Premature ejaculation

Is ejaculation related to his wife?

In normal marital relationships, delayed ejaculation, if it is not painful for the husband, may even be conducive to achieving sexual satisfaction of the wife if her orgasm is vaginal. Some women may experience several orgasms with prolonged sexual intercourse.

However, most often it is burdensome for both women and men. A partner, despite his desire, cannot achieve orgasm at a certain time. This is especially painful for men over 40 with an age-related decrease in motor activity or suffering from cardiovascular diseases, since with such prolonged sexual intercourse a big load falls on the heart and blood vessels.

The inability to achieve sexual discharge for a long time is sometimes painful for both partners due to the fact that prolonged sexual intercourse and friction of the mucous membranes can cause cracks and inflammatory processes in the genitals.

It is difficult for a woman when a partner cannot get satisfaction in any way, even if she is already satisfied. But it’s hard for a man, too, because the prolongation of sexual intercourse does not happen because he wants it to give himself and his partner more pleasure, but because the orgasm does not occur.

It also happens that a man has a feeling that an orgasm is about to come, but something is happening, and excitement again subsides. But to interrupt sexual intercourse, until there was a discharge, most men can not, because they are nevertheless excited and strive to get satisfaction.

If the partner’s orgasm is associated only with the clitoris, and the vagina is completely unexcited, then for her such a long sexual intercourse is a real torment. Even if, prior to intercourse, she experienced an orgasm with the help of cunnilingus, not every woman will have the patience to wait a long time each time for a partner to have an orgasm, if the frictions in the vagina take a long time, and the woman is pained or indifferent.

And if a man before sexual intercourse did not stimulate the clitoris and did not give satisfaction to a partner who has a clitoris version of orgasm, then such a long sexual intercourse becomes a real torture for a woman. If she, due to the lack of preliminary caresses, has not reached the required degree of arousal, then her genitals are not prepared for sexual intercourse, and even more so for such a long one. Lack of the necessary lubrication (moisturizing the genitals of a woman with lubricant) and the elasticity of the genitals can lead to trauma.

If a woman at the insistence of her husband is still forced to agree to intimacy, then it is difficult for her to endure such a long sexual intercourse, and she is impatient. There are wives who, with irritation, reprimand her husband for not being able to finish the sexual act on time. And quarrels delay the onset of ejaculation even more. And thus, a vicious circle is created that worsens both interpersonal relationships and the condition associated with delayed ejaculation.

Due to all these reasons, conflicts, mutual irritation and discontent are not uncommon in such married couples. A wife can refuse an intimate life with her husband at all if she does not have an orgasm without stimulation of the clitoris, and sexual intercourse brings her nothing but pain.

The situation can be dramatic if a woman completely loses interest in sex and experiences sexual indifference to her husband, and instead of sexual pleasure she is disgusted with sexual intercourse with him.

In these cases, if the spouses are not able to overcome their problems on their own, you must definitely contact a sex therapist before, firstly, persistent dysfunction, and secondly, while there is no threat to interpersonal relationships and marriage.

The sex therapist will establish the cause of the disorder, on what basis – functional or organic – it happened, and conduct the appropriate treatment.

Some men have preserved ejaculation, but they turn to a sex therapist complaining of a lack of pleasure during an orgasm. This is called orgasmic anhedonia.

Orgasmic anhedonia is characterized by a lack of subjective sensation of orgasm, although ejaculation is present.

The cause of orgasmic anhedonia is considered psychological factors – a pronounced guilt due to a sensation of sexual pleasure. Because of this, dissociation (that is, separation) occurs, which separates the emotional, sensory component of the orgasmic sensation from consciousness.

This does not include a lack of sensation of orgasm due to organic causes, such as damage to the spinal cord or brain.

Sometimes there is the so-called asthenic ejaculation, in which the seminal fluid does not erupt from the urethra, but flows freely.

Ejaculation can be, but the seminal fluid can flow back into the bladder, instead of being thrown out normally. This is called retrograde ejaculation. It can be after some surgical interventions on the pelvic organs. Retrograde ejaculation can also occur as a result of taking certain medications with anticholinergic side effects, such as antipsychotics.

In the primary form of anejaculatory syndrome, ejaculation is possible only with pollutions, but does not occur with any form of sexual stimulation. In these cases, only a sex therapist can help. He will conduct special treatment using vibro-stimulation of the penis or other therapeutic measures, if necessary.

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