Premature ejaculation

Are there ways to delay ejaculation?

Rapid ejaculation due to overexcitation in foreplay most often occurs in young or very excitable men.

How to deal with this? There are three ways to do this.

Firstly, there are ways to delay ejaculation. The first is the compression of the coronary rib of the penis with the fingers of the partner (or partner). The second is pressure on a certain point of the root of the penis. Both methods are described in detail in the chapter “How to prolong sexual intercourse.” Both methods can be used in the prelude stage to reduce arousal. An erection may decrease, but it will not be difficult to restore it.

Secondly, the delay of ejaculation by one of the above methods can be carried out directly before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. If an erection is partially lost, then this is not scary, since there is a “soft entry method” with which you can insert a weakly erect and even practically non-erect penis into the vagina. The “soft entry method” is also described in the chapter “How to prolong sexual intercourse.”

If after the start of penile frictions in the vagina, the man feels an approaching ejaculation, then he can delay it in three ways. All are described in the aforementioned chapter.

That is, having mastered this sexual technique, a man will not only be able to conduct a prelude of the duration that is needed in order to arouse a partner well, but he will also be able to lengthen sexual intercourse of his own free will until the moment when the partner begins an orgasm, and then he can allow yourself to ejaculate.

Thirdly, if a man already had a bad experience, when ejaculation after the prelude occurred almost immediately after the introduction of the penis and the onset of vaginal frictions, and he still does not have the technique of delaying ejaculation, then in this case it is best not to risk and bring the partner to orgasm even before the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

The method of sexual satisfaction of a woman depends on her main erogenous zone. If it’s the clitoris, then the partner should be given the opportunity to survive the orgasm with the help of clitoral caresses (oral or manual), if the vagina, then the dildo can be used, and if the clitoris and the vagina are erogenous, then using the “caresses of Zhofrey” is a combination of stimulation Clit with a dildo.

And only after the partner experiences an orgasm, a man can begin sexual intercourse. In this case, the partner will be completely indifferent to how long the frictions will last, since she has already experienced pleasure. Even if a man ejaculates immediately after the introduction of the penis or even before the immission, this woman will not be upset, because she has already experienced an orgasm.

And later, when a man learns to delay ejaculation, he will be able to prolong his sexual intercourse, and he will no longer be threatened with premature ejaculation.

But for women in whom the only erogenous zone is the clitoris (about a quarter of the total number of women), long clit caresses before intercourse are necessary. A partner should bring such a woman to orgasm before intercourse. Otherwise, even if the woman was well aroused during the prelude, but did not experience orgasm, she will not be able to achieve orgasm during intercourse.

Or, the partner should not stop stimulating the clitoris of the partner during intercourse. But if he has problems with ejaculation, and he needs to use one of the methods to delay it from time to time, then he simply will not be able to combine both the stimulation of the clitoris with his finger and squeezing the penis to delay ejaculation. It is more convenient for a man to do either one with his right hand (or with his left if he is left-handed), and he has only one hand!

Therefore, the most optimal for satisfying a woman whose clitoris is the main and only erogenous zone is to bring her to an orgasm in foreplay, and then proceed to sexual intercourse and then you can not even delay ejaculation, since the woman does not need a long sexual intercourse.

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