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The epidemic is an epidemic, but life does not stop. Many have spent a month and a half on self-isolation, and it remains to be seen how many days of quarantine are ahead. When people talk about the need to keep social distance from each iron, one wonders: will close contacts with the other half of the additional risks bear?

Doctors have no hands reached recommendations on the rules of sex during the coronavirus, some doctors are limited to vague instructions that can be interpreted in two ways. But in the West, there is plenty of guidance on how to do this in a pandemic. We studied the issue and identified 7 safety rules for sex during coronavirus.

Can I have sex

An immunologist at the Academy of Sciences recently said in an interview that sex supports the immunity that is so necessary to counter COVID-19. Because it is a “powerful discharge”, which helps to relieve psychological stress. He said so directly: “Sex? Why not?” In a word, approved.

Who takes the least risk?

Of course, couples in joint isolation. They do not need to be protected somehow from coronavirus, the Department of Health of New York states in its methodological recommendations. Used a condom? Good. Did not use? That’s your business. Infectionists are encouraging: they do not have reliable data that COVID-19 is sexually transmitted. On the mucous membranes of the intimate organs – both male and female – SARS-CoV-2 is at least not yet detected.

Is it dangerous for spouses to sleep together?

Splitting, you do not greatly protect yourself. After all, there are enough direct contacts with loved ones. But the hands, faces and other places for kisses should be washed more often. Especially those who from time to time have to be in some more or less crowded place. And for those who just returned from a walk, washing will not hurt. Enough water with soap. It’s not worth it to try with antibacterial soap or antiseptics in intimate places – they destroy all microorganisms, including favorable ones, and worsen the barrier function of the skin.

And if you feel unwell?

Give up sex. Even if you still want to. The distance between partners in sex is too small, breathing is intense – some kind of virus will certainly get on the mucous membrane. This is too close contact.

Masks will slightly reduce the risk of infection, as well as postures in which the faces of partners are removed from each other as far as possible. This is when a man looks in the back of a woman. But you can’t completely hide from the infection.

Well, if one of you is sick with COVID-19 or, as it has been established, suffers from it asymptomatically (and the other of the partners is healthy), intimate contacts need to be definitely stopped. If possible, isolate the infected person in a separate room.

How to be unmarried and single?

In a pandemic, even constant lovers and mistresses become dangerous. And sex during the coronavirus with unfamiliar people – even more so. Not to mention the services of female sex workers. What will they bring with them from the dangerous “outside”? No one can guarantee that a person who visits “for tea” is healthy, even if he shows a certificate – COVID can be infected theoretically right there in the laboratory by passing a clean test, and a person becomes contagious even before the onset of symptoms.

Experts understand your concern, but insist: any close contacts outside the inner circle are fraught with the risk of infection, let alone sexual ones. And it would be wise to minimize them. And it’s better to refuse altogether. For the time being. Staying alive, healthy – then catching up.

And if it’s absolutely unbearable … Remember that the surest way to transmit the infection is through airborne droplets, that is, through saliva. Therefore, kissing with strangers is strictly contraindicated. And the rest of the precautions are no different from those that would be worthwhile to use to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

And to people aged?

Those who are in the risk zone for coronavirus – people 65+, do not have any specific instructions in the sense of sexual activity for self-isolation. There is a libido – then go ahead! With one single limitation: the partner must be isolated in the same apartment as you. Now is not the time to look to the side.

Can I get infected through oral sex?

Here the doctors are not unanimous. Infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, urologists, oncologists and reproductive medicine specialists from a large international team of 15 specialists from American and other universities did not find SARS-CoV-2 in the sperm of their 34 patients who had COVID-19 with mild to moderate symptoms. We concluded: through oral sex – from partner to partner – COVID-19 cannot be transmitted.

The picture was ruined by other doctors – from a Chinese hospital in Shangqiu. Examining 38 patients, they found coronaviruses in the sperm of six of them.

Who to believe? Or rather, what?

Experts emphasize: both studies are not representative enough to draw final conclusions. And with the latter it’s not at all clear. The Chinese did not seem to find the viruses themselves in an active, that is, contagious, form, but only their genetic traces.

So, it seems that these malicious SARS-CoV-2 do not reach sperm. But to remove all doubts about its absolute purity is possible only by the results of extensive research.


The New York Department of Health has compiled an intimate contact safety rating. And in the first place put forward sex with himself. That is, masturbation, expressed in scientific language.

“You are your most reliable sexual partner,” – noted in the prepared memo. Is logical.

But here, experts advise to be cautious: every time before and after the “most reliable partnership”, wash your hands with soap – for at least 20 seconds. Suddenly, viruses brought in from the outside lurked? For the same reason, sex toys should be washed just as thoroughly. Viruses and can stick to them.

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