Sexual life of a man

How to restore potency and make sex brighter

Self-isolation is a great time to diversify an intimate life. But what if the “upper” want, but the “lower” can not? Believe me, there is a solution to the problem, and it is very simple!

The statistics are amazing: according to doctors, more than 30% of men in the world aged 18 to 40 years, to one degree or another, suffer from dysfunctions. Just think – every third!

One reason is a decrease in the level of the male hormone testosterone. In 2004, a large-scale study was conducted, during which scientists found that the level of testosterone compared to 1997 in men fell by 17%. This used to be a sign of aging, but it turned out that the amount of the hormone is dramatically reduced in young men.

There are several reasons for this.

Obesity. Scientists from the University of Massachusetts have proved that fat men have significantly lower testosterone levels – adipose tissue uses the male hormone to synthesize the female hormone estradiol from it. Such a rebirth leads to a decrease in libido, energy and enhances depression. And now, when most Russians are in quarantine or in self-isolation, this is especially true – sitting at home, we eat more and gain weight.

Lack of sleep. Scientists at the University of Chicago found that in men who sleep no more than 5 hours a day, testosterone levels are reduced by 15%. And all because male hormone is produced during sleep.

Lack of exercise. How does the day go for most modern men? First they are driving in a car, then they are sitting at work, then again in a car. And at home after a hard working day it’s not a sin to lie down. Ultimately, a decrease in physical activity leads to a drop in testosterone levels. This is in the traditional way of life. And in the self-isolation mode, inactivity in general has become our indispensable companion. The maximum where we are allowed to go is to a nearby store.

Stress. Almost every man has it, and then quarantine and self-isolation added oil to the fire. Someone cut their salaries, but someone completely lost his job. Being constantly surrounded by a family in four walls is also not an easy test for many men – all this increases stress. Under stress, cortisol is produced in the body – the so-called hormone of fear. And the more it is, the less testosterone. And the less testosterone – the more stress. It turns out a vicious circle.

Add to this the bad ecology and unhealthy diet – and hello, male impotence. By the way, doctors even have such a term – psychogenic erectile dysfunction. It just occurs against a background of stress. It turns out that all members of the stronger sex are at risk. But most often, problems begin after 30 years. At this point, a man usually has a successful career, he becomes a family man.


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