Sexual life of a man

Choosing a Sexual Pose

The poses described here should be regarded only as a basis, a hint, a starting point for eliminating any difficulties in the sexual life of partners.

And then the partners themselves should constantly experiment, discover new positions and choose some of the most optimal positions and alternate them. Spouses with imagination can invent dozens of positions based on those suggested below.

If you have selected several suitable postures in which your sensations are most pleasant, and if you both achieve satisfaction in these positions, then practice them as the main ones, and the rest can be used only for a change to revitalize sensuality. And if one of the partners is good in one position, and the other in the other, then those that are optimal for both should be taken as the basis, and from time to time use the more favorable for each of the partners.

A frequent change of pose is also important because lovemaking will not lose its charm due to repetitions of the same pose, and this allows you to diversify your sex life.

6 main positions are recommended:

  • 1. The man on top.
  • 2. The man from below.
  • 3. Side position.
  • 4. The man behind.
  • 5. Sitting and standing facing the partner.
  • 6. Cross positions.

Those poses in which partners are located facing each other are called human. But this does not mean that other poses are unacceptable. It is simply a historical name that does not carry any negative meaning.

The traditional pose is a woman lying below, a man lying on top. Sexologists also call her the norm-pose or the pose of Queen Victoria. She was recommended precisely by her as the only acceptable “human” pose, so she got her name.

In this position, sexual tension is directed to the front wall of the vagina and the back arch. The position is inconvenient for many women in whom the clitoris is the main erogenous zone, because the penis does not touch it, and the partner cannot stimulate with his hand. In this position, the man feels like a leader.

All options for normal posture are suitable for prolonged sexual intercourse. In addition to the frictions of a man, a woman can also take part in sexual intercourse – not only with body movements, but also with the help of squeezing and relaxing the muscles of the vagina, orgasmic cuff, muscles of the thighs and abdomen – this speeds up the woman’s orgasm.

This position is not recommended for men with a short penis, in addition, it does not save a woman from an excessively long penis.

Options for traditional posture: to enhance mutual enjoyment, a woman can bring her legs together or cross them. This makes it possible to compress the member of the partner and the clitoris with the thigh muscles.

The second version of this posture is that a woman can put a pillow under her lower back.

The third option – a woman puts a pillow under her lower back, raises her legs and presses her feet to her partner’s lower back, and puts her hands on his back or hips. At the same time, she can actively participate in sexual intercourse with the help of arms, legs, and body movements, determining the desired rate of frictions to achieve orgasm. Such a pose is necessary if the strongest erogenous zone is located deep in the vagina and in the cervix, as well as with a certain inclination of the genital tube.

The fourth option – the position for coordinating the rhythm of movements – differs from the traditional one in that the woman places her bent legs on the partner’s lower back, and the pillow under the sacrum (and not under the lower back, as in the previous two versions). Due to this, the penis will irritate the front wall of the vagina, which is very sensitive. The cervix receives enough stimulation. Since the clitoris is slightly irritated in this position, special attention is paid to it in the prelude.

Leadership in a man, he completely manages the act.

This position is good if a man has a very short penis.

Good for women with a wide pubic bone and with a “sharp edge”.

The position helps a woman to become pregnant.

Its disadvantage is that a woman can do little to help a man, because she can not use the muscles of the hips and perineum.

The position of “a woman above.” There are many options for it. A woman from above can be in the “sitting” and “lying” positions.

In all cases, the woman has leadership, she directs the rhythm of frictions, acts by the muscles of the vagina, orgasmic cuff, and hips.

The first option is the pose of “little Faith” (named after the movie of the same name). The man is lying, the woman is sitting on him facing the partner, covering the man’s body with his legs, lifting or slightly swaying back and forth.

The second option – a woman is squatting over her partner, rising and falling.

In both cases, a woman should use the muscles of the vagina and orgasmic cuff, lifting herself and squeezing it, as if trying not to let the penis out of itself.

These poses, as well as the pose of the “horsewoman,” have psychological significance – they are good for women seeking to dominate her husband. Leadership during intercourse allows them to behave more compliantly in ordinary life. A woman can speed up intercourse or slow it down if she wants.

This pose is one of the most optimal for prolonging sexual intercourse. In order to prolong the sexual intercourse in these poses and delay the ejaculation of the man until the partner is satisfied, when the orgasm approaches, the man must tell her about it or give a signal. The partner frees herself from the man’s penis, sits on her hips and presses her penis with her fingers until a slight pain in him, after which the partner’s orgasm will move. The reception can be repeated several times until the partner enjoys.

These are the most important poses used in sex therapy to eliminate the husband’s sexual impotence and prolong sexual intercourse if the man has accelerated ejaculation.

With these poses, it is possible to introduce a weakly erect penis of a man into the vagina, then to cause an erection during the movements of the woman.

It is also positive that the partner has the opportunity to admire the naked body of the partner, her breasts, see her face, on which her erotic experiences are reflected. When she rises, he can see her genitals and the interaction of the genitals, and all this excites him even more.

The pose is indispensable for men who slowly reach arousal, with a delayed orgasm. During the time that the partner needs to reach the peak of pleasure, the partner has time to get satisfaction, or the orgasm comes earlier if she speeds up her body movements and muscle contractions of the orgasmic cuff.

You can put a mirror behind the head of a partner, and then the woman also sees the contact of the genitals during coitus.

In addition, in these poses, the partner or the partner herself is able to stimulate the clitoris with her hand, finger or vibrator.

These poses are indispensable for men who are contraindicated in physical activity. They are suitable for those couples where the husband suffers from cardiovascular diseases, since he does not need physical exertion, and also if the husband is much older than his wife and is not so active anymore.

Families who practice these positions do not have frigid women, since a cold woman will not use these poses, where she has to make all the efforts herself, she will prefer the traditional one, where the leader is the husband and her role is passive.

These positions are difficult if the entrance to the woman’s vagina is low, that is, closer to the anus (anus), and also if the woman is overweight or inexperienced.

If it is difficult for a woman to carry out frictions herself or she does not yet have experience, then a man can help her by meeting her movement halfway, or he can click on it or lift it, putting its hands on her hips or waist, depending on her height.

Women with an ugly figure do not like these positions – too thin with undeveloped breasts, or vice versa, very full with a deformed figure and too large breasts. Such women can recommend the position of “a woman from above lying down.”

In the position of “a woman from above”, you can go from the traditional and alternate them during sexual intercourse, if the partners want it.

The third option – the pose of the “horsewoman” – a woman sits on top, with his back to the man’s face.

The pluses are almost the same as in the previous versions, except that the partner does not see the woman’s chest and face, but sees her back and buttocks. In addition, he cannot stimulate the clitoris, but his partner can stimulate him, while caressing her husband’s genitals. When using a vibrator, simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and penis is possible.

So that the partner can see the whole naked body of a woman, a mirror can be put in his legs.

The fourth option is “a woman lying on top”.

Here the partner’s movements are more limited, and many of the positive qualities of the previous version are lost. It is described in more detail in the chapter on the Tao of love.

This position is recommended for women seeking leadership if for some reason they don’t have the opportunity to practice the “woman sitting upstairs” pose, for example, overweight figure, physical disabilities, lack of experience, ugly breasts, young age and, accordingly, reduced activity, and others.

It can be used as an intermediate if the woman is tired. In the “lying” position, a woman can smoothly move from the “woman sitting on top” pose without breaking the contact of the genitals with a partner in order to avoid the risk of losing an erection by a man – at first the woman lays down on the man and can make movements in this position, and then slowly he straightens his legs and then can make a coitus in two versions – tightly covering the partner’s hips with his feet or vice versa, moving his legs and placing them between the man’s legs.

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