Sexual life of a man

Men don’t advertise their treatment for impotence

A man is able to gradually awaken sensuality in a woman if he is patient, gentle and affectionate, even if the woman is very shy. Gradually expand the range of your caresses and move on to the most effective. Show sexual altruism. And when you learn to deliver pleasure to another friend, then you will not have to contact a sexologist either. And you can be calm for your marriage and the loyalty of your wife.

Understand that you are not the first couple to follow this path. Even after 10-20 years of married life without sexual satisfaction, many couples finally “see” and look at their relationship in a completely new way.

If you have been married for more than one year, then it means that something holds you together, that means there is a psychological contact between you and attachment to each other. And this will create the basis for reinforcing interpersonal relationships with sexual ones.

You may not be able to immediately achieve sexual harmony, but with mutual desire – this is just a matter of time, patience, tenderness and affection.

If both partners enjoy each other, then most often they have no problems. They also feel fine during the day, and an expressive look or a light touch can both “electric shock” them, make them tremble with a flashed desire, and then how it goes.

Spontaneous sex in the place where desire overtook you – also has its charms and spurs sensuality. And if you decide to “torment yourself” a little and put off the pleasure until the evening, then your patience will be worthily rewarded.

As you can see, all the tips given here are pretty simple. These recommendations are a summary of the recommendations that sexologists usually give. These tips may well be enough for you to enjoy sex and restore harmony if you have problems.

If you want to achieve sexual harmony, then do not forget that “naked sex”, no matter how high technology you have, is not everything.

Family harmony is a complex phenomenon that consists of many constituent elements. Of great importance is not only the purely physiological aspect of the relationship of the spouses, but also the psychological. You will learn about this in the following chapters.

If you have serious sexual problems that you cannot solve on your own, then you need to contact a specialist. After a thorough examination of the mental state, physiological and anatomical features of both partners, the doctor will give you practical recommendations on how to find sexual harmony.

Many marriages, seemingly hopeless, were saved and preserved thanks to the advice of a qualified specialist.

Sexopathologists complaining of sexual disharmony are most often addressed by couples who want to save their marriage.

Couples who are not connected by marital ties are rarely consulted with sex therapists. And that is understandable. Why have a lover or mistress if he (she) does not satisfy you? It’s easier to find another (different) than to be treated together by a sex therapist about sexual disharmony. Of course, there are exceptions, but rarely.

Those people who have their own sexual problems (impotence, frigidity, lack of sexual desire, etc.) most often turn on their own, without a sexual partner. Then, if necessary, the sexologist also invites a partner.

But most often, the patients themselves do not want to go to the doctor with a partner (partner) – men do not advertise their treatment for impotence, but women also hide visits to a sex therapist or psychiatrist about frigidity and lack of sexual desire, being afraid to offend a partner or cause a negative attitude towards to myself.

However, treatment of only one partner does not always bring the desired result, since it often happens that sexual dysfunctions are caused by the wrong behavior of the second partner, and he himself does not know about it.

Therefore, the best effect is achieved when a person overcomes false shame and incorrect beliefs that sexual dysfunctions are his personal problem, and invites his partner to the sex therapist.

The doctor, as an authoritative specialist, will explain to both partners what their tactics were wrong in, and will give all the necessary recommendations. Sometimes the advice of a qualified professional is enough to normalize the sex life of a married couple. If treatment is required, then this too should not be hidden from the second partner, since his incorrect behavior can negate all the efforts of the doctor.

Some sexologists recommend couples use vibrators, artificial penises and other new sex products. This can revive the sexual games of partners, give them variety and new sensations. Although everyone knows that there is nothing more gentle and skillful than the human language, but during coitus the partner cannot do this kind of caress, so the use of vibrators is quite justified and effective. This refers only to couples who have no problems in their sex life, and they are able to achieve satisfaction with intimacy.

However, this does not mean that mechanical and electrical means for stimulation and sexual satisfaction can completely replace normal sexual relations.

If a man and a woman can have an orgasm during sexual intercourse, then the use of new sex industry products by one of the partners alone with the detriment of normal sexual relations is undesirable. This may give him physical satisfaction, but it will not give him spiritual satisfaction, and can negatively affect interpersonal relationships and lead to the desire to avoid intimacy with a partner.

The use of vibrators is a variant of masturbation in its civilized performance, but masturbation is a surrogate version of sexual satisfaction, and has never been equated with sexual intercourse. Sexologists recommend it for sexual discharge to single people who do not have a partner or during forced interruptions in sexual activity, but never recommend replacing intimate proximity by mechanical means.

When partners have harmonious sexual and interpersonal relationships, not one of them will use vibrators and other means of self-satisfaction alone. If this happens, then the second partner needs to think about it – most likely, this is evidence of dissatisfaction with the sexual life – or the frequency of sexual contacts is not enough for the partner, or he does not get satisfaction during intimacy.

And for those people who have serious problems with sex, any means are suitable if they help normalize sex life or relieve sexual stress. Using the achievements of the sex industry helps many single people who have lost hope of having a permanent sexual partner, people with physical disabilities, because of which they can’t arrange their personal lives.

All spouses should know that sexual harmony is the best prevention of infidelity and divorce. In married couples with harmonious sexual relations there are much fewer psychological problems, since all this is interconnected – as there is no harmonious sex without spiritual harmony, and vice versa.

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