Masturbation just before sexual intercourse

Masturbation in our days, the mundane and the normal. It is not in this book to describe this phenomenon, to which the attitude has changed to the opposite over the past century. What is important here is that Masturbation can become an independent means of prolonging coitus, being a surrogate of the previously described (a reference point for repeated coitus).

Studies of the practice of premature ejaculation have shown that some men quickly ejaculate only during sexual intercourse with a beloved woman, but can masturate for hours on their own at a time when the partner is not around. This interesting situation is probably because a man alone does not have to think about how he looks in the eyes of his beloved. He does not need to show “phallic power” to show himself to the partner from the best side.

The ability of a man who is prone to premature ejaculation to use repeated intercourse in order to prolong sexual intercourse is used by many of them in sexual relations. Only instead of the first sexual intercourse with a partner, hoping for his persistent erection, these men masturbate just before coitus. Minutes for five to ten before intercourse, they eyakulyat, making delay premature ejaculation with a partner.

Depending on the duration of the refractor period, which takes every man his time interval, Masturbation can lead to the first discharge, followed by a longer one. Someone will get the first orgasm for five to ten minutes before the alleged sexual intercourse with a partner, someone will need a significantly longer time. But excesses with a reference to repeated coitus can begin with Masturbation.

Masturbation in search of the right end

In addition to the above proposed method of using Masturbation, this solitary behavior carries the function of obtaining useful experience and skills in the deposition of orgasm. The fact that a man in his youth sought to get an orgasm when masturbating as quickly as possible – Rhea, often led him to premature ejaculation. But he can, masturbating, learn to control their ejaculation as long as possible. And this skill is transformed into self-control during sexual intercourse with a partner.

This technique is recommended by many sexologists for training purposes. Man, Mastura – Birula, learns to find the point of tension, as in the method of braking. Only, in contrast to the described method of inhibition, at the time of approaching ejaculation, he simply reduces his manipulations to the same 10-30 seconds. Waiting for the extinction of excessive excitement, he repeats the manipulation of the penis. To postpone ejaculation can be long enough. The main thing is to learn to determine the approach of the moment (“the stage of inevitable ejaculation”, “the moment of non-return”), when a man is not able to control ejaculation.

Some sexologists offer for two months to men masturbating in combination with erotic representations. But the approach of orgasm, do not stop to recover, and produce compression of the glans penis. This manipulation should be repeated until ejaculation occurs no earlier than 10-12 minutes. Thanks to this training, a man is able to learn how to continue stimulation of the penis up to 10 -12 minutes without ejaculation and compression of the head, and as a result achieve ejaculation deposition at the same time.

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