Preferences of a woman are associated with her erogenous zones

During intercourse, a woman may not like the rhythm of frictions (too slow, or vice versa, too fast) and their intensity, which also negatively affects her arousal. The imperfection of the technique of sexual intercourse can also lead to the fact that the erogenous zones of a woman are not stimulated sufficiently, while she does not experience sufficient excitement, the orgasm does not occur, and she remains unsatisfied.

In these cases, a woman should also tell her partner about the rhythm of frictions she would like, what kind of caresses should be followed by sexual intercourse in order to achieve orgasm. A feeling of embarrassment, excessive modesty or “lack of complexes”, fear of misunderstanding of a partner in case of such a request can prevent the onset of orgasm in a woman.

In these cases, a satisfied partner will no longer be offended by a man, even if he finishes intercourse too quickly. And after his orgasm, a man can enable a woman to relive an orgasm once again, again caressing the clitoris if he could not carry out a long coitus, and the partner did not experience a second orgasm during him.

If a woman experiences more orgasms than a man, she regards him as a very good sexual partner, even if he has a weak erection or ejaculates a few minutes after the penis is inserted into the vagina.

Ask any sexually literate and experienced woman: whom she prefers as lovers – a young handsome man with a large penis, who in foreplay will confine himself to kissing her lips and wrinkling her breasts, and then immediately proceed to coitus and stand up, full of self-satisfaction sexual abilities, considering herself an irresistible “smoothie”, and a woman will think to herself: “Is that all he can do ?!” – or a middle-aged and ugly, but skillful lover, even with a very moderate potency and little sexual ene, which her caresses would give her the opportunity to experience multiple orgasms? You probably already realized that she will answer.

Most modern young women are completely indifferent to the way in which they achieve pleasure – through sexual intercourse or during cunnilingus, the main thing is that the woman herself is satisfied, and if repeatedly – even better.

This alternation – at first cunnilingus before reaching the partner’s orgasm, and then coitus and once again oral-genital caresses to orgasm – is recommended not only for men who have problems with potency, but also for those with sexual function, but they want to give their beloved the highest pleasure and the opportunity to experience it repeatedly.

But some older women are still conservative in their views on sexual relations and do not allow the partner “nothing more.” They consider intimate relationships to be full and “normal” only with the introduction of the penis into the vagina and frictions, and cunnilungus and fellatio are considered a “perversion”. And completely in vain. They deprive both themselves and their partners of the opportunity to achieve the greatest pleasure.

Achieving orgasm by both partners at the same time is a rather rare occurrence. It is only in love affairs that they write that lovers merged in ecstasy and at the same time experienced unearthly bliss.

And in real life this is rare, and only in cases where a partner is very experienced, who feels great about his partner and, with the help of oral care or prolonged coition (or alternating them), slowly brings a woman to a state where an orgasm is about to come, while restraining himself, and when he feels that the woman is having an orgasm, the partner also “releases the brakes”, and since he is already quite excited, the orgasm of both coincides. If you have just such a partner, then consider that you are lucky in life.

After several years of marriage, the spouses learn to adapt to each other with caresses, and then an orgasm can occur at the same time. This is a very strong sensation, much more intense than an isolated orgasm of one partner. But in women with a clitoric version of orgasm, this is possible only if the above caresses are present. And without them, no matter how long intercourse lasts, nothing will come of it.

However, sexologists do not recommend striving for the simultaneous achievement of orgasm. Sometimes this turns into an end in itself, the partners restrain themselves by controlling their feelings and carefully observing the partner’s feelings, this distracts them, and excitement can decline.

If you get a simultaneous orgasm without much effort, then this is wonderful. Even if once the partners experience pleasure together, this psychologically brings them very close together – then they become one whole, one organism. But if not, you should not strive for this and make it an end in itself.

If partners experience pleasure in turn, then it brings together no less, since the one who is caressed is in the full power of the caresser, and the one who caresses, feels his power over the partner, knowing that it depends only on him whether the partner will experience bliss or not. And after a few minutes they change roles.

In vain, many men, in order to increase potency and delay ejaculation, thereby lengthening sexual intercourse, drink before sexual intercourse. 1-2 glasses of champagne “for mood” before sexual intimacy will not bring harm. But if it’s more, then it’s no good.

Even without such a long sexual intercourse, you can achieve that the partner in your arms moaned with pleasure. This can be achieved using caresses on the clitoris. But you will spend much less effort than with prolonged sexual intercourse, and give your partner a lot more sensations.

But if a woman has a vaginal variant of orgasm, then she is able to achieve it with a refined or prolonged sexual intercourse, as well as with the use of a partner’s sexual intercourse technique according to the principles of the ancient Chinese philosophy of love Tao, which are described in the corresponding chapter.

Women relate to sexual intercourse differently than men. Although a woman can also be very aroused, her sexual desire is never expressed so rudely and blatantly as in some men. Many women regard sexual intimacy as the culmination of interpersonal relationships with a partner, the highest degree of trust, physical, and most importantly, spiritual merger with him.

If a woman is not satisfied, or if immediately after sexual intercourse the man completely loses interest in her, does not pay attention to her, and even more so if he turns away and falls asleep, then the woman feels offended. She believes that the man only satisfied his physical need, she also regards intimacy as the apogee of love.

The vast majority of women do not regard sexual intimacy as a means of achieving only physical satisfaction.

A woman, even if she experienced an orgasm, needs final caresses, words of love and gratitude, tenderness and attention, and only after that she feels completely satisfied that not only the unity of the bodies, but also the souls occurred.

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