Premature ejaculation

Does a woman need sex?

The most important thing I want to say at the very beginning is that I am a gynecologist and I have a purely medical, gynecological approach to questions about sex.

My task is to tell you that sex should be protected, because no one is immune from HIV and other infections, that there should be sexual hygiene, that if sex hurts, this is not good and normal, that there are reasons for a decrease in libido that can sometimes be influenced.

This is a very multifaceted topic that can be considered in different aspects and we will return to it more than once.

And the most important thing is knowledge of the physiological and anatomical norms of our body.

The main point is this: “It absolutely does not matter which zones you stimulate to achieve orgasm, and if you do not get it during vaginal sex, and when stimulating the clitoris, for example, then this is not considered a deviation, frigidity or disease, this is absolutely normal.”

Sure you may. A woman’s body works differently from a man’s, and if the absence of sex or orgasm in your life does not cause you any psychological suffering, then it is not necessary. We will not get sick or die sooner if we live without sex.

It’s another matter if there is no sex or no pleasure from it, and you are in sorrow and suffering, here you need to solve the problem, figure out where and at what stage it exists. And often the problem is solved if psychological blocks are eliminated and a correct understanding of female physiology appears.

The statistics are relentless, every third woman reports the presence of problems in her sex life: decreased libido, inability to experience orgasm, pain during intercourse, etc., etc.

You always need to understand individually, since such problems can also be associated with a violation of hormonal levels, with the presence of some gynecological and non-gynecological diseases, but we will miss this today and talk about normal female physiology, because most often the problem lies in the misunderstanding of simple things and in search of it is not clear what.

So, firstly, we all differ in the intensity, type and duration of sexual stimulation required for orgasm.

The vast majority of women require clitoral stimulation during intercourse in order to experience orgasm, and this is normal.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive and most important erogenous zones in women.

During vaginal sex, there is also an indirect stimulation of the clitoris, its back wall, which for some is sufficient, but for some it still requires direct clitoral stimulation.

Also, arousal and achievement of orgasm can be due to stimulation of the breasts or nipples.

There are reports of women with complete spinal cord injury who can orgasm through cervical-vaginal stimulation.

Also, orgasms can occur during sleep and sexual fantasy. Our anatomical differences also explain the ease of achieving orgasm for some women. For men everything is simple, for women it is much more complicated.

And if you or your man consider it a deviation that after 3 minutes of vaginal sex you still “could not”, then this does not just mean you do not understand anything about female anatomy and physiology, but it is also fraught with various anxiety and depressive disorders.

And at the end of Freud’s words, where can we go without him in such a question:

“Sexual deviation can only be considered a complete lack of sex, everything else is a matter of taste, the main thing is that you both like everything.”

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