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Harmonious sex – Happy life

Harmonious sex is a sex life that satisfies both partners. In sexual intercourse, there must be not only physical satisfaction, but also an aesthetic feeling of love. And then the sexual intercourse will become more refined. But this does not mean that sexual intercourse will be devoid of voluptuousness, just the opposite, it will allow partners with intimacy to experience not only physical but also spiritual orgasm – the highest degree of human pleasure.

A person who acquires the ability to relate to an intimate life in this way will become a carrier of a high culture of sex. His sexual energy will be wasted not only for physical satisfaction alone, but will create a poetic attitude towards sexual love, where its aesthetic and psychological aspect will dominate.

Sexologist J. Zalitis writes that “a woman’s body should not be an object of pleasure for a man, but rather, on the contrary, a man’s duty is to give pleasure to a woman. A good husband enjoys even more the realization that he pleased his wife. ” “In sexual relations, there are laws of good form. An experienced partner will never show his impatience. He considers sexual intercourse an urgent need, and only in exceptional cases will he very tactfully and subtly remind his wife of this. A cultured woman has the right to expect complete control over her passion from a man and will reject the rude prelude on his part. Even in the bedroom, a woman may require politeness from her husband. ”

Let’s look at how you can achieve sexual harmony with a woman who has various erogenous zones, as well as wake up your partner’s sensuality, if you haven’t succeeded before, and regularly satisfy her, even without high sexual abilities.

If the erogenous zone of a woman is only the clitoris, then for her the duration of sexual intercourse does not matter. It can be arbitrarily short, a woman can even do without sexual intercourse if the man is not a sexual egoist and will regularly give her the opportunity to experience an orgasm when caressing the clitoris. Such a woman can be satisfied even by a man with a weak erection, with a complete lack of erection and with premature ejaculation. If a woman is not a sexual egoist, then she will enable her partner to experience an orgasm with the help of fellatio (caressing the penis by mouth and tongue).

Clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse is needed for women with a mixed, vaginal-clitoral version of the orgasm. Such a woman can be satisfied by a man with good sexual abilities, who knows the technique of clitoral caresses (manual and oral), and even a partner with weak potency and quickly ejaculates if he uses the clitoris caresses with his tongue or finger with univocal stimulation of the vagina using a dildo (artificial genital member). Having experienced an orgasm, a woman will calmly react to the fact that after the introduction of the penis, the partner ejaculates quickly, and if he has a weak erection, she will not refuse to perform fellatio.

A prolonged sexual intercourse is needed to satisfy women whose vagina is the main erogenous zone and the clitoris is unexcited. The caress of the clitoris may be pleasant to her, but they will not give an orgasm. Such women want a man to have strong potency.

A partner with a normal erection can learn how to prolong sexual intercourse (the technique is described in the chapter “How to Learn to Prolong Sexual Intercourse”), and if it doesn’t work out right away, you can also use a dildo first to stimulate a woman’s vagina well, and when it’s already close to orgasm, go to sexual intercourse, and orgasm in partners can occur almost simultaneously. But if it turns out that a man ejaculates before the wife experiences an orgasm, then there is nothing to worry about. He can bring her to orgasm with the help of a dildo.

In a woman, different areas of the vagina can be excitable. In most women, the entrance to the vagina and its external third are very sensitive. They respond to pressure and tangential rhythmic movements that the partner’s penis performs during phaginal frictions during intercourse. In addition, they can be stimulated with a finger, tongue or dildo.

In some (about a quarter of women), the posterior wall of the vagina and the posterior arch are excitable. To satisfy them, they need a certain posture of sexual intercourse, when the penis stimulates this particular area. To do this, put a pillow or roller under the woman’s lower back, the woman raises her legs and presses her feet to the partner’s lower back, and puts her hands on his back or hips. At the same time, she can actively participate in sexual intercourse with the help of arms, legs, and body movements, determining the desired rate of frictions to achieve orgasm.

In most women, the anterior vaginal wall is more sensitive than the posterior. To stimulate the sensitive anterior wall, one can also recommend such a pose – a woman lying on her back puts bent legs on her partner’s lower back, and a roller under the sacrum. Due to this, the penis will irritate the front wall of the vagina.

If the woman’s clitoris and the back wall are not excitable, and the highly excitable erogenous zone is zone S, which is located on the front wall of the outer quarter of the vagina, then in order for her to experience orgasm, she must exert a deep rhythmic pressure with her finger or dildo on this zone, pressing the walls the vagina to the inner surface of the pubic bone. In this case, the woman experiences a strong, rapidly increasing sexual arousal, which ends with a strong orgasm.

For the first time, when a man still does not know how to stimulate this zone correctly, an orgasm can occur in a woman in 5-10 minutes, and then when the partner does everything right, an orgasm will come in 1-3 minutes. Some women with erogenous zone S may experience up to 10 orgasms with such stimulation.

During normal sexual intercourse, the partner’s member does not fall into this zone, even if the husband has a good organ size and sexual intercourse causes only a weak erotic reaction.

If a man has a weak potency, and he ejaculates quickly, then such stimulation with a finger or dildo needs to be provided before sexual intercourse, and after an orgasm of a woman, a man can begin normal sexual intercourse.

Some women, after a partner has repeatedly practiced this stimulation of zone S, may later have an orgasm during intercourse in a certain position – a woman lying on her back must bend her legs in the hip joints so that her hips lie on her husband’s shoulders and the pelvis is high got up. In this case, the penis stimulates zone S well, and the woman will enjoy.

But this option is suitable only for men with a strong erection, if the partner can have a sufficiently long sexual intercourse, so that during this time the woman has time to experience an orgasm. If a man has a weak erection or ejaculates too quickly, it is best to bring the partner to an orgasm before intercourse using any of the previously listed methods, depending on her erogenous zones (for example, manual or oral stimulation of the clitoris in combination with stimulation of zone S with the finger of the other hand) or dildo) and then proceed to vaginal frictions or ask a woman to stimulate the penis with her hand or mouth until a good erection, or end up with fellatio.

Only with a long experience of sexual life, the focus of a woman’s erogenous zones can shift from the clitoris to such as the walls of the vagina and cervix.

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