Sexual life of a man

Stimulation of the main erogenous zones is the basis of any sex therapy

Happy are those people who at least once in their lives have experienced this great feeling – love. And even more so when feelings do not fade away for years.

But sexual harmony in marriage plays an important role. Sexual attraction and harmonious relationships are of great importance for maintaining love, do not let it fade.

It happens that marriage is based only on sexual harmony. For example, spouses are so different, “ice and fire”, they quarrel, then reconcile, then part, then reconcile, and cannot part, since all other partners do not like them.

But more often than not, it is not just a matter of sexual attraction. The sexual harmony of the spouses creates a certain emotional atmosphere, gives a touch of intimacy to their relationships, and the warm emotional climate of interpersonal relationships allows them to easily come to terms with each other’s shortcomings, to concede both in the little things and in the main, and they get along well in everyday life.

If both partners are healthy both mentally and physically, then age or age difference in sex life is not a hindrance. There are many cases when spouses live sexually before old age. And it is worth pondering what kept them so married for so long. You do not have to be “seven spans in the forehead” to guess that the reason for this is their sexual harmony.

The most important thing a partner should strive for is complete harmony in both feelings and sexual desire. If there is no feeling, then the sexual attraction to a woman will soon disappear. And to complete harmony after sexual intercourse, a man must necessarily show tenderness, attention and gratitude towards a woman if he wants her to respond to his desire with joy next time.

For harmonious sexual relations, a man should not impose a physical closeness on her partner against her desire. It is unlikely that such a “voluntary rape” can please him. Such forced sexual intercourse for the sake of physical relaxation alone is akin to masturbation.

The anatomical parameters of the genitals of partners are very relative to achieve sexual harmony. Even women and men with excellent anatomical data can steal from each other in the absence of the necessary technique of sexual intercourse and its prelude.

Sexologists believe that if partners can caress, then the difference in the structure of the genitals will not make any difference. The famous Casanova said that not being able to caress a woman is worse than not being able to read or write.

The basis for a normal sexual relationship of a married couple is love. This will give spouses the opportunity to build a normal family. If spouses love each other, they will always be able to come to a compromise regarding their sex life. As you know, love in marriage undergoes certain changes. But even if there is no ardent passion between spouses, but there are warm emotional relationships, intimacy and affection, then this is also love. There are spouses with 25 years of experience who have grandchildren, and they love each other.

There are men who scornfully scream about love, they say, a woman needs only a bed and a “strong member”, and love is in melodramas and novels. Such men can only sympathize. Perhaps they are emotionally flawed and unable to love. And as you know, each person receives the attitude that he deserves. If a man is not able to love, then no woman will love him. And in some cases, a man’s cynical statements about love are associated with his personal drama, for example, with the betrayal of a partner or his beloved woman once rejected him, and the man with such words disguises his emotional wound. It seems to him that he had forgotten everything for a long time and was disappointed in women, but in fact he had not forgotten anything, just, as psychoanalysts say, ousted this long-standing psychological trauma into the subconscious.

If a man is bothered, then he can be helped. In psychoanalysis, what is deeply hidden there, that which a person already does not realize and believes that he has forgotten, is extracted from the subconscious. After sessions of psychoanalysis, this psychological trauma from the unconscious becomes conscious, and then it is already easier to deal with it. The reason for many neuroses, including sexual ones, lies in the fact that there is something in the subconscious that affects the psyche and emotionality of a man. As they say, the British, each person has his own “skeleton in the closet.” When the unconscious is realized by a person, he himself understands what caused his bad mood or other mental disorders.

Modern psychiatry is a great science. You just do not yet know what opportunities psychiatry has. Not without reason in the West, many people have a personal psychiatrist or psychoanalyst. But not because they have some kind of mental illness, but because the psychiatrist helps a person to cope with their problems. Stress and neurosis is the scourge of the twentieth century, and only a psychiatrist can help here.

Stimulation of the main erogenous zones is the basis of any sex therapy, if the couple is not satisfied with their intimate relationships. But in order not to bring his spouse to the search for satisfaction with another partner, the husband and wife themselves must use all the methods available in the arsenal of modern sexology.

If you do not want to hate each other and destroy your marriage or to bring your relationship to the point that without the help of a sexologist you can’t save them anymore, then before it’s too late and not all is lost, take into account all the recommendations of sexologists that are given in this the book.

Get rid of your hypocritical prejudices and conservative attitude to a variety of sexual techniques.

A lot in an intimate life depends on the behavior of a man. However, in general, men are much sexier than women, and therefore more susceptible to novelty in intimate relationships, if this gives them a stronger feeling.

The book intentionally provides the opinion of leading sexologists so that you do not have the impression that these are only the recommendations of the author. The opinion of all sexologists regarding the need for long erotic caresses of the most important erogenous zones of a woman is unambiguous: without special caresses, partners cannot achieve sexual harmony. At least for a woman with an average temperament, which is characteristic of most people living in a cold climate. Southerners with a frenzied temperament live easier. A northerner man is much more difficult to satisfy without erotic caresses.

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