Sexually illiterate partner and sexual egoist

Surely a man who “wants” and “can” and does not have problems with potency thinks that a bad sexual partner is one with a short penis, weak erection, or he is not capable of prolonged sexual intercourse. That’s wrong. Even a man with a weak potency and small sizes of “male dignity” can be an excellent sexual partner if he is well versed in the technique of sex. Here we are not talking about the sexual problems of the man himself, we will talk about them later, we consider the merits of a sexual partner as part of a partner couple – can he have sexual harmony with a woman.

The concept of “bad sexual partner” consists of many components. Even one of them is enough to prevent a man from being considered a good sexual partner, and if all these qualities are present, then this is no good partner.

Firstly, a bad sexual partner is a man who does not only know about the culture of sex and sophisticated erotic caresses, but is not even knowledgeable about the basics of “sexual literacy” and does not know the sexual technique, that is, a “sexually illiterate” partner. And secondly, this is a man with certain mental disabilities, which will be discussed later.

There are men who do not even have a clue that a woman should have an orgasm during intercourse. Or they heard about it, but believe that it happens only in very few, very temperamental women, and he got a “defective”, “cold” partner. Or a man believes that it is his wife who does not have to have pleasure during sexual intercourse, and if she does not have an orgasm, then this is her personal problems, which means that she has something wrong with her sexuality.

It may seem “wild” to a modern young man, but in fact, there are such “dense” men who do not know anything about normal sex. Even in Poland, considered a country of high sexual culture and one of the first places, there are such “sexually illiterate” men. For example, to the question of the questionnaire: “Do you know that a woman should have pleasant feelings during sexual intercourse?”, Only 15% of men answered that they knew this. And to the question: “Do you know that like a man, a woman should have an orgasm during intercourse?” – 47% of men said that they were hearing about it for the first time.

As you can see, there are many such “dense” men even in a country with a high culture of sex. These deplorable results were called by the domestic sexologist N.V. Ivanov “generational confession.”

And in our country, of course, there are many such men. Since our country is a country of low sexual culture, there are apparently more “sexually illiterate” men in our country than in Poland and other civilized countries. Ignorance of the basics of sexual technique is one of the reasons for a woman’s sexual dissatisfaction.

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