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Poses to help partners achieve sexual satisfaction

The first option is a cross pose – a woman lies on her back, legs are bent at the knees and spread apart. The partner is kneeling between her legs, on the bed.

The second option – a woman lies with her legs up on a low sofa so that her pelvis is on the edge of it, the man on his knees opposite. When to apply this pose, it is said further.

The advantages of this posture – here, sexual tension is directed to the clitoris, which a man can stimulate during the act with his hand or vibrator. Sexual tension in the vagina can be regulated by a pillow placed under the lower back or under the sacrum, depending on which wall of the vagina – front or back – it is desirable to direct stimulation during frictions.

The therapeutic option – a woman lies on her back, one leg is raised and lies on the shoulder of a partner, he is on his knees. Recommended for inflammation of one ovary in a woman. In this case, the woman raises the other leg, for example, if she has pain on the left, then she raises the right leg, while the tension goes to the right, so there will be less pain in the left side. The same recommendations for clitoral stimulation.

Depending on the topographic anatomy of the genitals of women, M. Kinessa gives the following recommendations for the best postures for sexual intercourse:

The sexual gap is high – intercourse in the traditional way, that is, the man above, the woman below, is not effective enough. Other methods are recommended – intercourse on the side or a woman at the top. The knee-elbow method is completely ineffective.

The sexual gap is low – sexual in the traditional way of little use, since a man even with a long member penetrates the vagina only half. In this case, the woman most often blames the man that he has a small penis, although he is fine with another woman, for example, having a “pillow”.

The following methods are recommended: knee-elbow, in which the penis freely enters the vagina. It should be remembered that the knee-elbow pose alone will not give the woman a sense of orgasm, if the partner does not stimulate the clitoris.

The pose is “officer” – a woman lies on her back, and raises her legs up and puts the man on his shoulders. It is called so because the woman’s legs lie on the man’s shoulders, like shoulder straps. In this position, the same recommendations for clitoris stimulation.

Its variety: a woman lies across the bed or on a low sofa, tilting the pelvis down with a pillow placed under the pelvis, her legs are taken up, the man is on his knees beside the bed, the movements of both partners towards each other. Plus clitoral stimulation.

Another way – a woman sits on the penis of a lying man and leaning slightly, rests on the bed with outstretched arms, during intercourse springs up and pushes the vagina onto the man’s penis.

Another way – a woman lies down with her stomach, slightly extending her pelvis, a man lies down from above. A woman should also be active, making movements towards a man.

With the central position of the genital gap – any methods are suitable. You can vary the usual poses:

A woman sits on her partner’s knees facing him. A man sits on the edge of a chair or bed, while the vagina is, as it were, put on a member – tightly, to the labia majora. The slightest movement gently tickles the cervix and lead the woman into ecstasy. This is the only way for the closest contact of the genitals of a man and a woman, and the contact of the head of the penis with the cervix brings the highest pleasure to both man and woman.

Guy de Maupassant called this method of intercourse “a sweet leap together.”

Women should learn to direct the penis to the cervix, otherwise it will rest against the vaginal vault, bringing nothing but pain.

Sexopathologists consider this method of intercourse to be one of the most physiologically correct and rich in sensations.

These positions can be used by people with a wide range of acceptability, not constrained by prejudices and complexes, not shy of the beautiful nakedness of their body. They can give a lot to strengthen the bonds of marriage, not allowing intimate relationships to turn into “fulfillment of conjugal duty”, giving scope to the imagination and avoiding many obstacles in sexual relations.

G. Selye writes: “The shy suppression of natural desires, which you still cannot get rid of, especially if these desires do not harm anyone, causes a feeling of guilt and psychological stress.”

People brought up on Puritan or hypocritical principles, with a small range of acceptability of sexual games, using only the traditional, norm-pose out of modesty, suppressing natural desires, themselves create the basis for stress and internal discord. Most importantly, men should know that the traditional norm-pose, which is most often monotonously practiced by many married couples for many years, is one of the most unfavorable for a woman, and, in addition, is not suitable for many men.

In the initial stages of marital relations, when the wife has not yet lost her shyness (some women cannot get rid of her even after many years of marriage), a man should not immediately demand that she be completely naked, allowing her to remain in a nightgown or pajama jacket. Over time, she will get used to it and become more relaxed, since when changing positions she will not be able to completely hide her body, and this will not confuse her so much.

Saving part of the clothes on the partner can even be attractive for the partner, as it is well known that complete nudity is asexual. There should always be something on a woman that a man would like to film. The part of the clothes covering the body of the beloved worries the man even more, exciting his imagination.

Men should be aware that women are more conservative with regard to postures if they feel good in a certain position. Frequent and abrupt changes in the position of sexual intercourse can cause a partner to have a negative attitude, as it destroys the stereotype. Men are always more thirsty for novelty than women who believe that “they are not looking for good from good.”

Sexologist J. Zalitis recommends moving to a new position very carefully and carefully, almost like on the wedding night. This is important in cases where the partner likes some kind of constant position, and the man wants novelty. It happens that at first you don’t like the new position, and then the partners understand its advantage over the previous ones.

Although the satiety in marriage is not only due to the uniformity of the posture, many factors are involved in this, but erotic motives are already inherent in the very change in the position of sexual intercourse, which can bring freshness to intimate life, cause a desire to improve relations between partners, and In general, a positive effect on marriage. If the spouses are spiritually very close, then changing the pose will provide an opportunity for new experiences and the opportunity to find a partner from an unexpected perspective, and family everyday life does not mean such a relationship in everyday life.

In addition, a change of position is necessary for a long married life, when with age, in the second half of life, the husband’s sexual activity decreases more and more, and the wife reaches the peak of her sexuality. In these cases, the positions “woman from above” and others, where the woman is most active, are simply irreplaceable.

The choice of posture should take into account the interests of both partners. If one likes her, but doesn’t like the other for some reason, then you need to look for another that would suit both.

In an uncomfortable position, a man will not be able to carry out prolonged sexual intercourse, cannot use various types of frictions, which will not only prolong coition, but give the greatest feeling to both partners.

It is a misconception that a man and a woman will automatically be in the best position if they have no experience.

Even men and women who have had considerable sexual experience in the past, having been together for the first time, will not be able to immediately choose the optimal pose. If a man knows the parameters of his erect penis, then he cannot know the genital parameters of his new sexual partner. And a lot depends on this, not only for the woman, but also for the partner.

It will take them a lot of time to get used to each other’s bodies. But even finding the optimal position, they will be able to discover all the best and best poses if they constantly experiment.

Therefore, those men and women who often change partners are most often bad lovers who, by the amount of love affairs, replace the quality of sexual life. For one or more love dates, not even any experienced lover can try all the positions of sexual intercourse. The long list of love “victories” of such “smoothies” is by no means a dignity, but evidence that they are incapable of the high technique of sex, do not satisfy their partner (or partner), and themselves remain unsatisfied. A person who is satisfied with sexual relations with a partner (or partner) will not look for new love adventures.

Of course, a mechanical change of position, if there is no love and spiritual closeness between the spouses, if the woman is constantly unsatisfied, will do nothing. No technical nuances can attract a woman if her partner is unpleasant to her, if she is disgusted with sex, if there is no sincerity, friendliness, tenderness and warmth between spouses. Spouses who know each other well instinctively feel the slightest changes in their relationships, and are able to restore family harmony with their attention and tenderness.

Therefore, do not overestimate the importance of the positions of sexual intercourse. There are spouses who feel great in one pose, since it is in her that the fullness of their sensations is maximum.

The main thing in intimate life is sexual harmony. And in what position both spouses reach orgasm, if he is a constant companion of each sexual intercourse, it does not matter.

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