The duration of sexual intercourse varies among men

The duration of sexual intercourse varies between men. For example, D. Royben believes that normal sexual intercourse should last 6-10 minutes, and H. Ellis – one hour and a quarter. For people who know the technique of Tao of love – and two hours is not the limit. When examining our compatriots, G.S. Vasilchenko and employees found that frictions during intercourse lasted on average for 2 minutes 20 seconds.

As you can see, the norm range is very variable. Even the same man can have fluctuations – from a few seconds (as a result of sexual abstinence) to 15 – 30 minutes.

There is an opinion that good sexual abilities are expressed in the ability to perform a long sexual intercourse. Let’s see if this is so important in order to be considered a good sexual partner.

To begin with, for the man himself, the duration of sexual intercourse does not matter. With equal success, a man can experience an orgasm in a minute after the beginning of sexual intercourse, and in 10 minutes, and in an hour. And in all cases, his sensations may be the same.

The intensity of orgasm in men can vary, but this does not depend on the duration of sexual intercourse, but on other reasons, and in particular, on sexual interaction with a woman. What exactly affects the intensity of a man’s orgasm is described a little later.

If prolonged intercourse helps to increase the excitement of a woman, during which there is a contraction of the muscles of the vagina, orgasmic cuff, then all of them indirectly affect the intensity of the partner’s orgasm.

But if prolonged sexual intercourse does not lead to arousal of a woman, then this does not give the man anything, and he does not care how long the intercourse will last – 2-3 minutes or half an hour – and in either case, his orgasm will not differ significantly in its intensity.

Most men consider the ability to have long sexual intercourse a great advantage and an indicator of its high sexual ability. At the same time, they believe that a woman needs prolonged intercourse to satisfy her, since a man will have an orgasm for any duration of sexual intercourse. Therefore, the man does not care if the partner is satisfied, and he hopes that with the help of a long sexual intercourse he will satisfy her, that is, she experiences an orgasm.

And this is one of the most common misconceptions of many men. In fact, not all women need long-term sexual intercourse, but mainly those whose vagina is the only erogenous zone. Earlier it was said that such women are 12%. There may be a little more or less than the indicated figure, but this does not change the essence – it is clear that there are very few such women among their total number. That is, only these women prefer prolonged sexual intercourse.

And for all other women, the clitoris takes an important part in the onset of orgasm. About a quarter of all women experience orgasm only when stimulating the clitoris, and they do not need sexual intercourse to experience orgasm. At least they don’t need it physiologically, since their vagina is reactive (unexcited), and its stimulation (that is, the movement of the penis in the vagina) does not take part in the experience of orgasm.

But many women need sexual intercourse more likely psychologically, if a woman adheres to traditional views on sexual life – if it’s “so supposed” that a man and a woman join their genitals and have sexual intercourse, then so be it.

In psychological terms, this is entirely justified, since sexual intercourse is perceived as a fusion of two bodies and, in particular, the genitals. However, the duration of this merger is not essential for the experience of a woman with a clitorical version of orgasm.

In other women, the clitoris and the walls of the vagina (either front or back) are erogenous zones. These women may require sufficient stimulation of both erogenous zones to achieve orgasm. But these women can achieve orgasm with isolated clitoris stimulation. With simultaneous stimulation of both zones, they may have a more intense orgasm, but nevertheless, they can also do without prolonged sexual intercourse if the partner aroused them well in the foreplay.

Moreover, in about a quarter of women, the erogenous zone is a certain section of the anterior vaginal wall (zone S), which is not stimulated at all during normal sexual intercourse, since the penis does not touch it. This zone is stimulated only in a certain position, which most couples simply do not know and are unlikely to practice.

And what is the result? A man believes that a woman needs a long sexual intercourse and “tries” precisely for the woman’s sake, and many women don’t need such a long sexual intercourse! It may be pleasant to a woman, both physically and psychologically, as proof of her partner’s high sexual abilities, but in fact she is able to survive an orgasm without prolonged sexual intercourse, provided that erogenous zones are stimulated during foreplay. That is, we again return to the prelude, and this is another confirmation of its importance for the satisfaction of women.

In general, it can be said that it is much easier and more effective for a man to spend more time on foreplay than to try to have a long sexual intercourse. He will spend less effort, and the result will be much higher.

That is, a good sexual partner does not have to have a long sexual intercourse if he is well versed in erotic caresses. Desirable, but not necessary. A prolonged sexual intercourse is necessary only for women with an unexcited clitoris, but a sexual altruist can excite and satisfy such a woman in another way (a dildo in the foreplay, and then coitus itself).

The next quality, which in the generally accepted sense is an indicator of a man’s high sexual ability is the ability to perform several sexual acts during the day. And this is also not strictly necessary for a good sexual partner, if he owns sexual techniques.

A woman, evaluating the dignity of a sexual partner, does not proceed from how many sexual acts he can perform during the night, but how many times she will experience an orgasm with him. If a partner is capable of even 3-4 sexual acts, but never satisfies a woman, then why does she need such a partner ?! From his high sexual abilities she is no use, and even vice versa. Sexual intercourse in an unexcited, dry vagina causes friction and injuries, the woman is hurt, then she may get inflammation. That is, such a sexual egoist with high sexual abilities causes a woman some grief.

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