Sex drive

Sex drive is a very important component of human activity, but this is not a need without which a person will die and which cannot be corrected. It depends on the activity of the central nervous system, so a normal man is able to control himself and find compromises without prejudice to the interests of his wife and without forcing her to obey to satisfy his sexual needs.

The husband should take into account that his sexual partner is not an accidental woman with whom he can enjoy sex to the fullest, and tomorrow she will forget it. This is his wife, with whom he is going to live in peace and harmony for the rest of his days, this is the mother of his children, and besides, this is a person whose rights must be taken into account.

The loss of emotional contact with his wife due to quarrels, on the grounds that she does not always meet his sexual activity, is no less evil than the fact that a man will not be able to realize sexual attraction every time he wants to. Quarrels and quarrels will inevitably affect sexual life, therefore, he will not get his way anyway.

The concept of the so-called “conjugal duty” has long lost its meaning. This concept has remained since ancient times. Since then, much has changed, and a woman has long been regarded as an equal partner in sexual relations, and a man must observe her interests.

Therefore, it is desirable that both partners find a balanced solution between their desires and needs.

It is possible that the wife does not want intimacy as often as her husband wants, because she is not satisfied with their sex life.

The husband has the right to insist on intimacy only if he satisfies her during every sexual intercourse. If this is not the case, then he does not have any moral or other rights to demand the execution of the wife’s “conjugal duty”, since he does not fulfill his conjugal duties.

The duty of the husband, if he believes that the wife should meet his desires, is that he should give her sexual satisfaction at every sexual intercourse. Only in this case he has the moral right not to demand, but to expect a response from his wife.

If the husband believes that his “conjugal duties” consist in having regular sexual intercourse with his wife, then he is deeply mistaken.

If the wife is constantly unsatisfied, then, therefore, in intimacy, he pursues only his own interests – the desire to achieve sexual discharge himself, but he either neglects the interests of his wife or is unable to satisfy her.

In the first case, he is a sexual egoist, and the egoist has no right to demand from another person to satisfy his own needs.

In the second case, it may be a question of his insufficient potency if the sexual intercourse lasts for such a short time that the wife does not have time to achieve sexual discharge, or that he does not know anything about “sexual literacy” – about the technique of normal sexual intercourse, about poses , erogenous zones and erotic caresses.

If a husband believes that two or three minutes of sexual intercourse is enough to satisfy his wife, then he is sexually illiterate and does not know anything about real sex.

In this case, before demanding from the wife that she meets his wishes, it would not hurt a man to master at least the basics of sex, and only after he uses the entire arsenal of sexual caresses and learns to satisfy his wife, he can hope that she will reciprocate.

If the husband has good potency and uses erotic caresses, but the wife remains unsatisfied, then it does not hurt to ask her what kind of caresses she would like. Perhaps his idea of ​​her erogenous zones is at variance with the wife’s true erogenous zones. If she knows about this, then she will tell him if her husband will be able to question her tactfully, without hitting her bashfulness.

Perhaps the woman herself does not know her main erogenous zones. In this case, the husband must show patience and tenderness and, together with his wife, find the most sensitive erogenous zones, whose caresses give the woman the highest pleasure.

Only using all means to satisfy the wife and taking into account her interests can count on her favor.

If, thanks to the efforts of the husband, the wife enjoys sexual intercourse, but she has a weak sexual constitution, and she needs a much lower frequency of sexual intercourse, then here she should take into account his interests, since the husband did everything possible for her to be satisfied with each sexual intercourse.

In this case, the husband must delicately explain to his wife that it is in her interests to maintain a normal rhythm of sexual activity, since the preservation of his husband depends on the regularity of sexual intercourse.

But if a wife becomes a sexual egoist and declares that she needs one or two sexual intercourse a week or even less, and how her husband will achieve sexual discharge is not her concern, then she should know that the concept of “sexual partner doesn’t mean me satisfies ”refers not only to men, but also to women. As women may not be satisfied with a sexual partner, so a man may not be satisfied with a less temperamental partner.

As practice shows, a temperamental man, if his wife regularly says “no” to him, will not endure such a state of affairs for a long time or masturbate. He will insist if he still has a sexual attraction for his wife, but if she refuses, they will quarrel, the relationship will deteriorate, in which case the husband believes that he has every right to change his wife with a more temperamental partner who will fully respond to him requests.

Surely the spouse does not want her husband to believe that she does not satisfy him as a sexual partner, and will understand that she must also take into account his interests if she does not want her husband to have a lover and does not want to lose her husband if he seriously carried away by a more temperamental sexual partner.

Sex is the interaction of two people, and not the desire of only one of them to achieve sexual satisfaction. If one of the partners forgets about this, then such a pair will never succeed in sexual harmony.

If a wife has a weaker sexual constitution than her husband, then her love for him will enable her to reciprocate his call, since the physical merging of two bodies is the apogee of love. Even if she does not experience sexual satisfaction every time, then the caresses of a loved one themselves are also perceived as an expression of his love and a confirmation of his wife’s sexual attractiveness for her husband.

If the husband has a weaker sexual constitution, but he loves his wife, then to confirm his love, he will be able to use other methods of sexual satisfaction of his wife (oral, manual, using vibrators, dildos), and their sexual relations will be quite harmonious.

How often do young people take sex for love! They get married, and then it turns out that there is no heat and spiritual closeness between them. And without it, sex becomes unattractive. The marriage breaks up, and the spouses themselves do not understand why they united their fates, and what exactly was the reason for their divorce.

And without love, even if the partners coincide in their sexual constitution, marriage will be unstable.

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