The ability to perform prolonged sexual intercourse

A man with sexual abilities below the average norm accepted in sexology can have harmonious sexual relations with a certain partner. For example, a man ejaculates too quickly, and his sexual intercourse lasts less than two minutes. But if the partner has a clitorical version of the orgasm, and the man provides adequate (required) stimulation of the clitoris before sexual intercourse or stimulates the clitoris of the partner both before and during sexual intercourse, then the partner regularly experiences an orgasm and is satisfied with their sexual relations. The man also experiences an orgasm during intercourse, even short-term. That is, both partners are happy with each other, and they have sexual harmony.

Sexual harmony can even be in a partner couple, where a man has a weak erection. For example, in a man without additional stimulation of the partner, the penis is sluggish, soft, so there is no way to insert it into the vagina, or the introduction of a penis is possible, but during sexual intercourse an erection disappears. But with additional stimulation – manual (that is, the hand of a partner) or oral (with the mouth, tongue of a partner) – he develops a good erection sufficient to insert the penis into the vagina and have sexual intercourse, or the partner continues oral caress until the man has an orgasm. Before or after his orgasm, such a partner performs cunnilingus (caressing the woman’s clitoris), and the woman experiences an orgasm. Although such relationships are not the absolute norm from the point of view of sexology, but since they give satisfaction to both partners, we are also talking about sexual harmony. Moreover, the union of such partners can be very strong, and a woman will never exchange her partner, which gives her the opportunity to regularly have an orgasm when caressing on the clitoris, for another man, even if he has a beautiful genital organ, a strong erection, and he is capable of long-term sexual intercourse, but does not own the technique of clitoral caresses, and her orgasm is associated only with stimulation of the clitoris.

And a partner with a weak erection will not be happy with another woman who is able to experience orgasm only with the introduction of the penis into the vagina and prolonged vaginal (vaginal) friction. No matter how skilled a man is in oral caresses, if a woman’s clitoris is unexcited (does not respond to stimulation) and she doesn’t have an orgasm when she caresses the clitoris with her tongue, he is not able to satisfy such a woman, and this couple will have sexual disharmony.

That is, you see that talking about an absolute norm in sexology simply does not make sense. What is normal in one partner pair is not suitable for another.

Since the vast majority of men experience an orgasm not only during intercourse, no matter how short it is, but also during other types of stimulation (manual, oral), sexual harmony to a large extent depends on the satisfaction of the woman.

A woman can give pleasure to a man in many ways, and a man, in order to satisfy a woman, must necessarily know her main erogenous zone and act on her. Women with a clitorical variant of orgasm are not satisfied with sexual intercourse without clitoral stimulation, and women with a vaginal variant of orgasm are not satisfied with clitoral stimulation without sexual intercourse.

Hence the conclusion – in order to achieve sexual harmony, a man must necessarily provide exactly the stimulation that this woman needs, and not the one he is capable of.

All sexologists believe that without a good prelude that prepares a woman for sexual intercourse, all the efforts of a man to prove his sexual abilities will not bring success, since the main thing in sexual intercourse is affection. And most men believe that the most important thing is a large penis, a good erection and a long sexual intercourse. Then you will see the fallacy of this opinion.

The ability to perform a long sexual intercourse is a good quality of a sexual partner, but only on condition that the woman is preliminarily “warmed up” by refined erotic caresses, and her orgasm occurs when the vagina is stimulated by the penis during intercourse, that is, the vagina is the main erogenous area of ​​a woman. In these cases, they speak of the vaginal (from the word “vagina” – vagina) type of orgasm of a woman.

However, in the vast majority of women, the clitoris is the main erogenous zone, and without good stimulation, no matter how hard a man tries, he will not succeed with this woman. In such cases, they speak of a clitorical version of a woman’s orgasm.

And if a man knows how to caress on the clitoris, then if a woman has a clitoris orgasm, he does not have to have a large penis and have a long sexual intercourse. Without sexual intercourse, he can satisfy a woman as many times as she is capable of. Or first, he will give her the opportunity to survive the orgasm, and then have sexual intercourse, while the size of the penis and the duration of sexual intercourse will not matter to a woman.

There are very few women with a pure vaginal orgasm. According to the data of the leading specialist in female sexopathology A.M.Svyadoshch, only 12 of the 100 women examined, that is, 12%, had a vagina that was excitable, and the clitoris was unexcited, that is, it did not respond to stimulation. That is, only 12% of women are able to experience orgasm during prolonged sexual intercourse without stimulation of the clitoris.

Women whose clitoris is a strong erogenous zone are the majority. In some women, the orgasm has a mixed, vaginal-clitorical nature (53 women out of 100 according to A.M.Svyadoshch, that is, 53%). Such women for sexual satisfaction in the process of intercourse need simultaneous stimulation of both the vagina and the clitoris.

In 26% of women, the erogenous zone is only the clitoris, and the vagina is unexcited. Such women have a clitorical version of orgasm, and they do not even need sexual intercourse for sexual satisfaction.

And only 9% of the women examined did not have a reaction of both the clitoris and the vagina. With such a woman, it is difficult for a man; she does not receive satisfaction. But for some of them, sexual intercourse itself is pleasant, although they do not experience orgasm.

Perhaps other sex therapists have slightly different data, and the percentage of women whose clitoris is an important erogenous zone may be slightly larger or smaller, but the main trend is already clear from the data of A.M.Svyadoshch.

Moreover, one must take into account the fact that A.M.Svyadoshch is a sexopathologist, that is, patients with sexual pathology turned to him, namely the lack of sexual satisfaction is the main complaint of women who turn to sexopathologists, believing that they are frigid. And the fact that among these patients there were so few truly reactive (unexcited) women, and the remaining 91% were quite excitable, is a very encouraging and encouraging fact for many women. And at the same time – a rebuke against men, through whose fault women do not experience sexual satisfaction, since they do not receive adequate stimulation of the main erogenous zone.

From these data it is clear that with the help of banal (but rather long) sexual intercourse, only 12% of women can be satisfied.

And the vast majority of women, that is, 79% (!!!) need long enough caresses on the clitoris – in an isolated form or in combination with clitoris stimulation with penile frictions in the vagina, and this is the clitoris stimulation that this woman needs (by focus, degree of pressure, frequency, rhythm, nature of the impact). The correct effect on the erogenous zone (in this case, on the clitoris), that is, corresponding to the needs of the woman, is called adequate stimulation.

Do our men know about this? Surely many did not know about this, and even if they do, they neglect the interests of the partner and do not exercise clit caresses or act on the clitoris, but not in the way it should. Therefore, we have so many women who are dissatisfied with their sex life.

Men, imagine a situation that during sexual intercourse, your main erogenous zone (glans penis) does not receive adequate stimulation. In real life, this situation cannot be, since the penis in the woman’s vagina, even if it is very stretched by childbirth or the woman has a very long vagina, and the penis “does not reach” the cervix (and the head of the penis comes into contact with the neck the uterus has strong stimulation in the fall), – nevertheless receives sufficient stimulation. But if you theoretically imagine such an option that a woman has such a wide and so long vagina that the penis is “lost” in it – not only does not reach the neck, but also does not touch the walls of the vagina, that is, the penis does not receive the necessary stimulation during intercourse – will you like such a sexual partner? I think that I will not like it, and after several unsuccessful attempts, without getting the desired satisfaction, the man will look for another partner whose vagina will be optimal for good stimulation of the penis during intercourse. Of course, this assumption is from the field of pure theory, since the vagina of any woman nevertheless provides the necessary stimulation for the penis.

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