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How do women satisfy their man with oral sex

Each woman has her own individual preferences for clitoris caresses. Some like rhythmic pressure in the same place, others light, tangent, sliding movements, but without strong pressure, others like constantly irritating different areas, since the area that was stimulated becomes unexcited after a few seconds.

It’s best for the partner to ask the woman what she likes best. If a woman herself does not yet know how to caress her, then the partner during cunnilingus should ask her which particular caresses are most pleasing to her and which ones are indifferent. Then, using the trial and error method, the partner will find the optimal method for stimulating the clitoris.

Some women like it when, simultaneously with caressing the clitoris with the tongue, a man stimulates the anal area (anus), where the nerve endings are concentrated, and this area is also an erogenous zone. And other women categorically reject this – for moral reasons or because this zone is unexcited for them.

Many men simultaneously with the stimulation of the clitoris introduce several fingers of the other hand into the woman’s vagina and begin to energetically stimulate the vaginal walls.

If a woman’s vagina is an erogenous zone, then it is pleasant for a woman and enhances arousal, and in women with a mixed vaginal-clitorical variant of orgasm, it will come quickly.

And if a woman’s vagina is not excitable, and their orgasm is of a clitoritic nature, then such combined stimulation is not only unpleasant, but also dampens the sensations obtained when caressing the clitoris with the tongue.

But even women with an excitable vagina, too vigorous stimulation of the fingers can be unpleasant, which may be due to several reasons.

Firstly, even with vaginal reactivity, it can become excitable only after sufficient stimulation of the clitoris has been provided, and if stimulation of both zones is carried out simultaneously, then irritation of the unprepared vagina will only slow down sensations from the clitoris.

Secondly, the movements of the penis along the vagina with frictions are much more gentle than with vigorous stimulation of the vagina with the fingers of a partner, and such irritation is no longer physiological and can be unpleasant for a woman.

Thirdly, if a woman is not yet sufficiently excited, and the glands have not yet secreted a sufficient amount of lubricant, and the vagina is in a collapsed (and not expanded) state, then the introduction of fingers into a dry and narrow vagina will cause severe friction and pain.

All of the above emphasizes that all erotic caresses must be carried out unusually gently, sequentially attracting irritation of other erogenous zones as the woman’s excitement increases, taking into account her psychoerotic mood and preparation of her genitals.

For women with mixed vaginal-clitoral orgasm, you can combine the caress of the clitoris with the tongue using a dildo. This is called “Joffrey’s caresses” and gives a strong orgasm, since a man during sexual intercourse cannot caress the woman’s clitoris with her tongue and at the same time commit frictions, but using a dildo is possible. M. Kinessa recommends that all married couples use these exquisite caresses in their arsenal.

“Caresses of Joffrey” is named after the hero of the series of French films “Angelica”. Those readers who have not watched this film, briefly recall its contents. It is dedicated to the strongest passion of two completely different people – the young beauty Angelica and her husband, the ugly, lame and middle-aged husband of Count Joffrey de Peirac, for whom she was married off against her will. Geoffrey turned out to be not only a brave warrior, but also a very intelligent, educated, tactful and delicate man, very skilled in erotic caresses. Not on the wedding night, when Angelica trembled with horror on the wedding bed, nor on the following, did he touch his young and innocent wife. But subsequently, Angelica begins to feel such boundless love and passion for her husband that no man can compare with him, and neglecting difficulties and suffering, she everywhere searches for her beloved husband.

She believes that a woman needs to know a lot and be able to make a man satisfied, master the art of “respite” and “snatchers”, gentle “licks”, “suckers” and “tickles”. Before the “breakers, each time it is necessary to be able to speed up the pace of tongue movements on the penis, so that the man stretches out from sweetness, and his penis swells” to impossibility “(the expression of the famous psychiatrist and sexologist R. Kraft-Ebing).

Wrong is the continuous and uniform movement of the lips, which tires the woman herself and dulls the sensations of the partner.

The correct caresses that M.Kinness cites in her book are that a woman takes the head of a male member in her mouth and kisses him gently for several tens of seconds with the participation of the tongue. Then, feeling the man’s penis swelling under the tongue and lips, makes a short pause (no more than 5 seconds) and, changing the position of the tongue and lips, again makes oral contact with the head of the penis. As soon as a partner notices a man’s excitement in his behavior and condition of the penis, the lips again release the head. Moreover, the “separation” should be complete, leaving no lips or tongue on the head of the penis. For 10-15 seconds, a woman gives the tongue, lips and mouth muscles a complete rest. Then, without taking the head of the penis into her mouth, the woman pulls out the tongue slightly and with gentle unhurried movements tickles the tip of the conical head where the mouth of the canal is located. After making sure that the man finally coped with the influx of feelings, and that he doesn’t face ejaculation in the very near future, the woman is more comfortable above the male penis, grabs the male testicles with the palm from the bottom (which is also very pleasant for the man, since the scrotum is also an erogenous zone during excitation) and the ring of the mouth falls on the head of the excited penis of a man. And so 2-3 times.

But the number of “snatchers” can be 10, and 15 – this is at the request of the woman. If she wants to deliver a unique sensation to a man when he feels an orgasm approaching, and she skillfully tightens it, and then each time in a new position puts her lips and tongue on the erogenous zone, touching the other plexuses of the head, then this is completely in her power.

A man will moan and tremble from the novelty of sensations and a very long sweet delight, which he will never achieve in ordinary sexual intercourse, will remember this for a long time and then dream of repeating.

When in the process of caresses a man can withstand them for no more than 4-5 seconds, since he is very excited, and orgasm can soon occur, then at the discretion of both partners, oral caresses go into sexual intercourse or orgasm occurs with continued oral caresses.

Never will a man exchange his sexual partner, skilled in ortho-altruistic caresses, for any other woman. Dr. Gray’s statistics on the strength of such marriages are a clear example.

M. Kinessa calls on women who passionately love a partner and want to “bewitch” him for a long time and provoke warm feelings in return – to overcome shyness and shame, if they have never tried it before, and turn to irresistible oral sex.

If the partner is a person of high sexual culture, he will understand that this is the highest altruism and the most sacred, most intimate affection in the arsenal of a loving woman.

Even if a man is a “wild provincial”, sexually illiterate and therefore “outraged” by a woman’s actions, M. Kinessa recommends such a little trick – first kiss a man’s chest, then his stomach, and then, as if by accident, touch the head of the penis with his lips, as if signifying a kiss. Moreover, the woman has an “alibi” – the touch was unconscious, perfect in a fit of love trepidation, she only accidentally kissed the wrong part of the body. And when a man melts from such altruism, he will only welcome these caresses. If a woman applies them with poetry and inspiration, then the man during caresses completely disconnects from the outside world and freezes from the bliss.

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