The contact of the head of the penis and cervix

The contact of the head of the penis and cervix is ​​the peak of sexual feelings.

Sexologist A. Furs writes about it this way: “It is impossible to describe the symphony of these touches with words. A man in ecstasy simply seeks to push the penis to the limit. A woman, in turn, tends to catch the uterus during frictions by the penis and swing it on it for as long as possible so that the head of the penis voluptuously kisses the cervix. The vagina is shortened and narrowed, its veins swell. The uterus, in search of affection, on ligaments relaxed from voluptuousness, sinks into the vagina and, obeying the vibrations of the body of the activated woman, touches the head more pleasantly and gently. And soon, at the top of sexual pleasure, the uterus does not stand up and opens: a “female seed” is pushed into the opened pharynx, which, as it passes through the cervical canal, strokes its nerve endings. A woman is having an orgasm. At the same time, her vagina shrinks so convulsively and rhythmically, like a male member during ejaculation. And although the proportion of the uterus in obtaining voluptuousness is small, only some 20-25%, but what percentage is it. The latest! Critical! It is precisely them that a cold woman always lacks to fill to the brim with a bowl of female voluptuousness. ” Isn’t it, almost poetry, an ode to sexual love.

M. Kinessa writes that in such a complex process as copulation, the uterus is not the main thing. It only then includes its nerve endings when other erogenous zones – the breast, genitals, vagina, and especially the clitoris, do their job. Masturbating women know this well. Until they prepare the clitoris properly, touching the uterus gives them nothing but painful sensations.

If the cervix is ​​a strong erogenous zone, then in order to experience an orgasm, a woman needs those poses when the penis gently and rhythmically touches the cervix during frictions, for example, with the positions “woman on top” or “woman sitting on the man’s lap” facing the partner or back, as well as with other poses, depending on the anatomical parameters of both partners.

Every woman is an individual, and a partner must take into account her sexual preferences and not forget that it is much easier for a man to achieve satisfaction than a woman.

A man, even without additional caresses of the head of the penis, the vagina gives all 100% of the sensations to achieve orgasm. And to a woman during sexual intercourse, the vagina brings many times less pleasure than a man.

A man with normal potency is able to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, and during manual stimulation of the partner’s penis, and during fellatio. And in a woman, orgasm is most often associated with the stimulation of a certain erogenous zone or several zones at the same time. If the partner will not stimulate them or will stimulate the wrong zones or not in the way a woman wants, she will not achieve orgasm.

There are very temperamental women who can experience an orgasm without clitoral stimulation, but there are much fewer women than women with a clitoric version of orgasm. But temperamental women need clitoral stimulation. Then they can experience not one orgasm, but several.

With a certain structure of the female genitalia, when the clitoris is located close to the entrance to the vagina, and during intercourse the clitoris contacts the root of the penis of the man, additional stimulation may not be necessary.

But this does not always happen. If the clitoris is high, and the penis is not touching during intercourse, or the friction of the penis against the clitoris is not enough to achieve an orgasm for a woman, then the man himself must carry out this necessary stimulation if he is interested in the partner experiencing the same pleasure from intercourse like him.

If a woman has a clitorical version of orgasm, the partner should never stop stimulating the clitoris during intercourse, choosing a convenient position for this.

Poses of sexual intercourse should be such that it is convenient for the partner to touch the clitoris of the partner with her hand, without removing the penis from the vagina. Such positions are convenient for this: a man is lying behind, a woman is sitting on a man’s hips with his back to him, all cross positions when a woman is lying, and a man is on his knees, the pose of “little Vera”, knee-elbow position, a woman is across the sofa or bed, and the man on his knees and their options. It follows that the “traditional” norm-posture is the most unfavorable for successful sexual intercourse due to the impossibility of stimulating the woman’s clitoris if it is located high, closer to the pubis.

With the penis inserted into the vagina, clitoris stimulation can be carried out with a male finger or vibrator. A woman helps a man with her hand, indicating to a man the place, method, pace and intensity of stimulation. From time to time, she can carry out stimulation on her own.

You can stimulate the clitoris with the help of the partner’s pubic mound. For this, those postures are acceptable in which the contact of the genitals in this area is the closest. Sexual intercourse can begin in a traditional pose in which a woman’s legs are spread apart. After the introduction of the penis into the vagina, the woman shifts and straightens her legs. A man holds his frictions so that his pubic bone presses on the woman’s clitoris. At first, the man conducts slow movements so as not to accelerate his own ejaculation, then according to the reaction of the woman he determines when the movements can be accelerated.

However, clitoris stimulation with the help of a man’s pubic mound is not suitable for all partners. It depends on the location of the woman’s clitoris, sexual gap and the length of the partner’s penis. Not suitable for men with a short penis.

If the partner has a short penis, then clitoris stimulation using the partner’s pubic mound can be used as one of the options if the woman is able to experience an orgasm with such stimulation. If the man at the same time has not reached orgasm, then after the satisfaction of the partner, he can move to a position more convenient for him, giving the penis better penetration into the vagina, for example, the knee-elbow or the pose when the woman is sitting on his face in his lap.

But it is much easier and more efficient to use those poses in which the partner can stimulate the partner’s clitoris with his hand or with a vibrator. The use of vibrators, a man and a woman should be treated absolutely calmly, not seeing anything unnatural in this. They help many women achieve orgasm. It is much more unnatural if a woman remains unsatisfied when there is no discharge in the body, this leads to frustration and harm her health.

If a man stops stimulating the clitoris during sexual intercourse, deciding that the woman is already quite aroused, then she may not have an orgasm, and the excitement will decline. She will remain unsatisfied and dissatisfied with the partner that he only “teased”, but did not finish the job. As a result of incomplete agitation and a rush of blood to the pelvic organs, which did not lead to the desired discharge, after intercourse, in addition to the state of mental discomfort (frustration), there will remain a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, and there may be severe pain.

Therefore, if you still do not know how to combine sexual intercourse with stimulation of the clitoris, study until it is too late and until your partner is completely disappointed in you.

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