Sexual life of a man

The main thing in sex is affection

Remember the most important commandment: the main thing in sex is affection. For a man who has a good command of sophisticated erotic caresses – the size of the penis and many other factors that you still considered important – are not critical. With the help of caresses, you can overcome any imbalance in the size of the sexual organs of partners.

Almost any woman can be satisfied with erotic caresses, with the exception of truly frigid women, who are actually so few among the total number of women that it’s not worth even talking about it. And all the other women do not experience orgasm during sexual intercourse, as they have a bad sexual partner who failed to wake their sensuality.

A primitive short sexual intercourse in the same “traditional” pose, without an erotic foreplay, with a woman who does not experience any pleasant feelings, is akin to masturbation. Of course, the female vagina is more pleasant for the penis than its own hand. But real sex is not only the mechanical irritation of the penis about the woman’s vagina, but also the highest erotic and aesthetic pleasure.

If a man is well prepared partner for sexual intercourse, will caress all her erogenous zones, then he will be adequately rewarded. Sexual intercourse with an unsatisfied woman and with a woman who has survived an orgasm are, as they say, “two big differences”.

In an excited woman, the muscles of the vagina tightly cover the penis, and the partner’s sensations during frictions are much more intense. Before the onset of orgasm, the uterus on the ligaments relaxed from pleasure descends into the vagina, and the man feels the cervix well, which also gives him strong sensations. Before orgasm, the muscles of the anterior third of the vagina contract, forming an orgasmic cuff, which even more tightly covers the penis, which gives the man an indescribable feeling. And the sight of an orgasmic woman who groans with pleasure and her whole body shudders in sweet convulsions will not leave indifferent any man. As soon as a woman starts an orgasm, an experienced partner will immediately feel it – all the muscles of a woman participating in sexual intercourse begin to contract, and this is such a strong stimulation for the penis that the man will also scream in complete ecstasy in unison with his partner, and they can experience orgasm almost at the same time, as in a woman it begins more slowly and lasts longer, and the man “has time” for it.

Those men who neglect the woman’s erotic caresses, do not bring her to strong excitement – they lose a lot. Even once having experienced a woman’s friendly (that is, simultaneous) orgasm (or in turn, which is equivalent to sexual harmony), a man will never want sexual intimacy with a woman, without giving her satisfaction. For the time spent on a good foreplay before sexual intercourse, and for all his efforts he will be rewarded a hundredfold.

The longer the spouses have harmonious sexual relations, the longer the man will retain his potency. Good sex is the prevention of all sexual dysfunctions, the prevention of adultery, and the guarantee of health – both physical and sexual, and mental.

And if a man only wants to “quickly” get a sexual discharge, then it’s easier to engage in self-satisfaction and not bother his wife, at least he won’t have to ask or demand intimacy, and then listen to his wife’s reproaches.

Even if you have been married for many years, not everything is lost. Thousands of cases where couples for decades have been dissatisfied with their sexual relations, and then decided to contact a sex therapist and everything worked out fine, and attachment to each other broke out with renewed vigor.

But many couples do not want to contact a sex therapist – the husband regularly experiences an orgasm, and the woman silently resigns to her dissatisfaction, and most often seeks her “on the side”. If this situation is more or less satisfied with both, then they do not turn to a sexopathologist. They are either shy, or do not want to advertise and “officially” recognize sexual disharmony, or believe that there is something “artificial” in the intervention of the doctor, and this is an admission of the painfulness of their disorders. Some wives are simply afraid to go to a sex therapist, and suddenly it will be established that she is frigid, and then the husband will cool off for her, and so he does not guess about anything, and she does not want any changes.

You are in a better position, you do not need to persuade your wife to go to a sex therapist, you can try to change your sex life for the better, and this will be your personal merit.

Know that even if you have potency problems, this is not a tragedy either. Then you will read that you can overcome many violations and give pleasure to your partner. But for this you need to really want the situation to change for the better.

And for those men who are not going to change anything in their sex life, although the wife is constantly unhappy, you should know that it is these men who ultimately end up with a sex therapist with various sexual disorders.

In a partner pair, men and women are all interconnected. If a man does not give a woman sexually, but only requires his own satisfaction, then this will sooner or later affect him too. The worse the sexual relationship with the wife, the faster the sexual desire of a man decreases. And if there is no attraction, then there is not everything else. Therefore, a good erection at the moment does not mean that it will always be so. When a man has reduced sexual desire, then this affects his entire sexual function. Over time, the wife will find herself another partner who will be more attentive to her and will not leave her unsatisfied. A “sexually illiterate” husband, a sexual egoist will remain the third superfluous, since nobody needs such partners.

Our women are becoming more literate in the science of love and choosy in choosing a partner. Unlike men, they read a lot and know that normal sex should be completely different, and not the same as in many families – two or three kisses to sexual intimacy, 2 minutes in a traditional norm-pose on the back, and after a few minutes – a snoring husband who received the coveted sexual release,

In general, we can say that a man with a small penis, but an altruist who knows all the ways to maximize the satisfaction of a woman, is able to give her much more pleasure than a man who has an excellent sexual organ, but is limited to primitive sexual intercourse.

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