Petting and necking for holding ejaculation

The well-known caress, which in recent years has been called the translated English words petting, necking, is mastered by young people in the process of courtship during the sexual phase of psychosexual development. During sexual contact, it is possible to fully apply this knowledge and skills to solve the problem of extending coitus.

Kisses are a natural form of erotic stimulation, an art to which treatises of ancient and modern connoisseurs of Aars Amandi are devoted. In the “Kama Sutra” described many varieties of this method of enjoyment (only 19 main types), where couples are rapidly immersed in a passionate, with the participation of the language kiss. Lips and tongue are endowed with nerve endings, irritation of which gives an incomparable effect. And this effect should be used as a prelude, and with the alternative achievement of orgasm.

Kiss on the forehead, curls, cheeks, breasts, nipples, lips, the inside of the mouth, in the junction of the thighs, armpits, lower abdomen. Among the many types of kisses, the ancient Indians call such ones: “moderate”, “trembling”, “rubbing”, “equal”, “inclined”, “turned”, “pressing”, “equal”, “compressing”, “cautious” , “Gentle”, “inciting attraction”, “distracting”, “awakening”, “portable”, “calling”. Each of them has its own meaning, for example: “When, inclined by the action of force, the partner touches the mouth of the man’s mouth, but does not move, it is a“ moderate ”kiss. When, a little free from shame, she wants to keep his lower lip that has penetrated into her mouth, her lower lip trembles, and she does not dare to do more – this is “trembling.” When, slightly covering his lower lip with his lips, closing his eyes and shielding his eyes with a hand, she rubs his lip with the tip of her tongue – this is “rubbing

Kissing, as a pleasant pastime and an alternative way to achieve an orgasm, can postpone the climax of a man’s discharge, while at the same time helping the sensual expression of his love. From overuse with kisses, partners can receive incredible stimulation, which accelerates sexual intercourse. But if you want or need partners can stop, “slow down”, as in previous methods of extending sexual intercourse. Well timed pauses for deep breathing are one of the highest secrets of extended sexual intercourse.

A man preoccupied with the problem of accelerated ejaculation, caressing the body of a woman, it is better to bend somewhat away from her so that his penis does not touch her partner, and continue to caress her partner in the same way as followers of the oriental art of love describe:

“After kisses on the lips, the man should very carefully and gradually move his kisses to her neck, the hollows between the breasts, their upper full part, as well as from the bottom, from the side. At times he holds his lips over nipples, warming them with his breath, and kisses other parts of the breast, but without touching his nipples with his lips. If these kisses are done lightly, gently, with love, then soon the nipples will start to rise and harden in anticipation of more, and the woman will begin to move so that they touch the man’s lips. The latter should not kiss these filled, hungry peaks until both partners are no longer able to hold back. Then the man must again warm them with his breath and then gently lick them with his tongue. When he licks both nipples and thereby prepares them for his lips, only then can he firmly and gently set his lips around each of them in turn, briefly sucking. ”

Stroking, caressing, touching – that part of the alternative satisfaction, which causes erotic desire and sexual arousal and sometimes provides relaxation without frictional movements. If they play a stimulating role in the sexual game, then how and where the strokes are directed can ejaculate the man. Moreover, a man may not think about his orgasm at the moment, stimulating his partner’s erogenous zones.

With their touch they can soothe each other, giving a small pause to erotic stimulation and enabling both bodies to get used to this level of sexual pressure.

You can stroke the forehead, ears, eyes, cheeks, lips and throat with gentle, sideways tangential movements of the hand, the last touch touching the head and neck before starting again. Plus, every touch of the hand can be followed by a gentle and long kiss of the touched place.

In accordance with various erotic teachings, the sensitive zones of women change their place in response to caress. Many of them today prefer one zone, and tomorrow another. Stroking and subsequent kisses enable a man to find out which part of his partner is the most sensitive, and he, naturally, will stimulate these particular places. It is possible that the excitation of the erogenous zones of a woman with such touches will give a much greater effect than the mechanical frictional movements of a man tortured by fear because of his approaching ejaculation.

During caressing the hands of a man, the most work is done on preliminary work, and with their help you can achieve an orgasm from a woman. At the expense of a delicate, affectionate touch, a man may become more desirable for a woman than one who is capable of long frictional movements. True, caressing the body of a woman in the area of ​​her chest, thighs and genitals, even covered with a cloth or clothes, the man is excited himself, but the orgasm does not occur in most cases. The only exception can be adolescence, when young people are ready for a certain kind of petting and are ready for a similar end of sexual intercourse. Or a man who has been deprived of a female society for a long time, if, moreover, a woman performs actions that encourage an approach of orgasm. Those who are ill will be discussed in the second chapter.

Caressing and stroking the external genital organs of a woman increases the degree of her arousal, reducing the time before a man ejaculates. This reaction is not only physical, but also emotional, because the woman understands that her partner caresses the innermost place, and is extremely excited when you touch the most intimate cleansing of her body. Plus, there is a significant stimulation of the most active erogenous zones, which leads to an early climax.

When stroking a man is able to control himself and weaken his feelings, but the feelings of the partner at the same time should only increase. In order to help a man to push away his usually rapidly advancing orgasm, a woman should not touch the special erogenous zones of the man: lower abdomen, inner thighs, etc.

It is better if she caresses his face, head or upper body, but not the penis, no matter how much the man wants it. Of course, this is only if the couple seeks to prolong sexual contact as long as possible. Gentle accidental contact with the erogenous penis can lead to orgasm, and then all efforts aimed at controlling ejaculation will be in vain.

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