect their feelings and spiritual closeness.

And if a woman fell out of love with her husband or never loved him, she is even annoyed that he used to be slim and looked after his appearance, and after years the flabbiness, became sloppy, walks home in old sweatpants and slippers. There are women who say that they are “sick” of one kind of husband (not in the physical, but in the emotional sense), it is disgusting how he eats, how he walks, how he straightens his hair and even how he smiles, speaks or gesticulates. And of course, with such a husband, going to bed with a woman is all the more disgusting.

Sexual aversion (from the French “aversion” – disgust) is one of the most difficult variants of sexual dysfunction, a condition opposite to libido. It arises as a result of sexual relations with a partner, which caused disappointment. The duration of the relationship may be different – a single sexual intercourse or a long sexual relationship.

The cause of the aversion can be an unpleasant odor from a partner, his behavior when intoxicated, rudeness, tactlessness, cowardice or any other traits or behavioral disorders that cause disappointment in this partner.

Because of the aversion, any actions of an erotic partner, words, gestures that should have caused a woman to have a reciprocal desire, sexual attraction and arousal, cause her to have the opposite reaction – inhibition of any sexual manifestations. This leads to a disruption in the relationship of the partner couple and the occurrence of sexual dysfunctions.

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