Dyspareunia – problems of sexual intercourse

Dyspareunia – is a recurring or persistent pain in the genitals before, during, or after sexual intercourse.

This dysfunction is most often observed in women, but it can also be in men. The true prevalence of dyspareunia is unknown. In men, dyspareunia is a rare occurrence and most often has an organic cause, for example, with Peyronie’s disease, when sclerotic plaques appear on the penis, which causes its curvature.

The term “dyspareunia” has several meanings and to date, sexopathologists have not come to an unambiguous opinion.

Some sex therapists consider dyspareunia as part of a partnership and believe that this type of sexual dysfunction is expressed in the inability to achieve an orgasm during normal (in terms of the technique of intercourse) sexual intercourse with a regular partner. This form of orgasm disorder is manifested only during sexual intercourse and only in this partner couple, moreover, it is not necessarily associated with pain during intercourse. They consider the cause of dyspareunia to be an inappropriate selection of partners.

However, most sex therapists adhere to the point of view of W. Masters and V. Johnson, and understand dyspareunia as painful sexual intercourse for both men and women.

If you have any pain during intercourse, a man needs to see a doctor. If you hope that everything goes away by itself, then this can lead to aggravation of the disorder, the desire to evade sexual intimacy, and then to a decrease in sexual desire with all the negative consequences of this.

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