Sexual life of a man

Good sex is a powerful boost for emotional closeness

If you do not want to destroy your marriage or bring your relationship to the point that without the help of a sex therapist you can’t save them, then, before it’s too late and not all is lost, get rid of your preconceptions.

Many modern couples often use oral caresses, and some give them a clear preference over conventional coitus.

And it is justified. If oral care is carried out by an experienced partner, then an intense and lasting orgasm is guaranteed. And with normal sexual intercourse, there may not be an orgasm, especially in a woman.

Orgasm in both women and men can occur with oral caresses even without sexual intercourse. Both men and women with oral caresses can tremble and die, being completely at the mercy of the partner-ortho-altruist, and this gives unusually strong sensations not only to the partner who is caressed, but also to the one who caresses.

Even if a woman is able to experience an orgasm with penile friction in the vagina, do not give up oral caresses.

Orgasm with caressing the clitoris with the tongue usually occurs much faster than during intercourse. A few minutes after the start of caresses on the clitoris, the partner can experience an orgasm. The duration of fellatio before reaching an orgasm is different, it depends on the partner’s skill, but an orgasm can also occur within a few minutes.

So the advantages of oral sex compared to coitus are much greater, both in terms of gaining time, if it is limited for partners, and in the intensity of sensations. It can be used in a limited space, and as one of the options for “quick sex”.

And in some cases, oral sex becomes the only possible, for example, with gynecological diseases of a woman with coitus soreness, with operations on the vagina or cicatricial changes, with infantilism of the genitals, with contraindication to physical exertion of both a man and a woman. In addition, oral sex can also be used to prevent pregnancy.

The ancient Chinese, using the Tao of love, who set as their main goal the maximum satisfaction of a woman, and were capable of a very long sexual intercourse, loved fellatio. But they relatively rarely allowed a woman to use it, because with the caressing movements of the tongue they could no longer control themselves as with coitus, and they had an ejaculation.

There are women whose clitoris is not an erogenous zone. But there are no men indifferent to caressing the penis with lips and mouth. Many women were initially negatively inclined to fellatium, although they had never practiced it before. Sometimes this attitude is due to the appropriate upbringing from childhood, the shyness of a woman, and most often – the lack of a culture of sex and ignorance of all the nuances of his technique.

There are women who tell doctors that they would like to kiss the penis of a man, and even more so that he kisses their vulva, but they are embarrassed to tell him about this and do not know how such caresses are carried out. The method of fellatio is described here, and how you can teach your partner to this if he, for whatever reason (a narrow range of acceptability, prudish attitude, lack of information about the culture of sex, etc.) has never practiced oral sex or refuses it.

Bigoids and “sexually illiterate” women believe that only prostitutes have oral sex. This was so in the last century, which is why many men resorted to their services, and in other countries couples used oral caresses in the last century. But in the yard – the end of the twentieth century, and those couples who do not use this version of affection can be considered hopelessly backward. All modern couples use oral sex, and some of them prefer coitus.

At the same time, a man and a woman can perform fellatio and cunnilingus in the “69” position, when the partners’ heads are on opposite sides. The pose can have different options – on the side, the woman on top, the woman on the bottom, cross positions.

Even after mutual cooling of the spouses, the use of oral caresses can restore their attraction to each other and sexual harmony. It happens that even after many years when there are no intimate relations between spouses, harmonious relations can be restored.

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