Sexual life of a man

Mismatch in the sizes of the genitals of partners

Sexologists and gynecologists, who often have to treat the consequences of obvious discrepancies in the anatomical parameters of the genitals, warn women to avoid partners with penis sizes that are significantly larger than the length of the woman’s vagina if he is “sexually illiterate”, does not know how to choose a suitable pose, doesn’t knows how to caress and is not going to learn this, that is, a man with a genital type of behavior, a sexual egoist, besides having an excessively long penis that hurts a woman during mja intercourse, so sex life with a partner can lead to various diseases of female genitalia.

And what about men who are so “unlucky in life” that they deliver only pain to their partner and not pleasure during sexual intercourse?

It would be optimal to find a partner with such a vagina, which in its parameters would correspond to the length of the erect penis of a man.

However, in real life this is hardly possible. Not a single normal man will seek a life partner not by emotional inclination, but by the length of the vagina. So this recommendation has purely theoretical significance.

But if, nevertheless, the man is “lucky,” and he finds a woman who does not feel satisfaction from sexual intercourse with other men with a short penis due to the long length of the vagina, and with an optimal ratio of parameters with a partner with a long penis, she will feel pleasant during coitus, then he will be adequately rewarded, and the woman will be infinitely grateful to him for the experienced pleasure.

But do not get me wrong, I recommend that you look for a partner only by anatomical parameters. Not at all.

In the life of a normal person, sexual intimacy is always preceded by a stage of falling in love, a special emotional and psychological state when a person is liked as a person, with all its charms and shortcomings. In love and love in every normal person are accompanied by sexual attraction to the object of love. And this is quite natural. Sexual relations are a natural expression of love, its highest stage, when two lovers become one, one organism, feeling every cell of the body of their lover, giving him pleasure and receiving it from a loved one.

A man in love will not be fixed on the anatomical parameters of his partner, in love the main thing is not the physiology of sexual relations, but the emotional and psychological aspect of the relationship.

Perhaps even if men and women knew everything about the parameters of the sexual organs of the partner, then nothing would have changed, since when a person is passionately in love, he will not take this information into account.

Therefore, to choose a partner not by love, but by the coincidence of the size of the penis and vagina, not a single normal person will.

Therefore, you should not fix this, and if it so happened that you love your partner, but because of the mismatch of the parameters, the coitus gives you pain rather than pleasure, then you should try to correct it. And it is quite possible.

For this, there are certain postures of sexual intercourse and special nozzles that do not allow the penis to fully penetrate the woman’s vagina if the anatomical parameters vary greatly.

The chapter on sexual intercourse poses says which poses are optimal for cases where the length of the penis is significantly longer than the woman’s vagina, and for cases when the man has a short penis, as well as recommendations for correcting other features in the structure of the sexual organs of partners.

If you have difficulties in sexual life due to a clear discrepancy in the anatomical parameters of the genitals, and your own efforts did not lead to the desired result, then contact the sexologist together, he will examine you and select the most optimal position for you to correct your mismatch.

Correctly selected posture is important, and their ignorance or neglect of them out of false bashfulness or belief that it is “depraved” – can cause family quarrels and even divorces. Sometimes it’s enough to put a pillow under the pelvis or to change the pose, as the sensations immediately change.

All poses are good if you use them alternately. They refresh the senses and provide a variety of sexual emotions.

The famous Polish sexologist Imelinsky believes that it is possible to get satisfaction from intercourse occurring in the best position, in which the penetration of the penis into the vagina is deep enough for the head of the penis to contact the cervix, and prescribes the choice of position of exceptional importance.

However, most sexologists believe that the deepest satisfaction is achieved precisely as a result of ortho-altruism – prolonged caresses on the clitoris and oral stimulation of the glans penis, in which the size of the penis and vagina do not matter.

If you do not want to be limited to oral caresses and you want to alternate them with the usual coitus, then select several optimal poses and constantly alternate them.

But even after choosing the optimal posture, do not give up ortho-altruism and do not deprive yourself of the highest pleasure.

The opinion of some couples that they do not get sexual harmony due to the fact that the man has too short a penis is a deep misconception.

Actually, this is not the problem – the problem is that the partner is not skilled in foreplay, does not pay due attention to foreplay, does not know about the importance of erogenous zones, and does not know the technique of clitoris and other caresses.

If you do not coincide with the partner in anatomical parameters, and no matter how you experiment with poses, you cannot achieve the desired effect, then do not despair. There is no tragedy. Sexual satisfaction can be achieved in other ways. In the world of intimate life, there are special caresses that allow you to overcome any imbalances in the size of the genitals and give a great orgasm.

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