Premature ejaculation

What to do with delayed ejaculation?

There are no standards that regulate how long a man needs to achieve orgasm. This should be known to all men if ejaculation does not occur for a long time. Perhaps this is only an individual feature of his body. And do not relate to this overvalued.

But if this disorder is intermittent or has occurred recently, and before everything was in order with ejaculation, then a man can help himself cope with this violation.

Since the delay in ejaculation in men is associated with reduced excitability (normal – the more a man is excited, the faster his orgasm occurs), then the man should try to create the necessary conditions for increasing excitation.

It is known that the denser the contact of the walls of the vagina with the penis, the faster the sexual excitement of a man occurs, and this also affects the duration of sexual intercourse.

A man with delayed ejaculation will better feel a partner with a narrow entrance to the vagina and its short size (but the difference between the length of the vagina and the length of the erect penis should not be more than 3-4 centimeters).

The longer the woman’s vagina and the more stretched the muscles of the vagina (for example, by numerous births), the less contact the genitals and the weaker the sensation of the man, and consequently, his excitement will increase more slowly.

However, this does not mean that such a man must necessarily look for a partner with precisely such parameters of the vagina. Nobody selects a beloved woman by the size of the genitals. This problem is quite surmountable, and the man himself can overcome it.

But if a man is a sexual egoist, if for him his own ejaculation and orgasm are in the first place, if he does not own the technique of erotic caresses and ignores the prelude, if he listens intently to his feelings and hopes that only through sexual intercourse he will be able to get sexual intercourse detente – there are so many chances that he will not succeed, the delay in ejaculation will become persistent, and he will have to be treated for a long time. And his partner, tired of such prolonged sexual acts, which do not give her any satisfaction, will run away from him to another man.

Therefore, only in interaction with a partner can a man independently overcome this temporary violation and prevent the transition to a persistent disorder.

Sexual intimacy is not a mechanical friction of the penis in a woman’s vagina, but a whole range of effects. Only together with a partner can a man achieve good arousal and survive an orgasm. If the partner is attentive to the woman, will regularly give her the opportunity to experience an orgasm, then she will help him in everything.

Very important for good penile stimulation during sexual intercourse are the physiological reactions that occur in a woman’s genitals during her sexual arousal – the contraction of the muscles of the vagina, which allows you to tightly cover the penis, approach the cervix closer to the entrance to the vagina and come into contact with the head of the penis, the occurrence of an orgasmic cuff, which further stimulates the man’s penis.

That is, a man with delayed ejaculation should not be fixed only on his own feelings, pre-tuning that again with sexual intimacy he will have difficulties with ejaculation, and focus on the erotic caresses of his partner. The more he excites her, the better she will feel her vagina during intercourse, and the faster his excitement will increase.

If a man’s ejaculation does not occur for a long time, a lot depends on the partner. It is advisable that during the foreplay the affection of the partners is mutual. Not only a man caresses a woman, but she also actively stimulates all of his erogenous zones.

A woman who is interested in accelerating the ejaculation of a partner should help him quickly achieve sufficient arousal. To do this, you need to lengthen the love foreplay that precedes the contact of the genitals. The partner should provide the necessary stimulation of the penis with the help of hands or, better yet, with oral caresses, and when the partner approaches the state of orgasm, they go on to sexual intercourse.

Scientists advise that a woman stimulate the penis of a man according to his desire, so that she can make sure that he can ejaculate with her participation and help. Then, after the prelude, the partner masturbates himself or with the help of the partner until the moment when ejaculation approaches, and then the penis is inserted so that ejaculation occurs in the vagina.

If a man likes some special caresses, for example, the area of ​​the anus or scrotum is a strong erogenous zone, then he should tell about this partner or take her hand and direct it to this erogenous zone during foreplay or during penile stimulation.

Perhaps the partner has some special erogenous zone. Women have a wandering erogenous zone, it is quite possible that a man also has a special erogenous zone. Both partners should try to find the most sensitive erogenous zones (they can be in the most unexpected places), whose caresses cause the greatest excitement. If the partner knows them, you should tell the woman what touch he would like.

Partners should experiment with poses and affection in order to diversify their sexual games and achieve the most intense arousal.

If the partner has a mixed, vaginal-clitorical version of orgasm, then you need to focus on foreplay. It must be very long. During this time, the woman will reach the desired degree of arousal, and her arousal will affect the partner, and due to this, the duration of contact of the genitals will be reduced.

If the partner’s erogenous zone is the clitoris, the partner must bring it to orgasm before intercourse.

A woman with a vaginal variant of orgasm may not mind a long intercourse. To prevent severe friction during prolonged sexual intercourse, you can lubricate the woman’s penis and genitals with vaseline, sunflower oil or special creams.

The rate of increase in excitation also depends on the energy of the frictions. With sluggish, slow frictions with a small amplitude, the excitation will increase slowly. At the same time, the head of the penis is located in the back of the vagina – its widest part (its purpose is to serve as a reservoir for sperm, therefore it is wider than the front third of the vagina) and, accordingly, does not receive the necessary stimulation.

And with strong, vigorous frictions, when the penis is almost completely removed from the vagina, and the head (the strongest erogenous zone of a man) often comes into contact with the narrowest part of the female vagina – the entrance to the vagina, and when moving forward the head of the penis touches the cervix, – This is a strong stimulation, and the excitement grows faster. For the onset of ejaculation, the frequency of frictions should be significantly increased.

The correct selection of the posture of sexual intercourse is also important. The choice of position is determined by the following conditions:

Firstly, a man should clearly see the releasers (external erotic stimuli) of the partner, depending on his preference – the chest, buttocks, the face on which her erotic experiences are reflected, contact of the penis with the female genitalia. Sexual intercourse must be carried out in the light.

To increase the number of releases that a man can see during intercourse, you can use a large mirror, which, depending on the posture, is placed in the legs or behind the partner’s head. The tilt of the mirror must be chosen so that it shows the genitals of both partners and their interaction during intercourse. For example, with a pose – a woman is on her back, and a man is kneeling in front of her – a mirror is standing near the partner’s head, or a small mirror can be placed on the woman’s chest or stomach.

The more erotic stimuli, the faster the man gets excited. The most unfavorable pose is traditional. Here, a man sees nothing but the face of a partner.

With the position “woman from above”, the man’s activity is minimal, here the whole initiative belongs to the partner, so she does not fit. The positions on the side also do not give an overview of the partner’s releases. The most optimal positions are cross. For example, the woman on the edge of the bed across her in any of her options – the legs on the man’s shoulders, the hips are bent and pressed to the chest, the legs are divorced and the feet are on the edge of the bed, and the man is kneeling in front of her. Or a woman across a high bed, and a man standing opposite.

Secondly, the posture should be comfortable for both partners, physiological. If the partners choose some pretentious posture when one of them or both has a leaky arm or leg, then during sexual intercourse these feelings will distract the partner, and a change in posture will affect sexual arousal.

Thirdly, the posture should allow the partner to perform energetic frictions with a large amplitude and introduce the penis to the maximum length in order to touch the cervix. The pose depends on the anatomical parameters of both partners and you need to choose it individually. Many will need a knee-elbow position in any of its versions – a woman rests on the bed with her elbows, palms or chest. Here, erotic releases are the buttocks and back of a woman. Many cross positions are also suitable, in particular, a woman across the bed, and a man on the floor kneeling or standing (if the bed is high).

In more severe cases, when this disorder is persistent and is considered sexual dysfunction – delayed ejaculation, a sex therapist can help. He will establish the cause of the dysfunction and conduct the necessary treatment. This disorder is treated quite successfully.

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