Joint masturbation in sexual games as control of ejaculation

Experiences about quick ejaculation themselves lead partners to the idea of ​​a sexual act, as one of the many ways of sexual interaction. Most couples, especially family ones, discovered for themselves the simple truth that achieving an orgasm during the copulative cycle is not the only and necessary condition for receiving pleasure. After all, you can use other ways to achieve orgasm.

The desire to get an orgasm only in the process of frictional movements is always a surrogate (from the Latin. Surrogarus – delivered instead of another) alternative. If the partners understand each other and know about the presence of such a male disorder as premature ejaculation, they can go a different way, seeking mutual satisfaction, for example, through masturbation.

A. Masturbation

It performs many functions, some of which have already been mentioned just above. An important function is self-satisfaction with the aim of harmonizing relations in a pair of coitus. This process is performed by rubbing, stroking, pinching, vibrostimulation of the penis or erogenous zones. Masturbation is an independent form of expression of sexuality, acting as one of the components of ordinary sex life, which includes sexual activity with partners.

It is known that many sex partners never talk about masturbation with each other, but a man’s tendency to early ejaculation can push partners to lift such a ban. Having overcome this communicative barrier, it is possible to achieve an improvement in the quality of sexual intercourse through joint (mutual) masturbation or contemplation of masturbation performed by the partner.

It is interesting to note that when W. Masters and W. Johnson conducted their own studies of sexuality, during laboratory tests they found that a woman with an average masturbation reaches orgasm for 3 minutes. Sexual reactivity of the same women during normal intercourse is lower than during masturbation. This is consistent with the conclusions of Z. Shnabl that during masturbation a woman performs stimulation according to her feelings, and during intercourse she usually has to adapt to her partner.

Joint or independent masturbation in sexual games can achieve a spectacular discharge of both partners and not worry a man over control of ejaculation.

B. Stimulation of the clitoris

It is known that erotic arousal often depends on the place of stimulation more than on the duration of intravaginal frictions. You can spend hours making mechanical movements of the same frequency and amplitude, and the climax of your partner will only move away. At the same time, a man with PE may be “embarrassed” through several gestures.

Meanwhile, the frictions of many women themselves do not play the role of a trigger in the onset of orgasm. In addition to the vaginal, there is a clitoral orgasm, therefore, indirect stimulation of the clitoris and rhythmic stretching of the labia minora during coital movements are often ineffective. In this case, it is better to carry out more vigorous stimulation of the clitoris, thereby reducing the duration of sexual intercourse. And you can use anything for this purpose: cunnilingus, hands, fingers, dildo …

For example, a man may excite a woman’s clitoris with his fingers before the moment of orgasm, then insert the penis into the vagina and begin rhythmic frictional movements before her orgasm, soon followed by an orgasm with him.

This is how the process of stimulation of the clitoris is described in Eastern methodological manuals “… a man drops his hand between her legs, if she has not yet parted them in anticipation, and, moving her fingers up, introduces them to the labia.” However, while he does not enter them into the vagina. His fingers must search for the clitoris, and, importantly, with the pad of his index finger, he must touch the top of this little tight organ. Be careful that your fingernail does not come into contact with this sensitive female tissue, because the subsequent pain can frighten and push away a woman. In some women, the clitoris is closed with a shell so that the entire organ is under a thin layer of tissue and only its head is available for direct contact. Clitoris gives certain erotic advantages at the peak of sexual activity.

Playing with a clitoris is a delicate, but rewarding activity. A man must be convinced that he touches him with the greatest accuracy, he must rotate him between his thumb and forefinger, stroking him up and down and gently excite his tip. He should treat him as he would like a woman to handle his penis, and be sure that the clitoris is sufficiently blurred … Some women like the clitoris to be dry, but most prefer to have it when it is caressed enough lubricated. ” As the man begins to irritate the clitoris, causing his erection, the woman experiences a certain physical and mental satisfaction, which anticipates the subsequent extraordinary pleasure. ”

Robert Street in the book “Technique of modern sex” (a guide to sexual harmony) describes the modern ways of exciting the clitoris:
1) when the finger quickly, easily and continuously moves in contact with the tip of the clitoris. This method causes an orgasm in women in a short time;
2) when the finger easily continuously excites the entire clitoris, is introduced into the entrance of the vagina, and then moves back, that is, its movement resembles the movement of a member. These movements are slow, deep, cause the strongest excitement of the partner and are particularly well applicable with the step excitation technique;
3) when the finger does not touch the tip of the clitoris, but moves backwards progressively at the base, partially bending around it along a trajectory resembling the Latin letter U. The movement starts slightly below the clitoris, then upwards along its side, the finger goes around the base and moves down the other side of the clitoris . In combination with the second method, this method can create a variety of shades of arousal women.

Robert Street notes: “If not enough attention was paid to the technique of a preliminary love game, and the woman is in a mood conducive to the act, then there is always enough fluid concentrating on the clitoris and in his area. A weakly excited woman will not feel a rise in the level of arousal for 1-2 minutes.

This does not mean that it is not excited at all. Sometimes it is necessary to apply the excitation technique for 5 minutes, and if the woman has not experienced an orgasm at all, she should be excited for 25–45 minutes, until she has the sensation of an approaching orgasm.

It becomes obvious that for such a long time to achieve the necessary degree of arousal only with the help of a member is almost impossible.

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