Sexual life of a man

In sex, it is not the process itself that matters, but the result

After you could at least theoretically imagine the situation that your penis does not receive any stimulation whatsoever, put yourself in the shoes of a woman. Most women do not receive adequate stimulation from the partner during intercourse. Either her vagina is unexcited (this is about a quarter of all women), and she herself is completely indifferent or slightly pleasant, or a woman needs not only sexual intercourse, but also simultaneous (namely, simultaneous, that is, during intercourse) stimulation the clitoris, and it’s not somehow when the man rudely “torments” the partner’s clitoris with the finger, and it only hurts or pains her, namely the stimulation that she needs to achieve orgasm, and each woman has her own preferences (you will read about it in the chapter on erotically x affectionate). Moreover, a woman’s preferences are not associated with her “whims”, but are due to the anatomical and physiological characteristics.

In addition, it matters not only a certain rhythm, the nature of the impact on the clitoris, the degree of pressure and intensity that the partner needs, but also the duration of the stimulation. Even if a man does everything right, but stops stimulating the clitoris before the partner experiences an orgasm, this will not only not give her satisfaction, but will terribly anger, as the woman was very excited as a result of stimulation, waiting for an orgasm, and the effect on the clitoris ended too early. As women say in such cases, the partner “has cast and quit, and it would be better if he hadn’t started”.

In order for you to imagine such a situation more clearly, imagine that a woman does fellatio (stimulates the penis with her mouth and tongue), and in the most acute moment, when you wait for an orgasm to come, she stops petting and declares that is already satisfied. Or doesn’t say anything, but simply does not stimulate the penis anymore and ceases all contacts. What will you do in this situation? Surely you will not be delighted. There are even cases when men are so angry that they can offend a partner verbally or physically.

But this is the same thing that a man does when he caresses a clitoris of a partner, she is excited and waiting for an orgasm, and the partner stops further stimulation of the clitoris, since he himself has already reached orgasm and the erection has disappeared.

However, an unsatisfied woman does not name her partner, although she is also annoyed and disappointed. She will either keep silent or show him her displeasure, but in either case she will try to continue to have less sexual contact with him or not to have them at all.

Now you understand why so many women are unhappy with their sexual relationship, even if they do not say anything about this to the partner? And the man does not understand why the partner is not satisfied, because he believes that he had a normal sexual intercourse and stimulated her clitoris.

In sex, it is not the process itself that matters, but the result. No matter what you do during intercourse, no matter how long you carry out vaginal frictions and stimulation of the clitoris – if all this did not end with the woman’s orgasm, then this is no use to her. This is the same as if you have sexual intercourse, and just before the ejaculation and orgasm, your partner releases the vagina from the penis and stops intercourse. There is no result, that is, an orgasm, therefore, the process itself is in vain.

It is unlikely that you will dispute the fact that sexual intercourse, orgasm is not important in sexual intercourse.

Sexual intimacy in itself can be pleasant for a woman if she loves her partner. But if in the process of sexual rapprochement a woman became very excited and expected an orgasm, but he did not come, then she experiences frustration (mental discomfort, discontent, disappointment) and stagnation of blood in the tachy organs.

What will a man do if a woman stops intercourse before the partner experiences an orgasm? Either force the woman to continue sexual intercourse, or he will achieve orgasm through masturbation, or he will leave such an evil partner and will no longer seek closeness with her.

And what should a woman do in a similar situation? A woman cannot force her partner to bring the “business to the end” and give her the opportunity to survive the orgasm. Some women after such an unsuccessful intercourse go to the bathroom and with the help of masturbation they reach orgasm. Some angry continue to shun such a partner. And all the others silently humble themselves. Do you understand the difference, men?

Many men are very proud of the size of their “male dignity.” But many women are not only not happy that the partner has a large penis, but also suffer greatly if they use the wrong positions for sexual intercourse that are optimal in such cases. If a man has a long penis, the size of which in an excited (erect) state significantly exceeds the capabilities of the female vagina, then even if a man tries to have sexual intercourse carefully, most women still experience pain during sexual intercourse.

And with strong excitement, sensing an approaching orgasm, the man is no longer able to control himself and can perform vigorous frictions when the penis rests with force against the cervix or posterior vaginal vault, and a gap may occur in the posterior lower vault. Air rushes into the gap and infection is possible, up to peritonitis. There may be other damages to the woman’s health and life. During sexual intercourse with a long penis, the cervix is ​​also traumatized, which can even lead to the development of cancer. There may be inflammatory diseases of the female genitalia due to constant trauma and the penetration of pathogenic microbes into the wounds.

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