Oral Sex Method for Extending Male Ejaculation

Patients often ask questions related to the fear of an unpleasant odor, which, in their opinion, can cause a negative attitude of the partner. They do not neglect the shower and personal hygiene, they just fear that the vagina may have a specific smell that the partner will not like. According to doctors, the vagina of a healthy woman is self-cleaning, and there is no unpleasant smell. If there is one, then the woman has gynecological diseases that must be treated.

In the west, some women use special deodorants for irrigation of the vagina and ask doctors if they can or should be used. The sexologist M. Klein answers this question very wittily that it is possible, but only the deodorant needs to be sprayed no closer than a hundred meters from the woman.

So no deodorants for irrigation of the vagina should be used. The natural smell of a woman is very attractive to a man. Of course, the genitals should be perfectly clean.

Moreover, the smell problem for some reason confuses women more often than men. Men do not ask about this at all, therefore, this does not bother them at all.

Some sexologists recommend irrigating the genitals with perfumes or other substances to give the genitals a pleasant, slightly stimulating odor. If a man likes some slight smell of perfume, then this is not contraindicated, the only condition is that perfumes should not get on the mucous membrane of the genitals, as this can cause a burn. You can only irrigate the pubic region or the inner thighs. But it is important not to overdo it, since perfumes containing alcohol and aromatic components can get on the mucous membrane of the penis, which will cause burns or irritation. And others do not like any perfume, preferring the natural smell of a clean body.

So, the first prerequisite for orogenital contacts, as with any intimacy, should be genital hygiene. By their purity, the genitals of a man and a woman should be as clean as a face before oral caresses.

The second prerequisite for effective oral caress should be the experience of a partner who caresses the mouth of his beloved person. Even such a flexible and delicate organ as the tongue can cause not only pleasure, but also pain. The pressure of the tongue on the erogenous zone should be minimal, light and gentle. Any rudeness or haste, strong pressure or excessive suction will lead to the exact opposite effect – the partner will experience pain, not pleasure, and his excitement will quickly fade.

Especially important are oral caresses for women. A man can regularly experience an orgasm during normal sexual intercourse, since a woman’s vagina gives him all the necessary stimulation, and oral care for him is a “sexual delicacy” and variety.

And very many women without clitoral caresses during normal sexual intercourse cannot experience an orgasm, since their sexual satisfaction is directly related to the stimulation of this organ of sexual pleasure, therefore caresses on the clitoris become of paramount importance to them. And this has nothing to do with sexual coldness, this is the normal reactivity of most women.

Scientists are increasingly convinced that the clitoris is the main source of sexual pleasure for women.

“The excitation of the clitoris with the tongue,” writes M. Kinessa, “is perceived by a woman as a real celebration of the body, a sexual delicacy. Humanity, in fact, survived its second birth as soon as the man’s tongue touched the woman’s clitoris. This touch has given rise to a new era in human relations – an era of a new sexual culture, an era of true love and love awe. ”

In other manuals, oral caresses are recommended by sexologists, but their technique is not described. Therefore, recommendations from the book by M. Kinessa “Marriage under the microscope” will be given in detail here.

With oral caresses on the clitoris of a woman, M. Kinessa recommends that a man gently caress the head and lower flesh of the clitoris, which will give the partner the highest amount of sexual sensations. Together with the clitoris, she recommends that the man from time to time caress the entrance to the vagina and labia minora, because they also need affection.

“Language,” writes sexologist M. Kinessa, “is the warmest, wettest and most gentle organ of man. Not a single organ is equal to it in working capacity either. He is able to perform hundreds of various operations. In particular, they can pat, stroke, lick, squeeze, tickle, pull, suck, tease with barely perceptible touches any erogenous zones (even the clitoris, even the head of the penis). The tongue is capable of tumbling, rotating, stretching into a “pancake” along the erogenous zone, compressing, folding into a “tube” or “scoop”, bending in the erogenous zones.

That is why “Greek caresses are extremely diverse and unique. Altruistic men drew a conclusion from this: the tongue and only the tongue, and not the penis, no matter what size it is, are best satisfied with the woman’s insatiable clitoris for thirst. From this point of view, it is an ideal means of stirring up passion in the genitals of men and women, the most powerful mechanical pathogen.

In this respect, he surpasses everything. For men, the tongue is even better than the female vagina. Covered with delicate papillae, moist, always warm, extremely variable in its configuration and extremely mobile, it can cause delight in the most indifferent person to caresses, in the frigid woman herself. Gradually, it becomes clear that the female clitoris is simply necessary for the male clitoris, the caresses of the tongue create paradise for him.

Some women say that the partner doesn’t do everything as they would like – it irritates the erogenous zone too much, and the woman shivers with pain or is uncomfortable, on the contrary, the man “loses” the clitoris or the most excitable point, stimulates the wrong area. At the same time, the woman initially feels pleasant sensations, but then they weaken. A woman wants the locus of stimulation to move to a more sensitive place, and she tries with the help of the movements of the pelvis so that the man reaches exactly the most excitable site. If a man touches another zone, then the woman’s excitement does not reach the desired degree and may even decline. Either the man falls on a sensitive point, then “loses” it, and the woman waits with tension when he “finds” it again, since before that her excitement was increasing, and she already sensed the approach of an orgasm. If a man is tired, changed his position or began to provide other stimulation, then she will be disappointed and unhappy.

All this is due to the fact that the clitoris is quite mobile. When a woman is sexually aroused, his erection occurs, the clitoris becomes dense and easily moves among the soft tissues, so it is “lost”. Before the onset of orgasm, he moves up and disappears again, so a man can again “lose” him. And a woman, already anticipating an orgasm, does not receive the necessary continuation for its completion. As the women say, “it was not enough just a little bit” to orgasm, but this “little” nullifies all the previous efforts of the man.

If a man “lost” the excitable zone and the woman’s excitement subsides, she can get so angry that negative emotions have a braking effect on her excitement, and it’s impossible to excite her again with any efforts, and further stimulation can lead to pain in the clitoris, and all affection becomes unpleasant to a woman.

It is especially difficult for partners to reach mutual understanding if a woman is embarrassed to make it clear to a man where and how to stimulate the clitoris – by duration, pressure, nature of the impact on the erogenous zone (tangential, sliding or rhythmic pressure, continuous or intermittent, pulling the clitoris head up).

The woman hopes that the partner will guess it herself, but if she does not let him know exactly how to caress her, then it is very difficult for an inexperienced man to guess exactly what she wants, and he carries out stimulation based on his own ideas about her technique. And his ideas may not coincide with the real expectations of a woman. Having tried several times and remained dissatisfied, the woman will continue to reject the man’s touch on the erogenous zone.

Even experienced men who have repeatedly practiced fondling on the clitoris with other women can not immediately guess what exactly this partner needs. A man will stimulate the erogenous zone as he is used to with other women, and a new partner may have completely different requirements. If a woman is silent and does not show her displeasure, then it is difficult for him to understand that he must change the technique of erotic caresses. Therefore, false shame can harm the woman herself, depriving her of the opportunity to experience incomparable pleasure.

A man who knows the technique of oral caresses well can stop the stimulation, almost bringing the partner to a state of bliss, and then renew it again, and so many times over a long period of time, forcing the woman to soar to the peak of pleasure and tremble with excitement, then giving her a break, and when she will already be exhausted from these intense sensations and beg for completion, – bring her to an extremely acute orgasm. A prolonged orgasm – up to an hour or more, as well as multiple orgasm – from 4 to 10-20, – most often it happens with caresses on the clitoris.

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