Sexual life of a man

How can a man become a sexual altruist?

In order to be a sexual altruist, a man must treat a woman not as an object of his sexual claims and a source of pleasure, but as an equal partner. And sexual altruists “with a quality mark” put the pleasure of a woman, and not their own pleasure, in the first place.

However, the sexual altruism of a man is not a renunciation of his own pleasure. Just the opposite. The realization that the partner is experiencing ecstasy due to his caresses gives him great psychological satisfaction, and in addition, excites himself and gives him the opportunity to experience a strong orgasm.

Most sexual altruists are fluent in the sexual technique – and erotic caresses, and the technique of prolonged sexual intercourse, and a variety of positions of sexual intercourse – and thanks to this, any woman with any kind of orgasm – clitoral, vaginal or mixed – can enjoy.

Happy are those modern couples who relate to their sex life with a partner as a means to give and receive the highest pleasure, with which no other sensation can be compared. And this ability and the ability to give the joy of owning a loved one is one of the highest forms of human relationships.

In the ancient Indian treatise “Peach Branches” it is said that there is nothing more beautiful than voluptuousness in the world. According to ancient Indian and ancient Chinese teachings on love, a man was required to ensure maximum pleasure for a woman during each sexual intercourse.

The ancient Chinese philosophy of the Tao of love is characterized by three basic concepts:

  • The first is that the man must find the correct ejaculation order in accordance with his age and physical condition. This should strengthen him so that he can make love as soon as it meets the wishes of his partner, and continue making love for as long as necessary to achieve the partner’s complete satisfaction.
  • The second is that ejaculation, especially uncontrolled ejaculation, is not the most ecstatic moment for men. Knowing this, a man is able to discover many other, more pleasant joys of sex. And at the same time, it makes it easier for him to control ejaculation.
  • The third concept is the importance of satisfying a woman.

These three concepts form the basis of the ancient Chinese philosophy of love. She not only helped make love as long and often as the partners themselves wanted, but gave ancient China sexual freedom and naturalness. Taoists believed that sexual harmony leads to the unity of man with the infinite forces of nature, creating this unity through the union of a man and a woman.

“Neither medicine, nor food, nor spiritual salvation can prolong a person’s life if he never understood and practiced the Tao of love,” wrote Peng Zu.

An example of sexual altruism was the famous Casanova. There are legends about him that are not always true. His sexual victories cannot be counted, he won the hearts of many women, and women themselves longed for his affection and looked for meetings with him.

“There is no woman in the world who can resist the constant display of signs of attention,” said Casanova. He could have sex anywhere, with anyone and in any position.

Although he is credited with adventurism and immorality, Casanova was not a libertine or a “heart-eater.” He did not set himself the goal of constantly increasing the number of his victories, and was not interested in quantity, but in the quality of his sexual relations with a woman. He was an ordinary man, with ordinary genitals. The men who saw Casanova undressed were surprised that women found such special things in him than he could bewitch them so.

The secret of his tremendous success in women was that Casanova was a sexual altruist. Seducing a woman, his goal was to make a woman happy and give her the highest pleasure.

Unlike Don Juan, who constantly sought to prove his masculinity, Casanova was a keen connoisseur and lover of women, he “enjoyed sex both for the pleasure received and for the satisfaction that he gives himself …” and used long and gentle erotic caresses.

Casanova wrote the 12-volume History of My Life, in which he described in detail all the pleasures of his love affairs. He was a real foodie, for whom every meeting with a woman was a holiday. He wrote: “The smell of the women I loved was always very pleasant to me.” He was a romantic and was constantly in love with some woman. “Without love, this great thing is simply disgrace,” he wrote.

He was never hasty, rude or overly pushy. He could take care of a woman for a long time, days, weeks, and even months, caress her if she was cold and did not experience sexual arousal. But Casanova gradually brought her to such a state that she herself began to suffocate from passion and demanded completion.

He did not leave any of his many mistresses unsatisfied. During one of his erections, a woman could experience 14 orgasms! The largest number of cases of sexual intimacy with the same woman per day was 12.

Casanova was very skillful in her caresses, aroused sensuality and forced to experience ecstasy and ecstasy from the sexual intimacy of many women who considered themselves cold and had never experienced orgasm. That is why women loved him so much and persecuted him even after he parted with them.

Probably, many men would do well to think about it and take into account the positive experience of the most famous and skillful lover, whose name has become a household name.

In the twentieth century, Prince Ali Khan was no less famous lover and sexual altruist. He said: “When I love a woman, I only think about how to give her pleasure.” Even when Ali Khan was a boy, his father sent him to Cairo, where he received a unique sexual education, having learned from the Arabs a technique of sex called imsak (this technique is described in more detail in the chapter “How to prolong sexual intercourse”).

Although Ali Khan changed lovers even more often than gloves, they were all delighted with him. He gave each of them so much satisfaction, unusual sensations and impressions that none of them were then offended by him.

Ali Khan’s contemporaries said: “A woman was considered obsolete, hopelessly behind fashion and life, and generally an empty place if she had not been in bed with Ali at least once.” Among his mistresses were all the famous and most beautiful women of the world, movie stars, wives of members of parliament, companions of princes.

One of his mistresses said about him: “No matter how many women Ali had, he rarely reached orgasm. He could have sex for hours, but he allowed himself to go all the way to the end no more than twice a week. He enjoyed the impression his sexual technique made on women. He loved when they lost control of themselves. He himself controlled his actions and was always the master of the situation. ”

Like Casanova, he was the greatest sexual altruist. The grief of his mistresses knew no bounds when he died in a car accident at the age of 49 in 1960 – in addition to beautiful women, Ali Khan passionately loved racing cars.

The sexual altruist was also Joffrey de Peirac, the hero of the films “Angelica”, “Angelica and the King” and others. You can read more about him and his sexual technique in the chapter on oral sex. A variant of sexual technique is even named after him. The combination of “Greek caresses” with vaginal stimulation using a dildo is called by sexologists “caresses of Zhofrey.” Although Joffrey is not Peirac – a fictional hero, he has a real prototype – the director of this film, who had a beautiful wife, Jeannette, who never parted with him and accompanied her husband on all trips. He used a wide variety of caresses and realized their extreme importance for a woman, believing that it was never possible to achieve such a degree of female orgasm by ordinary sexual intercourse.

A good erection is certainly desirable for a normal sex life. But here it has been said more than once that a man can satisfy a woman without even having a strong erection. And then I, too, will not tire of repeating this.

Why am I so focusing on this? Yes, because the vast majority of men are extremely sensitive to erection. In psychiatry, this is called an overvalued attitude – that is, a reassessment of the significance of a particular phenomenon.

In fact, a good erection for sexual altruism is very relative if it puts in the first place the satisfaction of a woman, and not his own sexual discharge. A strong erection is desirable, but not strictly required. A man is even with a weak erection, but a sexual altruist is able to give a woman maximum pleasure, and she simply will not pay attention to his erection.

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