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Oral sex can be used in the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle

Oral caresses are recommended for partners of any age, and, with age, their importance increases due to a decrease in physical activity and diseases, when large physical exertion is contraindicated. In these cases, oral sex is indispensable. And sexual discharge after oral sex has a beneficial effect on the general well-being of a person.

Mutual oral sex can be used if for some reason normal sexual intercourse is undesirable, for example, sexual intercourse is painful for a woman.

It is also important that there is no risk of pregnancy in the partner. Therefore, oral sex can be used in the middle of a woman’s menstrual cycle, when the risk of pregnancy is highest. And at the beginning of the menstrual cycle (in the first week) or a week before the expected monthly periods, partners can use the usual coition, but with the obligatory stimulation of the clitoris.

All gynecologists and sexologists say that the absorption of male sperm from the vagina after intercourse is good for the woman’s body. Therefore, you can completely refuse to use condoms if you live sexually according to this schedule – a week after the end of menstruation a woman uses coitus with ejaculation in the woman’s vagina, then two weeks – oral caress, and then another week – coitus again. The dates are approximate, since they depend on the length of the woman’s menstrual cycle — some have a shorter cycle — 21 days, and some more than 30. Depending on the length of the cycle, these periods must be varied.

Ovulation in a woman usually occurs in the middle of the cycle – on 13-14 days. Although the egg does not live long, but if sexual intercourse occurred 2-3 days after ovulation, then fertilization is possible (and, consequently, pregnancy). If coition occurred a few days before ovulation, then live sperm can remain in the woman’s uterus, and fertilization can also occur.

Therefore, the most dangerous for an unwanted pregnancy is one week in the middle of the cycle – 3-4 days before ovulation and 3-4 days after it. However, the timing of ovulation in different women is very variable, so gynecologists recommend, just in case, to protect themselves for a longer time range – a week before the middle of the cycle and a week after.

Many couples quite successfully practice just such a way of protecting from an unwanted pregnancy – according to the calendar. However, in order to have more opportunities, women more accurately determine the duration of ovulation. Determining this is very simple, in any antenatal clinic a gynecologist will explain to you how to do this. To do this, a woman daily measures the rectal temperature (in the rectum) and records it – this is not at all difficult. And the gynecologist draws a curve of the temperature change or the so-called “pupil symptom” determines the day of ovulation by the temperature rise. Then the spouses have more opportunities for safe coitus during the entire menstrual cycle of a woman – a week before ovulation and a week after it.

So oral sex, in addition to sexual satisfaction, allows you to avoid unwanted pregnancy and live a sexual life for almost the entire cycle, with the exception of the days when menstruation comes. And do not use a condom, which reduces sensations, or other contraceptives.

Foreign sexologists consider oral sex the same equal way of sexual satisfaction, as sexual intercourse. And in some cases, it becomes the only possible.

In previous years, the attitude to intimate life was different. This official attitude is reflected in the words of one of the modern public figures: “There is no sex in our country.” Obviously, from this perspective, sexual relations should have been considered only as a means of procreation, and any deviations from the “norm” were regarded as “debauchery”.

Therefore, no doctor would dare to recommend oral caresses in a monograph. In addition, the monographs of our famous scientists are devoted to sexopathology, not sexology, and are addressed to doctors. People with sexual dysfunctions, of course, need to be treated by sexopathologists, and not try to correct their violations in books.

Over the years, the views of both sexologists and society on sexual relations and the range of acceptability have changed significantly, and even sexologists’ recommendations on oral sex are printed in newspapers and weeklies.

However, there is still a lack of information. People who still don’t know much about normal sexual relations need popular publications, which simply and clearly set out the basic information that will help them in their family and sex life.

Modern young couples, even without reading the manuals, themselves master the technique of oral caresses. Even mature couples practice them. Older people may not approve of this. But the guidelines for normalizing sexual relations are not written for them, but for young people who are just starting their sex lives and must learn how to build it correctly.

But even in our time, some public figures of advanced age claim that they have children and grandchildren and have never used erotizing means.

However, sexual harmony and procreation are far from the same thing. Of course, without coitus, there is no conception, however, a couple needs conception only a few times in their life, and they always need an intimate life, even if the couple have lived together for decades.

If the couple has a narrow range of acceptability and excludes the possibility of using oral caresses, then no one forces them to do so. Sexologists in their advice are not imperative, they recommend, but do not require.

To accept or not accept these recommendations is the right of every person. It depends on his individual character traits, upbringing, ideas about morality. If he excludes the possibility of oral caress for himself – this is his personal business. But blaming other people is already unacceptable. He has the right to refuse oral caresses, others have the right to practice them.

If something helps people achieve sexual harmony or restore it and their marriage, then this is certainly good. If a married couple can, using caresses, normalize their sex life or diversify it, then there is nothing unnatural or immoral in this. It is not for nothing that modern sexologists emphasize that everything that happens in the conjugal bedroom and helps to restore family harmony is all moral.

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